Thursday, September 01, 2011

Rick Perry Signs Marriage Pledge

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Presidential candidate Rick Perry has signed a pledge promising to oppose same-sex "marriage" and advance a constitutional marriage amendment.

Candidates Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann have also signed the pledge. Other Republican candidates have not signed it.

I wonder if, say, local politicians were asked to sign a similar pledge to support marriage, who would sign it?

Would candidate Inslee sign it? No.

Would candidate McKenna sign it? Who knows?

Would your senator and representative sign it?

If you support marriage and oppose re-defining it, will you vote for a candidate who does not support the most fundamental unit in human civilization---marriage as the union between a man and a woman?

Here's the pledge: Should we expect those in Washington state asking for the conservative, Christian vote to promise to support the spirit and intent of this pledge? Or a similar one? Or should we just vote for the "lessor of two evils?"

Thank you for your support as we defend marriage in Washington State.

Click here to view the Pledge.


  1. Not to worry, when Rob was running for Attorney General he made it clear you and he are cut from the same whited sepulcher cloth:

    "The other Republican candidate, King County Councilman Rob McKenna, criticized the ruling's wording as too broad and said its argument that there is no compelling state interest to deny marriage to two people in a committed relationship could leave marriage open to blood relatives or those practicing polygamy."

  2. Are'nt there most important issues to promote and try to solve. As Christians should we not feed the hungry, find shelter for the homeless, counsel and support society's outcasts. This issue does not affect my marriage but as Christians should'nt we follow Christ and be more concern for the physical and spiritual well being of individuals.

  3. When Inslee was Congressman of a District that had a history of also voting republican he was all quite SILENT on the marriage issue.

    Now of course needing to gain a large vote from the King County in order to beat Mckenna popular vote with the rest of the state he is all for the civil rights involved in the Marriage issue for homosexuals . Not exactly an example of character and integrity old Jay is , but using people when needed is of course consistent with the politics of today.

  4. Links are ok now???


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