Thursday, September 22, 2011

"Dancing" and "The Playboy Club" Bomb On Debut

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As we suggested might happen, ABC's "Dancing With The Stars" fell significantly from its premiere show a year ago and NBC's "Playboy Club" was a bomb, based on all the hype, promotion and expectation. Even NBC expressed disappointment.

People are tolerant, but enough is enough. Millions of Americans decided a lesson in transgenderism by "Chaz" and ABC was not entertaining, so they didn't show up to watch ABC Monday evening. "Dancing With The Stars" dropped 11% in viewers over their opening show last year. More significantly, they were down 22% in the all-important 18-49 age group.

While some were trying to use the very successful debut of "Two and A Half Men" on CBS as an excuse for the significant decrease in viewers on "Dancing," people in the industry are saying it was more than that.

"The Play Boy Club," which many of you petitioned against, bombed. With the full force of NBC's advertising, including the various cable channels owned by NBC promoting it, "Play Boy" only drew 5 million viewers. Critics in the industry called the debut "dismal" and "disastrous." I would call it victorious.

Personally, I think the show will be canceled sooner than later. The networks seem to have a slow learning curve. There are still millions of people who watch television simply to be entertained---not indoctrinated.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.

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  1. It is encouraging to see that there are enough people in our country that still have a hint of moral integrity and good taste that both of these "Must See" programs failed to attract significant attention. Bud in Lynnwood

  2. Don't assume it was all christian morality. My family selected the 2.5 men debut, but we recorded Dancing.

    Regarding the playboy show, it just looks boring. Plus, I find that what I've learned about Hef vs the myth to be pretty disgusting. I'm sure I'm not the only lib to feel that way.

  3. I don't see many assumptions in Gary's blog. I'm seeing real numbers.

  4. 1:30pm

    "People are tolerant, but enough is enough. Millions of Americans decided a lesson in transgenderism by "Chaz" and ABC was not entertaining"

    Was this taken directly from the Neilsens?

  5. 2:52 Did Gary put quotes around that sentence?

  6. 5:28pm

    You're right, he didn't. And since he's not quoting anyone and it's not from the report, it must be an assumption on his part.

  7. 5:45 Let's organize and see if we can stop Gary from expressing opinions on his blog.

  8. 5:56pm

    Please try to keep up. This exchange started when I challenged Gary's assumption that the drop in numbers was based on christian morality.

    Someone, maybe you, stated that Gary's post contained no assumptions. I proved otherwise.

    No one doubts that this blog is all about Gary's opinions.

    So, I'll repeat my original point, the drop in ratings had many causes. Assuming it was primarily christian morality is naive.

  9. Gary never said it was the only cause. Assuming it wasn't primarily Christian morality is also naive.

  10. Yes, the 'Christian morality' that would stop them from watching people dancing the cha cha and waltz in favor of a program about the death of philandering drug user, the humorous appearance of an attempted suicide and his promiscuous sex with two strange girls which 'saved him'. (I don't know what happened after that, I turned the channel).

    Unfortunately too many Christians are of just this stripe.


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