Friday, June 10, 2011

Hope Isn't Floating--it is Sinking

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Americans are now less convinced than they have been at any time during the Obama presidency, that it is still possible for anyone in this country to work their way out of poverty.

Here's the numbers. And we would like to know what our readers think. Please weigh in on our survey.

In early March 2009, as President Bush left office, 56% said it was possible for anyone to work their way out of poverty, and that was following years of negative press toward the President and his policies on nearly every front.

Barack Obama ran on "Hope" and "Change" and little else. The press swooned and the public wept and sang, and continue to do so, but now things have changed, and not as promised.

Now only 44% believe it's possible to work your way out of poverty, 38% say they still think its possible, but 18% are not sure.

I have linked the Rasmussen Survey here.

I would like to know how you feel, if America continues with the same policies in place.

Click here to cast your vote.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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  1. Jobless recovery , and the jobs that are coming as of late are low paying and dead end type of jobs . This debt and the present policy of addressing it makes you wonder if the president has a grasp of the problems we face.


  2. As a carpenter I have felt the effects of the economic downturn.

    What I don't want to hear in the upcoming elections is a godless

    The problem is not the economy. The problem is abortion, homosexuality, the gay agenda, pornography, corruption, the attempt to legalize drugs, gambling, and I suppose the list goes on but the main thing is that there has been a move to move God out of everything we do.

    There should be a move to move God back in.

    I'm hoping to hear from candidates who will go into schools talk to parents and teachers and tell them that their children and students have constitutional rights to practice freely their religious freedom and that it should be encouraged just as much as football or playing musical instruments.

    Maybe to begin with a parent may encourage their son or daughter to invite other students to read the Bible, pray, sing worship songs to the Lord, and give testimony. Maybe it will need to be off the school grounds to begin with. It should be by invitation not constraint, and I suppose every student should be encouraged to get permission from a parent.

    Inviting a friend to attend a Bible reading group where each one may read a few verses at a time, giving each one to share in a few sentences what thing of importance they have just seen that it is, that may bless the rest of the group as long as what is said gives honor and praise to the Lord, and is kept to just a few short sentences so as not to distract from what is being read, is not doing a bad thing.... If it's something from the Lord it should become evident to all as long as they are learning and growing spiritually.

    I don't see why constitutional rights should not encouraged by a school, and given a place and a time to be practiced. If they do it for basketball, why not for freedom of religion?

    Don't students need permission from parents to play contact sports?

    As long as it's student led and maintained by students, the only place for the school system to intervene is if there are offences that are contrary to good behaviour, (just as they shuold already be doing about anything that happens on school grounds) and that is where they may interced if necessary, asking for mercy wherever there are offences, and asking if a thing is right or not, only wanting to see a correction made and reconciliation happen by the grace of God. The students should learn to do this work themselves. Rarely should a school counselor have to intervene but may be there to oversee behavior, but not to run meetings.
    He might be invited simply to observe once in a while, but not be there to oppress or intimidate students in any way. He should be there for any student who may need an intercessor if the students are not walking properly toward him or her. He can examine the facts, check them out, identify wrong behaviour, making certain of the facts as best he can, ask for mercy when it's time to make the plea for mercy on behalf of anyone being oppressed, not willing to hear evil for the sake of evil, but only hearing that which is the cause of any present distress, doing so if the student has gone to that one first but has not been heard, or if he is in fear of personal injury or property damage if he goes alone or with a brother or sister in the Lord.

    Students should be learning these kind of things.

    The problem with a state or nation isn't financial economy primarily. We should get God's economy going again, for who knows what God will do? I wonder what might happen if we get his economy going again.

    I want to live a life of abundance. I don't want to hear about the economy in the upcoming elections. I want to hear about God.


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