Monday, August 23, 2010

The Battle for Your Child in the Classroom and in Church

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The battle in the classroom:

As our kids prepare to go back to school the "Human Rights Campaign," America's largest homosexual advocacy group, is prepared to greet them---in the classroom.

The HRC says, "Generation Equality, the current group of high school and college aged young people, is more supportive of LGBT equality than any other generation in our country's history. As young people work to attain the goals of the queer community on their campuses, it is our hope that we can help by providing tools and facilitating connections."

"Attain the goals," is the operative word. Their goals are not a better understanding of people who choose to participate in homosexual relationships, but to indoctrinate and recruit kids at the most vulnerable time in their life using the authority of the classroom.

One such "tool" is their new outreach to teachers and administrators of elementary schools called, "Welcoming Schools."

The "
Welcoming School" project is, according to their website, "a new comprehensive guide for administrators, educators, parents and guardians who want to strengthen their school's approach to family diversity, gender stereotyping and bullying."

They say the program is designed for K-5 learning and is inclusive of Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, and Transgender families and individuals in the broader context of diversity.

And how does the National Education Association feel about this new outreach to kids?

You will not be surprised by the strong endorsement of Dennis Van Roekel, President of the NEA.

He says, "The 'Welcoming Schools Guide' is an innovative tool providing invaluable assistance for all students. This is a wonderful complement to existing anti-bullying programs and a welcome addition to any school's tool box for preparing students for today's diverse world."

Candi Cushman, with Focus on the Family says, "Under the innocent sounding 'Welcoming Schools,' this controversial stealth curriculum has already been piloted in several public school districts."

She says these activist groups realize that most parents would strongly object to these messages being promoted in public schools, so now they've started introducing homosexuality lessons---sometimes even sexually graphic information----in the name of "tolerance" under the cover of the "safe school initiates" or "anti-bullying" programs.

Gone are the days when children could be sent off to public school with a reasonable expectation that they would be safe---physically and mentally.

So-called "safe schools initiatives" and other anti-bullying programs are all to often programs developed primarily for indoctrination and recruitment by homosexual activists and for the advancement of their agenda.

I cannot overstate the importance of vigilance on the part of parents and grandparents as kids go back to school this year. Watch for any mention of "Welcoming Schools" in their curriculum.

Be aware of what your child is being taught. Remember the old clique, "You can't tell a book by it's cover," and neither can you tell a curriculum by its title.

Be very vigilant and be involved in your local school.

The HRC has also devised an outreach to churches:

You may be amazed at what they are doing to reach out to churches and their members, by reframing the issues using "conversations about the Bible." I will be sharing some of that tomorrow.

Be Vigilant. Be Informed. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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  1. Anyone who believes that a straight person/child can be "recruited" into becoming gay has not thought much about his or her own sexuality. Any such "agenda" would be a failure, and what purpose would it serve?

    The vast majority of people will always be straight for very obvious reasons. What HRC and other gay rights groups want is for children who happen to be gay to grow up in an environment free from shame and bullying and violence. In other words, they want all students to learn to accept each other regardless of their sexual orientation.

    Those of us who grew up gay in previous generations understand the pain the hurt that accompanies the shame of growing up gay, believing you are damaged or morally deficient, and feeling alone and frightened. HRC and other groups simply want to change that.

  2. None of the gay people I know would have chosen it. Or could have been 'recruited'. It's not a club.

    They all went through hell in a society that told them their natural desires were evil. They were something to be made fun of. To be feared. Not to be trusted with children. Not to be trusted in the shower. Freaks to be bullied.

    Couple that with an adolescent's normal confusion about who they are, where they fit it and it's recipe for self loathing and often suicide. These kids can't help how they were born. HRC is just trying to help them avoid the pain and confusion that's so prevalent.

    We've tried treating gays the Christian way for decades and we wind up with guys like Larry Craig and Ted Haggard turning to male prostitutes because they had to pretend they were something there weren't. I can show you tons of examples of lives destroyed because of guilt over being gay.

