Wednesday, May 18, 2011

NARAL: "Exposing Crises Pregnancy Centers One City at a Time"

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NARAL has launched a nationwide campaign to discredit and shut down pro-life Pregnancy Centers---"One City at a Time."

Their campaign will remind our readers in Washington State of the hearings many of us attended earlier this year. They are using the same lines, the same tactics, but obviously hoping for a different outcome.

The Washington Legislature said "No" to them during this session. I have no doubt they are already organizing for their next attempt in Olympia.

Here's how the "Fight For Life" will play out nationally over the coming months. I have included their strategy, their talking points and their video.

NARAL New York, has produced a video that was placed on YouTube last week (May 10 ).

I strongly encourage you to spend a few moments and watch it. The video will likely circulate in your community, on cable, perhaps on local TV and even in classrooms. And is already on the Internet.

The video is revealing and repetitive of what many of us have heard in Olympia. Remember, this is a national campaign---"one city at a time."

You will note in the video the kinds of accusations that are being leveled at the pro-life pregnancy centers:

"Pregnancy Centers claim women who had abortions went crazy."

"The centers have no obligation to tell the truth."

"They exist for the sole purpose of dissuading women from seeking an abortion."

They are, "Emotionally bullying women."

They are, "A brainwashing outfit."

They "Pretend they're doctor's offices."

These statements are being made, not only by abortion industry employees, but by community leaders as well.

Here's the bottom line as I see it.

  • In Washington State, a place not known for its conservative or pro-life community or legislators, we turned out in force at public hearings, contacted lawmakers with huge numbers of people asking them to defeat the efforts of Planned Parenthood, NARAL and others, and saw this very plan defeated. The force of our presence was felt by elected officials. The only thing new in this is the video.
  • This video affirms what they denied in Olympia. They were not, as they claimed, merely wanting transparency and disclosure from Pregnancy Centers, by forcing them to physically post the services they do not provide. They wanted to shut them down. What they denied in Olympia, they are confirming with this campaign.
  • They are once again going after the most vulnerable women in the most vulnerable neighborhoods, with their stated purpose of focusing on the urban areas.
Discrimination against the poor.

Christian News Wire reports that, "Statistics show that African American and Latina women account for 27% of the female population in the US, yet, they undergo 59% of all abortions."

And abortion providers out number pregnancy centers by a rate of 5 to 1.

Once again the "Face of Evil" presents itself as an agent of light and help and compassion.

Be Vigilant. Be Strong. Be Discerning. Be Vocal. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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  1. "They are once again going after the most vulnerable women in the most vulnerable neighborhoods, with their stated purpose of focusing on the urban areas."

    That could very well describe the so-called pro-life movement and their decades long campaign of intimidation, harassment, assassination and terrorism against health clinics that provide legal abortion services. Oh, and since Gary feels the need to bring race into this, I'll just point out that his figures mean the majority of the victims of his sides harassment are minority women. That's right, these folks are waging a decades long assault on the ability of minority women to exercise their Constitutional rights - and they imply the other side is guilty of racism and bigotry - as if.

    Be Hypocritical. Be Mislead. Be Uninformed.

  2. EXCELLENT! Thank you for this timely information.

  3. It's interesting that you include a long list of accusations made against pregnancy centers, and you don't dispute any or all of them.

    From what I've seen, they are all true, and you offer nothing to the contrary.

  4. I saw just a little bit of the video. It's obviously slanderous and twisted for the most part, made by those who are marching in the wrong army.

    The fruit they offer can not be digested. It will make people ill if they really take it in. The only remedy for it is the gospel of Christ.

  5. 11:06am

    Really? Maybe you could be specific about anything slanderous? Anything at all. However, I'm guessing you can't. I didn't see anything that wouldn't stand up under scrutiny.

  6. 9:09

    Are you ignoring Margeret Sanger'r racist policies when she formed PP? Nothing has changed, they still seek to control the population of minorities by promoting the murder of their offspring. Be uninformed indeed!!!

    Craig in Lacey

  7. 10:53

    I'm sure the legislature in Wa. heard the same accusations from the pro-death crowd. They found them baseless as well, and voted against the PP crowd. I guess they are uninformed too, huh?

    Craig in Lacey

  8. The video portrayed organizations that came about with the blessing of God, in order to minister his counsel and help to many young women in need. God has worked through these kind of organizations to help many a pregnant woman to find a higher and better way than to simply kill her yet unborn child.

    To portray in a false light, is to slander.

    The video was not made to correct a problem or two, an instance or two of falling short of a God ordained calling.
    It gave no praise to the work these organizations were doing, nor were they calling them unto higher ground where the blessings of God should more abound.

    The video was made to destroy what is good, to work contrary to the work of God, and to discourage godliness, doing good to fellow man and his maker.

    To portray in false light is to make a false statement about. By my dictionary's definition, making a false statement, is what slander is about.

    3:06 PM, If I can be of any more help, please let me know.

    11:06 AM, of May 18th.

  9. 7:56am

    I can't respond to that. I guess it's real in your mind. In light of that, I can't wait to see your imaginary friend in the sky argue those points in a slander suit.


  10. What a friend we have in Jesus! He bore all our sins and griefs. He took the wrath of God that my sins deserved, taking them out of my way which I had been on. On the path of destruction I was on, until the day that I found his grace, his love for me, which was shed upon the cross.

    Today he still carries my troubles away. My heart imagines him as God himself in the flesh. Isn't he a part of a heavenly threefold cord (the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) that always ruled, that will always have the dominion, the power, and the glory?

    Sometimes I imagine him that way.

    Jesus is the King, against whom there is no rising up against.

    Therefore the mouth of every sinner will be stopped. Because he is pure love, light, and truth, therefore there is no wisdom, counsel, or understanding that can stand against him.

    In the day that he judges the unrighteousness of men, their words will cease, and the thing that they have imagined against him, will be found out to be nothing.

    Those that have imagined a vain thing have been trapped by their own devices. Only the good news of the cross can save them from that which has ensnared them.

    Anon 8:50, Will you imagine a good thing that will give the Lord praise? Are you willing to come to him? Will you speak a good word about him? Will you be saved? Are you be willing to suffer with him, and to be taken care of by him?

  11. Craig,

    Not ignoring Sanger's eugenics, the simple fact of the matter is neither PP nor anyone else is forcing anyone to get an abortion, they are merely providing a service for those, who choose it. Now we could discuss the possible educational and socio-economic reasons for this, but something tells me you aren't really interested in the truth, unless you can bend it to fit your agenda.

    Yes, you certainly have shown yourself to woefully uninformed about an issue you feel very strongly about, what a sad and pitiable situation.

  12. Just as a pimp likely will not force anyone to get involved with a prostitute, an abortion clinic might not force an abortion on anyone either, but this does not justify what they do.

    An abortion clinic encourages abortions by acting as if there's nothing wrong with performing one. That doesn't make them innocent.

    It's not only abortion clinics that promote them either.

    Some things just shouldn't be promoted.


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