Thursday, September 08, 2011

The Debate

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My wife and I watched the Republican debate last night. The whole thing. Start to finish. We skipped the post debate commentary on MSNBC.

However, I was interested in how the print media presented the debate within minutes after it was completed.

"Sparks fly," "Perry, Romney clash..." and so on and so on.

I was struck by two things.

First, while there are clearly front runners emerging at this time, there was not a person on the stage that I personally could not support for President of the United States over our current President.

My preference is developing. I'm sure yours is as well.

I, as you, have seen the media repeatedly refer to the cast of candidates as boring, no clear leader, not impressive, etc.

I saw a very diverse group of personalities who all love their country and believe they can serve and help the country as President. I believe they are all qualified to be President.

Perhaps the most memorable comment was from Newt Gingrich. He probably said what many of us were thinking.

"I for one and I hope that all my friends up here are going to repudiate every effort of the news media to get Republicans to fight each other to protect Barack Obama who deserves to be defeated. And all of us are committed as a team. Whoever the nominee is, we are all for defeating Barack Obama."

The performance of NBC's Brian Williams and POLITICO's John Harris was pathetic, designed to advance their own personal agenda rather than to facilitate the event. And Harris should stay with writing. Television does not seem to be his strong suit.

Predictably, HUFFPOST and other similar news outlets defended the moderators with, "The debate organizers were simply trying to help voters determine the differences between the candidates."

I don't think so.

The news media confirmed what most of us already knew, while the candidates affirmed what many of us have hoped for: Better days are ahead.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Active. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.

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  1. Somehow, I just can't picture Jesus sitting in that audience and cheering for the number of executions in Texas.

  2. More paranoid delusion from Gary - though I would not expect anything else. Once an individual has descended to this level of hack partisan shill, they will never return. In scripture that is called the reprobate mind. Hopefully Gary's "followers" can somehow be pulled back and return to the Lord Jesus Christ.

  3. anon 8:01 Your thinking is the problem. The idea that Christians should not have views on the social issues of our times and our national leardership is exactly what has gotten us to the moral chaos we are experiencing in our country today. America, unlike most other countries, actually allows citizens to participate in what the country will become. Given that opportunity, it is a failure in stewardship to do as you are suggesting.
    Could it be that Gary simply holds different views than yours and because of that you feel entitled to attack him? We all must continually contend for the faith and strive to be closer to Jesus. Maybe you should spend some time considering your own relationship with Him.

  4. "Could it be that Gary simply holds different views than yours and because of that you feel entitled to attack him?"

    Why shouldn't he? Gary certainly has no qualms about attacking those, who hold views different than his own (see Obama, Barack; Murray, Ed; Murray, Patty; etc. etc. etc.). Why do you feel it is OK for Gary to do so, but not for others?

    Also, that issue isn't that Christians shouldn't have views on social issues, it's that Gary has descended into extreme partisan nihilism wherein his views reflect only what is best for the GOP.

  5. 10:58 Actually I've seen Gary be rather non-supportive of some Republicans. I do not get the idea that he is a big supporter of McKenna or Reed. He has also been critical of other US Congressmen who are Republicans.
    I think I'm right. It's not about Gary and Republicans, it's about your dislike of Gary because he holds a different view than you hold.
    He has been very opposed to Murray's attempt to re-define marriage, but I haven't seen him attacking Murray personally.
    Could you be suffering from selective memory?

  6. 11:27,

    1. the fact that Gary attacks moderate Republicans doesn't mean he isn't a craven GOP activist, just that he's one from the extreme right-wing of the party.

    2. I don't know Gary at all, so I neither like nor dislike him. I do, however dislike his politics and his incessant attacks on LGBT citizens. I dislike his expressed desire to use the Government to force everyone to act as if they shared his right-wing reactionary beliefs. But I have no opinion on Gary personally, for all I know he may be the nicest person you could hope to meet.

