Thursday, September 15, 2011

ABC Will Challenge Traditional Values

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With a straight face, ABC has cast Chaz Bono as one of their "stars" on this season's "Dancing With The Stars".

The public has reacted---many negatively. But ABC moves forward blazing their so-called "civil rights" trail.

Many parents have expressed outrage and concern that the celebration of transgenderism will create confusion among children who may watch the show. ABC is assuring parents everything will be okay.

Television thrives on controversy---they call it publicity buzz. The industry feels they win whether people tune in because they hate what they are doing or because they love it. A win-win for ratings.

This outing could prove to be different.

Many Americans remember the cute little Chastity Bono who appeared with her parents on the Sonny and Cher show on CBS. Well, Chastity has become "Chaz". She says she is now a man. And Disney owned ABC says hey, this is an opportunity to advance an agenda we believe in and make some points with the homosexual community and spike our ratings. A counter programming move after having Bristol Palin on the show last year.

I seriously doubt either Bristol or Chaz were chosen for their dancing skills.

But there is a difference between Bristol's appearance and that of Chaz. Palin never mentioned or promoted her message of abstinence while on the show last year. Nor did anyone on the show. Palin simply increased viewership because she is her mother's daughter.

Does anyone believe Chaz and the announcers- judges- M.C. etc., will do the shows without mention or reference to the homosexual agenda of Chaz and the Human Rights Campaign and other organizations she/he speaks for? ABC will not only get the message out, but will prove how politically correct, tolerant and inclusive they are.

If Chaz dances as a man, and obviously she will, without any promotional comments, the LGBT crowd will storm the gates of both Disney and ABC.

This will be an educational opportunity, a teaching moment for those---especially kids, in the audience who don't understand and think that "transgender" is not normal.

It will confuse children.

Brent Bozell is an expert on how the media manipulates the public. He has written an article titled, "Dancing With The Lecturers," describing what is really happening with this latest move to normalize that which is perverse. I strongly recommend you read it.

I agree with Bozell's conclusion: "Nowhere in any of this celebration is the hard reality. Despite her low voice, and her side burns and her awful decision to amputate her own breasts, 'Chaz' remains a woman. It's ridiculous for ABC to argue children won't be confused by this political-correctness crusade. The entire "transgender" propaganda movement is confused. Indeed, there is a new sexual category to go along with G, L, B, and T,---Q for questioning."

Bozell says, "ABC and the rest of the media universe can do all the pretending they want, but that's not going to make Chaz a real male."


I can assure you, me and my house will not be watching, "Dancing With The Stars," and I would not be surprised if this outing doesn't backfire on ABC. There is still a sense of decency and normalcy in America and this is neither.

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