Wednesday, September 07, 2011

CBS: "Does God Use Weather to Send Messages?"

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In a "gotcha" moment, CBS's Bob Schieffer asked the big question last Sunday, which must be on the mind of every left wing journalist who fears President Obama may not be re-electable.

Schieffer to Michele Bachmann: "Do you believe God uses weather to send messages?" Schieffer was, of course, referring to comments made by candidate Bachmann recently following storms and earthquakes, asking her audience how much more God is going to have to do to get some politician's attention.

She told Schieffer she was "speaking metaphorically," but that she is "not ashamed to say publicly that she believes in God."

All this got me wondering as well. Not so much whether God uses natural phenomenon to send messages---I know the answer to that, but how did CBS get to the point where their main guy is groveling, on camera, trying to make a female Christian candidate look silly and simple?

Since I'm not running for political office, and even if I was, the answer would be, "Yes, Mr. Schieffer, He does, unless, of course, you dismiss the Bible as myth and fable." "And," I would continue, "there have been known consequences for not getting the message."

And there have always been those who dismiss God's Word. I am certain there were those folks who partied on when the temperature began to rise in Sodom and Gomorrah, thinking it was something to do with global warming. I also suspect there were those who watched the water rise, while cursing Noah, saying had he not built the big boat none of this would have happened, promising to call FEMA first thing in the morning and demand help---NOW!

Exodus 19 and 20 gives graphic description of weather phenomenon related to Moses receiving the Ten Commandments, with God using weather related activity to both communicate with people and authenticate Moses to the people.

When Christ was crucified, the New testament account in Matthew says the sky turned dark in the middle of the afternoon and Christ's death was marked by an earthquake. Then, the Record says, "Darkness came over the land."

Followers of Christ were released from prison as a result of an earthquake.

I'm wondering, will Bob Schieffer and CBS ask President/candidate Obama the same generic questions? The President claims to be a Christian. He claims to believe the Bible. Does he believe Jonah was really swallowed by a whale? Does he believe in Noah's Flood as described in the Bible? Does God use weather to send messages? What about earthquakes? Does the President believe in hell and Heaven? Does he believe in the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ? What about Christ's Atonement for sin? Is it universal? Does evil really exist? Is Jesus the only way to God?

Hopefully they will get to the bottom of all this.

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