    3.I think it is you with a selective memory. I recall various attacks against Murray posted on this very blog during the Domestic Partnership debate. Isn't falsely labeling someone dishonest a personal attack? There was all the vile innuendo about children "coming to harm" in Murray's home. Sorry, but when it comes to vile personal attacks no one in WA politics can hold a candle to Gary Randall. He would undoubtedly be ashamed, had any sense of shame.

  7. 11:27

    Check Gary's post of August 17th.

  8. I wonder if the Democratic Party has considered another person to run instead of President Obama?


  9. I did NOT watch the debate. Each time I get a favorite GOP candidate (except Goldwater), he is caught in criminal activity, lying, or a sexual or money scandal. Last one I voted for, Reagan, promptly put a thriving economy into recession, and small businesses and farmers into bankruptcy, all in favor of deferring taxation to giant and global corporations. Currently, they all seem anti-government anarchists against SS, working people, public education, science (Perry a Flat-earther?), and any kind of charity. What is Christ's position on wealth and greed, and economic slavery of nations? Also we are commanded to be productive, fruitful and practice good husbandry, which seems counter to our corporate, banking, and wall street money manipulators/manipulations.
    Rural central WA

  10. 12:37 I heard Dick Cheney say on one of the news shows yesterday that he thinks Hillary should run against Obama in the primary.

  11. I checked Gary's post of Aug. 17. Do you disagree with Gary and Malkin and believe that Patty Murray can lead this country to economic health through the super committee?

  12. 11:27 I do know Gary personally. He is a nice guy and personally believes what he says publicly. He is not against gays, per se, he is against what they are trying to do with marriage and education. He actually counseled gays who came to him for help when he was a pastor. I was there.
    I would be very careful in jumping to Ed Murray's defense regarding his personal home life in the past.

  13. This has nothing to do with Gary Randall or his views! Most of what I read here is Gary reporting on what others have said and are saying. He is bringing us the news that we may have missed. If you don't like conservative views, why are you on here...go elsewhere!!! We get tired of some of your views. We are not liberal in our views. We liked America the way it use to be not the way it is now. We liked the Bible as an example for what is right, for what it really says. Some only want what is now considered politically correct. Do you accept only the part of the Bible that says what you want it to? Do you want to throw out the rest? I don't and many don't. It is the word of God in its entirety. We WILL live by it, forever.
    I think Gary will favor what is not liberal and you know that Democrats do pride themselves in being liberal not conservative.

  14. @2:05

    The fact that Gary actually believes the disinformation he spews doesn't help him much in my eyes. He is objectively against gays. Name one single thing that benefits LGBT Americans which Gary supports, just one. You can't because if it benefits gays, Gary opposes it. Non-discrimination law, check; Domestic Partnerships, check; Adoption, check; open service in the military, check.

    As for Murray's personal home life, I'll say to you what I posted here in comments when Gary first engaged in this vile innuendo. Put up or shut up. Either make a specific accusation, and have the facts to back it up, or drop the sleazy insinuations. I find it appalling that people, who allege to be Christians, engage in this sort of vile behavior.

  15. 1237 I sometimes hear support for a Hillary Clinton challenge , but she has firmly stated she will not run . I would not be surprised she runs in 2016 though . Kuccinch may run who knows .

    Not really happy so far with the candidates the GOP has so far . I was hoping for Perry but that was from the positive things I heard about him . He seems too defensive and combative in his style . I am expecting Mitt Romney unless someone rises to the challenge . Michelle Bachman it so much better then the media she gets , at least from what i have seen . But The Tea Party is too extreme in my opinion for a Presidential Candidate .

    Use to defend Obama , but when I witness Hoffas introduction of him , and Hoffa calling about 50 percent of Americans SOBs with Obama just smilin and refusing to apologize even later I lost all respect for the man now . How can you lead a nation when you embrace those on the same stage that insult and mock about 50 percent of the people you are suppose to represent .

    One term for Obama , lets hope someone steps up to plate and leads this country . We need someone .



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