Monday, September 19, 2011

The Gathering Marriage Storm in Washington State

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It is not uncommon to see the clouds roll silently across the Puget Sound, pushing, sometimes crashing into the Cascades creating storms and defining convergence zones. Often these storms are quiet and unannounced, while in Central and Eastern Washington incoming storms are most often announced with lightening and thunder.

When Marjorie and I moved from Yakima to Kirkland and later to Bellevue in 1964, the unusual and different storm patterns took some adjustment.

There is a storm gathering across the state and it involves the massive push to redefine marriage. And in doing so redefine and undermine the very foundation of family and the culture.

At the eye of the gathering storm: Should Washington State Legalize Homosexual "Marriage"?

It could be preceded by lightening and thunder as well as the silent rain.

Senator Ed Murray and several other homosexual Legislators say, "Now is the time."

The Seattle Times Editorial Board says, "Yes," now is the time. KOMO's Ken Schram says, "Yes" go for it.

Most of the media across the state echo the Seattle press.

Gov. Gregoire is a proven friend and ally to those who wish to redefine marriage. Who knows what Secretary of State Sam Reed believes? Or Attorney General Rob McKenna, for that matter.

While there are several reasons why they feel now is the time, they often refer to the homosexual "marriage" bill that passed recently in New York State. The social and cultural climate of New York is often compared to that of Washington State. Both Northeast or Northwest, liberal leaning states that vote Democrat.

I believe they may be right, because they are looking at the issue through a lens not ground in reality or morality, but in the isolation of the closet. The homosexual activists are out of touch and too many legislators are believing their own press releases on issues of morality and political correctness.

Last Tuesday, September 13, the people of New York spoke to their legislature very clearly about redefining marriage. They strongly disagreed with their legislators on marriage.

They rejected Democrat David Weprin who voted for homosexual "marriage" in the New York state Assembly, and elected, by an 8 point margin, Republican Bob Turner who is a conservative Catholic and strongly supports marriage as between one man and one woman.

This seat had been held by a Democrat since 1923.

Days before the election the Washington Post was warning the liberal community that "Assemblyman David Weprin is in a surprisingly close race for a House seat in New York."

As it turned out, it wasn't even close.

The Post wrote, "Democrats are already blaming New York Democratic nominee David Weprin's vote for same-sex marriage from when he was in the state Assembly."

Following the election, the New York Times pointed a finger at the pro-homosexual vote as a good part of Weprin's substantial loss.

Sen. Ed Murray says he is going all out in the upcoming legislative session to crush DOMA and redefine marriage. He will be presenting a bill to legalize so-called homosexual "marriage".

We believe a majority of Washingtonians are somewhat like New York citizens and oppose redefining marriage.

I believe Sen. Murray believes that as well. That's why he is trying to redefine marriage by legislative action, not by a vote of the people.

As I write this we, along with a good number of others---including a number of pro-marriage legislators, are forming an alliance that will work together with a simple and singular focus; to defeat Murray's bill in the Legislature.

We will be personally talking to legislators who have been wobbly on marriage in the past. You may recall Republican Cherl Pfluge (5th district) voted in favor of the "everything but marriage" bill Murray previously sponsored. Republican Curtis King (14th district--Yakima ) also voted for it. The Senate Caucus will present a challenge for Murray and those who seek to redefine marriage.

If the bill should pass, we will take an appropriate initiative action to repeal it.

Faith and Freedom is incurring expenses in preparation for the gathering storm. We are surveying citizens across the state at this time. We are working with others of like mind to not only stand, but prevail in the coming assault on society's most fundamental cornerstone---marriage.

Your financial support is very much needed at this time. What ever you can do will help. There can be no compromise on this issue.

If you believe homosexual "marriage" is a right, a civil right or simply an act of fairness and equality you have been misled.

Homosexual activists are demanding that you redefine marriage to accommodate their sexual behavior.

This is a time to stand, not waver. Speak, not be silent. Your support will allow us to stand and have a voice.

Click here to donate online. Or send a check to Faith and Freedom, Box 399, Bellevue, WA. 98009.

Thank you and God bless you.

Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful. Be Active.

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  1. So, the group that has waged war on the gay class for so long is now opposed to class warfare?

  2. what a waste of time. If only the Christian agenda spent as much time on caring for your neighbors this place would be a lot better.

    seattle, WA

    1. It's because we care for our neighbors that we push for godly, moral laws so fewer people will go to hell. Hell is forever and it's more terrifying than human minds can imagine. Satan, the father of lies, has deceived many people into believing there are more than two sexes and that one can be born homosexual. Do you know how you get into heaven? It's very simple. Realize you're a sinner like the rest of us, that Jesus is the only One who can save you from hell then just pray and ask Him to save you. He'll give you a new heart that's fit for heaven. He said, "I am the way, the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me."

  3. 9:27 You probably do not want to know that the Christians in the Puget Sound area provide a significant amount of time, talent and money caring for those in need. More than any other single group. Defending marriage and helping people is not mutually exclusive. If you are suggesting we become silent on marriage and only focus on helping the poor, that isn't likely. We can do both.We don't consider "honoring marriage" a waste of time. It's a biblical teaching, just like caring for people in need is.

  4. Why do your religious beliefs have to be imposed on the rest of the population? If you don't like gay marriage, don't marry someone of the same sex. God made us all different. And he loves us for those differences.

    -Seattle, WA

  5. Yes, God did make us all different, but not so we could pervert ourselves. God hates perversion as He clearly said in the Bible,

    Craig in Lacey

  6. "We believe a majority of Washingtonians are somewhat like New York citizens and oppose redefining marriage."

    Gary, that's exactly what you said in 2009 before we, the voters of Washington state, approved Referendum 71. Please, find another obsession. Accept the fact that a majority of Washington voters don't hold your backward views.

    Peter in Seattle


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