Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Suicide In Oregon Spikes Following Legalized Euthanasia

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The Seattle Times editorial board met with candidates Dino Rossi and Patty Murray a few days ago. The Times board said they will decide which candidate to endorse after reviewing the interview. Why am I thinking that decision may already be made? I have linked the entire 1 -hour plus video interview. The first 5 minutes gives a clear picture of the differences between the candidates.

After decreasing in the 1990s, suicide rates in Oregon have spiked to 35% above the national rate---and that number does not include an additional 10% "assisted" suicides that have been redefined legally as "not" suicides.

While there may be other contributing factors, one cannot be ignored; the so-called "Death With Dignity" that became law in 1995. But the state does not even mention it in their
press release, titled, "Rising Suicide Rate In Oregon Reaches Higher Than National Average."

The state is so concerned, or embarrassed, they are now making recommendations as to how to reduce the number of "counted" suicides, including removal of guns from certain homes.

Washington State is traveling the same path, just a few years behind in the creation of a culture of death.

The state's recommendations and their moral authority to do so, is questionable, at best.

When Oregon first passed their assisted suicide legislation, for several years, published warm, empathetic reports of how people had been helped with an, "I told you the sky wouldn't fall like the people of faith and conservatives said it would" tone.

Many of the same arguments and affirmations were used a decade later in Washington to pass a similar law.

But over time, decisions have consequences.

Now, Oregon is expressing concern and is making recommendations in an attempt to reverse the dramatic increase in suicides in the state.

I believe only Oregon, Washington, Belgium, and The Netherlands has laws that specifically permit assisted suicide or euthanasia.

Washington will likely follow Oregon's trend in the coming years.

Among Oregon's recommendations:

*Universal depression screening by health care providers.

*Comprehensive suicide prevention education in public high schools. (I wonder what that will look like.)

*Remove guns from homes when a family member is suicidal.

How about removing lethal prescriptions?

By legalizing abortion on demand, now euthanasia on demand, teaching there is no God or if so He is irrelevant, no Creator, no personal destiny, no moral absolutes or consequences for behavior and actions, we create a culture of death---not life. Why would anyone who holds that worldview believe in the sanctity of life? They don't.

Can a state with pro-abortion and pro-euthanasia policies successfully advocate for life? Can it successfully advocate for suicide for some and not for others?


Will the pastors and faith activists speak out on this conflicting issue in the state of Oregon? I pray so.

God help us.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful. Be Vocal. Be Blessed.

Thanks for
your support of this ministry.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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