Friday, September 16, 2011

Faith and Freedom PAC

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Paid For By Faith and Freedom PAC

The administrator of the Faith and Freedom PAC has told us we need 10 registered voters in Washington State to give a minimum of $10 to the PAC to re-activate it. There is about $1000 in the account and we would like to start distributing those funds and others which will be raised in the future toward electing and re-electing those lawmakers who support conservative, Christian social values. And helping to defeat those who do not.

We cannot disburse any funds until the PAC is re-activated.

Would you help us with that today by clicking here and making an online donation? Thank you. For an address to mail in a donation, click here.

Have you heard or seen the "Donkey Whisperer"?

It's a political ad that is considered by many to be one of the most engaging and funny ads anywhere in the country.

It's Friday. Every Republican deserves a smile. You've got to see it.

Roger Williams, Rick Perry's former Secretary of State is running for a newly created Congressional seat in Texas.

Click here to see "The Donkey Whisperer". These 2 minutes will cause you to smile through this entire weekend.

Have a great one.

Faith and Freedom Political Action Committee.


  1. The guy in the video is very confused.

    He says he can't build 'it' because he's being taxed to death. That's just backwards. If he wants to avoid the taxes, he should build it.

    Taxes are generally only on profits taken out of the business. Money reinvested in the business reduces taxes. Taxes aren't keeping him from reinvesting in his business.

    He needs to stop making business decisions based on Republican propaganda and talk to an account.

  2. @11:46 AM,

    Then there's the fact that his federal taxes have gone down, not up since Obama took office! That's right, kids, Obama has decreased taxes several times and not raised them once since taking office.

    More and more it seems like "conservatives" and reality aren't even vaguely acquainted.

  3. I do hope someone does make one with elephants ripping down the fences, injuring the hands, trashing the place because they don't have to follow any stinkin' rules - they're Elephants!

  4. Yeah for Obama! "Not raised taxes once since coming into office." How many times has he attempted to raise them and failed? But then we know know he doesn't have to raise taxes, if we continue on his present course we will be a second rate socialist country and he will just administer a levy on the subjects each year. We can all go to Washington DC to register and pay our taxes each year.

  5. Oster. I think that would be a worthy project for you. You make the ad with the Elephants.

  6. Oh yes, the guy in the video is very confused. The Donkey's have it all figured out. Better watch it again.

  7. Oster. One more thing. I don't think the DEMs are smart enough to make an ad that good. You elected Obama and every body is finding out how well that worked out. Have you seen the polls lately?

  8. 12:05pm

    OK, I watched it again, and he still doesn't get that if he builds whatever he's referring to, he'll reduce his tax burden.

    Also, Obama wants to raise taxes on personal income over $250k. If that guy is able to pull more than $250k in clear profit out his donkey business each year, he should be celebrating not berating those donkeys.

  9. @11:59

    So politicians telling flat out lies to get elected is A-OK with you, so long as they are Republican liars?

    @2:22PM and that's $250k after deductions, so probably a good $300-320k gross.

  10. 7:08

    You're assuming a profit margin of about 80% after expenses? Hardly anyone does that. Even 40% would be considered giant profit margin so you'd be looking at a gross of about $650k and probably higher to net $250k. That's a lot of donkey stuff.

    Plus, the higher taxes would only be on any money he pulls out after he has already taken out $250k at the lower tax rate.

    So if he wants to avoid the higher rate, go ahead and take out $250k and then use some of the profit over that amount to create a job. After all, at that income level he is one of the job creators, right? Isn't that the argument?


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