Friday, February 04, 2011

Ronald Reagan: Rendezvous With Destiny

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I want to share a couple of thoughts about Ronald Reagan, whose 100th birthday will be celebrated this Sunday, the 6th, while his life and Presidency will be celebrated throughout the month of February.

But First:

FOX, whose cable news channel has become a banner carrier for many conservatives and Christians, has made what I and others believe is a very bad decision.

FOX, the affiliate network, has declined to carry an ad during this Sunday's Super Bowl that involves a reference to John 3:16 written on the eye black under the eyes of a football player on television.

This is a
link to the 30-second ad. FOX says their policy will not allow such an ad.

I personally believe FOX has the right to run or not run what they want on their network. However, I think they blew it on this call. Look at the ad and see what you think.

At least 2 of their affiliates are going to run the ad anyway. There will likely be more by Super Bowl time on Sunday.

The first 2 affiliates to choose to air the ad are in Alabama and would you believe, Washington DC?

Ronald Reagan:

A familiar true story is worth repeating. It is profoundly meaningful in these challenging times.

On the eve of Ronald Reagan's election in 1980, a reporter asked him what it was that Americans saw in him. Reagan said, "Would you laugh if I told you that I think maybe they see themselves and that I'm one of them?"

President Reagan believed in America and in the American people.

People believed he was one of them.

Through principled leadership and personal conviction, he led America from Jimmy Carter's "Mourning" to the rising sun of "Morning" in America.

People believed they had a date with destiny.

At the time of his election, we were being told America was suffering from a "crises of confidence"---and perhaps we were.

The Carter Administration had actually defined the times as one of "malaise."

Reagan not only believed in America, but he helped others believe in America as well.

He stood on the world stage, with no apologies, but with confidence, humility and resolve, and defined America---and true freedom.

In 1987, Reagan stood at the Brandenburg Gate and said, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall."

Just over three years later, I stood and watched the wall being torn down and hauled away in dump trucks. I still have a piece of "that wall" on my desk, and the memory of the face of freedom in action is held in my heart for a lifetime.

I, along with several hundred youth from a local church in what had been "West" Berlin, held a Christian service in a public square of what had been "East" Berlin.

Those in attendance, particularly the elderly, stood in awe of a miracle they had feared may never happen.

For me, it was a defining moment of how faith and freedom can find a way to prevail in the human spirit and in a culture.

I will never forget the glow of freedom on the faces of those thousands in attendance as they publicly expressed their Christian faith.

Newt Gingrich has written a new book titled, you guessed it, "
Ronald Reagan: Rendezvous With Destiny".

I strongly recommend you read the book. If you order the book through our Faith and Freedom website, we receive a commission of 4 to 8%, depending on volume. Click
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The book is also available in most book stores and COSTCO.

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Have a Super weekend. God bless you.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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  1. Will this be the last Sunday that USA mankind will worship Football instead of God?
    Did "Ronald Reagan: Rendezvous With Destiny" discuss Reagan's unbalanced budgets, his financial attacks against small businesses, family owned farms, and rural America with his 'trickle down' recession, as he ushered in the age of GREED into American politics. And how much his inflammatory 'skip the facts' rhetoric caught our attention and swayed public policy?
    Barry Goldwater would have been a much better President, a conservative hawk whose primary interest was the security and stability of the nation, but who spent money, as needed, for justice, and our welfare and defense. Yet Barry was rejected by a much greater margin than Ronald was elected.
    I just don't understand such an angry self-righteous hypocritical America- a godless country which doesn't know who to worship; and votes against its own financial, moral, and secular interests. And gladly supports many illegal and immoral activities: conspicuous consumption, sexual license, political and international 'bribery', hiring illegal immigrants, drug trafficking, gambling, prostitution, abortion, collusion, fraud, and many other forms of abuse and neglect, etc.
    Rural north central WA RINO hypocrite

  2. 11:35

    I agree with much you said, but I know precisely who to worship, Jesus Christ, and no one else. The problem as I see it is we've become the Laodicean church. Fat and Lazy and in need of nothing. Lukewarm, more concerned with style than substance. Lacking in humility and purpose in many instances.

    Never fear, do what is right because it is right, nevermind what the world is doing. Jesus said as the end nears that the love of many will grow cold, which clearly is increasing.

    We need to put on faith, hope and love. We need to build on the ROCK that never moves. ALL ELSE IS CHAFF!

    Craig in Lacey

  3. I think one of the most memorable things I liked about Reagan was he appealed to our better Angels . even though he inherited some tough economic times , inflation was quite high , unemployment was high, mortgage rates were terrible . Banks were coming up with schemes betting on your increase in wages and payments that would come up every year so you could qualify. We looked like we let nations spit on us like Iran , The Soviets were in Afghanistan and building up their military .
    The expansion in our economy remains to this day the longest expansion of any peace time economy in our history . Hard to dispute people were better off after Reagan economics . But the left does .
    I think the deficits that Reagan occurred with the Congress were his low points , he admitted this . But I remember as pointed on in the first comments Reagan was the reason for all our woes , any cut back in government caused us all to suffer according the far left and the media . Interesting his ability to talk through that , his connection with the common man was much like FDR . Because even those who knew him , his belief was in America , our greatness , our dedication to justice and his belief that the people will prevail .

    Happy Birthday Mr. President . A nation hopes we have another like you soon from either political side .

    Mick From kingston

  4. You guys do realize don't you that Reagan couldn't make it through a primary in the current Republican party? Not with his record of raising taxes, negotiating a nuclear arms reduction agreement, ballooning the deficit, etc.

  5. @1124

    You guys ? I am not a republican, I disagree with torture. I am against the Iraq and Afganstan wars . But I guess you can not be a democrat either considering we still have George W policies running this nation . Same tax rates, same Patriot Act basically, same stuff going on Guatamo Bay . Might as well had Dick Chemmy running things .

    Mick In Kingston


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