    I'll bet you can't show me one person who destroyed his life because he was a well adjusted gay who felt ok about who he is.

    And just which outcome do you think Jesus would choose?

  3. Regarding "The vast majority of people will always be straight for very obvious reasons."

    Those reasons aren't so obvious to me. Could detail a few of them for me? Just curious.


  4. 3:31pm

    It's called a distribution curve. Throughout nature, the different species have a small but consistent rate of homosexuality. Always have, always will.

  5. "Safe and "welcoming" are code words for advancement of the GLBT agenda. Watch for them and protect your children.

    Among nations, as the US declines in education, more classroom time is spent on the social agenda, like the HRC's Welcoming Schools, which is aimed at elementary school children, including the Kindergarten. The HRC has a willing ally in the NEA, who is willing to carry their water and sprinkle it on your children.

    To those aware, the children can be untaught. To those that support this education, it is already taught at home. It is the vast middle ground that the HRC and GLBT community hope to reach.

  6. Eve was certainly duped in the garden of Eden. Satan told her a lie about God and represented something evil as if it were good.

    Now we're seeing names of organizations which use good words as their title, but their intentions are corrupt and their ways are evil.

    It's deception.

    When I was a child the only thing we were warned of was strangers offering candy and a ride. This is so much of the same kind of thing.

    The people employed in the public school system had better be on guard. They really do need to be held accountable for watching over the health and safety of the school children.

    The parents can not leave it to them to do that work. I think it's time that every parent should go talk to the people in the school system.

    If one child gets hurt, there should be law suits over this.
    People may loose their jobs.

  7. "Gone are the days when children could be sent off to public school with a reasonable expectation that they would be safe---physically and mentally."

    Gay kids (whether they really are gay or are just perceived to be) never had those days of physical and mental safety to begin with. Every day is a dangerous day for them.

    Not that you would ever actually spend a moment thinking about it from their point of view. Just as FFNF never actually spends a moment of its time or expends a dime to combat school bullying, and only deigns to opine on the issue for the purpose of countering the gay menace.

  8. "Not that you would ever actually spend a moment thinking about it from their point of view"

    Hi god ,glad to see you know the hearts of everyone here ?
    I think you will find full agreement in just about any community about no bullying policies being important .

    However insuring a person grows up without shame if they are homosexual is a problem in how and what lines they cross in that teaching . Teaching homosexual sex is moral is as discriminatory as saying it is immoral in the new world of anything goes .
    All your doing is suggesting your values should be taught .
    Welcome to the world of we all are own god and judge of what is right and wrong . Liberal activists won the day , now they are upset when they see what has happened to our lives our young people are subjected to.

    The comment above as safe and welcoming are code words I agree with in as far as the view that follows in how sexuality is taught to students. Being rude and hurtful , calling names are inappropriate , affirming sexual behavior is not. I never see Homosexual activists upset about values being taught when sexual behavior out of marriage is taught as moral . So its not moral being taught that they object to , they just want their morals taught .

    The most intolerant school districts I have encountered have been those mandatibng a PC understanding of sexual orienation . Not tolerant at all . Anyone who is concerned about bullying of all kids would obviously not want their child being ridiculed for their orienation or value system.
    The attention that promotes one group having more value above another actually is a bullying behavior .
    You are advocating sexual orienation over the commonality we all that want bullying free zones for ALL.

  9. I do have insight into the heart - or at least the priorities - of Gary. How? Because his priorities and concerns are laid bare by what he discusses on this site, as well as where he allocates his time and resources. And that has never included any genuine concern about kids bullied and beaten at school. Gary has been around a long time. And over the course of all of those years, the only time you ever heard him utter a word of concern for bullied kids is when it was necessary to feign concern before getting to the real priority of fighting the gays.

    If I am wrong, then please by all means, paste a link to anything that Gary or FFN has ever done for bullied kids in any context that did not involve a fight against gays.


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