Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Senator Swecker Calls For School Vouchers

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Washington State Senator Dan Swecker has introduced a bill which if passed, will provide vouchers for families who choose to educate their children in schools other than the public schools.

Senate Bill 5346 (Authorizing education vouchers)

Introduced by Sen. Dan Swecker, (R-Rochester) (R) on January 21, 2011, to authorize that, beginning with the 2011-12 school year, parents who choose to educate their children outside the public education system to receive an education voucher for each child educated outside the public education system. The superintendent of public instruction is to adopt rules to implement this bill.

Referred to the Senate Early Learning & K-12 Education Committee on January 21, 2011.
Please call your state senator and express your support for
SB 5346.

Senator Swecker is in good company. Speaker of the US House, John Boenher has also introduced a
similar bill for the District of Columbia, one of the country's worst public school districts.

Senator Joe Lieberman has introduced a companion bill in the US Senate.

Although the President is calling for a strong bi-partisan effort to improve education, many feel he and his people will not support parental choice in education.

It will be interesting to see how Governor Gregoire and her people respond to Swecker's bill here in the state.

The unions, to whom both the President and Governor are deeply indebted politically, strongly oppose vouchers and parental choice in education.

It is well documented in DC that under the voucher system many kids were able to excel, however, the Obama administration has systematically dismantled the program.

One other problem for the secularists is that many of the DC kids were placed in parochial schools.

We can look for both the unions and the secularists to strongly oppose a proven path to educational success, strictly on the basis of ideology.

It will be interesting to identify those who oppose Swecker's bill and their reasons. We will keep you posted.

Thank you for
financially supporting our efforts to inform and activate conservatives and people of faith.

Reminder. Senate hearing on anti-Pregnancy Centers SB 5274 tomorrow morning at 8 am in the Cherberg Building. Please attend if possible.

God bless you.
Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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  1. You know that if Private schools accept Government vouchers then the school will have to teach what the Government says
    to teach. Like evolution , Communism and socialism, etc.

    You might rethink the voucher idea.

  2. Hey, how 'bout that judge over turning Obamacare?

    As much as Gary hates activist judges legislating from the bench, I'm surprised he hasn't written about it!

  3. What he ruled is it's unconstitutional: that's doing what he should do. Be a strict constitutionist! Has nothing to do with legislating.

    Craig in Lacey

  4. Parents have choice of community supported public schools, have input to board of education, PTA organizations, teacher conferences, etc. including voting bonds and other 'support' issues. They also have the right to home school (that's what they should be doing), use a private school, a co-op school, boarding school, college prep, or tech. school. However, unless the school is community supported public, then parents should pay whatever the additional costs. They should not take money away from the public school. And vouchers are a good way to gut public education. rural north central WA

  5. "You know that if Private schools accept Government vouchers then the school will have to teach what the Government says"

    Which Is a valid point. But then again the public schools now are not teaching what the government is saying now either , or at least not to the standards we all wish they were.


  6. Creating a voucher system will hurt Christian schools. Once state money comes into play, state guidelines will also come into play. Christian schools will be forced to play by the same rules as public schools. Enrollment quotas will have to be met ensuring diversity, handicap access, etc... Christian schools will be forced to accept non christian students and even troubled students who don't fit within the behavioral standards of the public school. DANGEROUS!

  7. None of that is true. The vouchers do not come with a requirement that the schools teach what the government wants.


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