Wednesday, January 05, 2011

George Washington and Barack Obama

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President Obama is fond of comparing himself to other US presidents, such as F.D.R. or Abraham Lincoln. The press, of course, supports such ideas.

Frankly, some of us see more of Jimmy Carter than other previous occupants of the oval office.

A recent article I read was a strong reminder that President Obama and his VP Biden, for that matter, have little to nothing in common with President George Washington---particularly on social or moral issues.

President Obama recently signed the repeal of federal law 10 USC 654, the law behind the "Don't ask-Don't tell" policy.

In introducing the President on the grand occasion VP Biden said, "It's a good day. It's a very good day---Mr. President, by signing this bill, you will be linking military with an abiding sense of justice. You'll be projecting power by promoting fairness and making the United States military as strong as they can be at a time when we need it to be the strongest."

President Obama's response: "You know, I am just overwhelmed. This is a very good day. I couldn't be prouder."

George Washington, if he were present, would also be overwhelmed.

On March 10, 1778, at Valley Forge, General George Washington approved the dismissal from service of Lt. Frederick Goahold Enslin.

The reason?

Lt. Enslin was dismissed for "attempting to have sodomy" with John Monhort, another soldier.

The record shows, "His Excellency the Commander in Chief [George Washington] approves the sentence and with Abhorrence and Detestation of such infamous crimes, orders Lt. Enslin to be drummed out of camp tomorrow morning."

Two very different views of right and wrong. Of biblical morality.

Whatever Barack Obama may or may not be---he is no George Washington.

God help us.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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  1. You're right, there are distinct differences. For example, in stark contrast to Obama, George Washington had slaves. Chalk another one up for 'biblical morality'!

  2. Thanks for the laugh, Gary.

    Yes, George Washington would have been "overwhelmed" at the DADT repeal signing ceremony, but not for the reasons you state. He would've taken one look at the president and wondered how a black man could ever have become president. George Washington owned several hundred slaves over his lifetime.

    George Washington's moral beliefs were a product of his time. In his time, slavery was acceptable, and their reading of the Bible supported that belief. Similarly, he could not have understood what we understand about gay people today.

    No one claims to possess our forefathers' exact stances on moral and social issues; that would be absurd. But we can claim to possess their spirit.

    Surely if George Washington were alive today, he would certainly not support slavery. And it's very possible, given his spirit of religious freedom and protection from religious tyranny, he might've been a supporter of the DADT repeal, too.

  3. Clicked to point out the asinine stupidity of pointing out that a slave owner was against gays serving in the military, but I see that the first two posters have beat me to the point, and every eloquently as well.

  4. Hi Gary thank you for the thoughtful blog today. As you and I know, David Barton of Wallbuilders has done extensive study, research, and writing on the subject of Washington, Jefferson, and slavery. Both gentlemen were against slavery but were proscribed by the laws of Virginia at the time from freeing their slaves. So they did what they could to treat them with dignity and respect, and worked to end slavery in America throughout their lives. They were both very outspoken as to their opposition to slavery, and the study by David Barton is fascinating and enlightening.

    The previous comments ridiculing George Washington as a slave owner, and you Gary as a person who loves righteousness and truth, would be amusing and clever if only they were historically and biblically accurate.

    God's judgment does not change, but thankfully neither do his love and mercy through Christ, to those who are willing to call sin what it is, and repent in humility.

    Thank you for reminding me of the righteous beginnings of our nation, its Godly heritage, and the hope we still have as we cling to truth.

    All the best,
    Camas, WA

  5. Vanessa,

    If you really want to show disrespect for our founding fathers, continue to twist history in order to support your 21st-century social agenda.

    George Washington came to oppose slavery, but only much later in his life. By today's standards, such a person would be considered a monster. But in the context of his time, he was a forward thinker and responsible for much of what is good about our country today.

    Please do not join Gary in pretending that his supposed 18th-century stance on DADT has any bearing on today's debate.

  6. I proudly stand with Gary as we stand (with President Washington) for biblical standards and values, no matter what century or millenium in which we happen to have been born.

    You'll want to check your facts on George Washington and his stance against slavery throughout his life. It's well documented among the 100,000+ original documents from that period that David Barton at has collected for the purpose of combatting the twisted "facts" that pass for history taught in public schools these days.

    Yours in Christ,
    Camas, WA

  7. Vanessa,

    You've been misinformed by a charlatan. Virginia law was changed in 1782 to allow owners to free their slaves, despite living well past that date, neither man freed his slaves (those he inherited or those he purchased) before their deaths.

    None of this is to "ridicule" either of these great men, but we do them and ourselves no service by pretending they were other than flawed human beings, who achieved greatness despite their flaws.

  8. Talk about flawed human beings! What other species in nature pairs off with their own sex? Ummmmm.....that would be none, because they would be extinct! It is an unnatural act and agaist nature's God.

  9. Ummmm....actually, the number would be about 1500 species. Look it up.


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