Friday, September 02, 2011

McKenna Wins National Award for R-71 Brief

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Washington State Attorney General, Rob McKenna, won a national award for his work in forcing the release of names who signed the R-71 petitions to the homosexual activist groups who are demanding them---who have said publicly they want to have a "conversation" with those who signed.

Although names were sealed to the public in the past in relation to "Hands Off Washington," a homosexual activist organization that feared gay activist members would be harassed, Secretary of State Sam Reed and Attorney General Rob McKenna have worked tirelessly at great public expense to release the names of those pro-marriage citizens who signed the R-71 petitions.

As you know, we have objected, the case has been heard several times and is still pending. The names remain sealed at this time with another trial scheduled later this month.

The national award was given by the National Lawyers Association for "Best Brief" this past year. We only recently became aware of the award.

McKenna said he was proud of his team and "Hart, Collins and Egeler are truly the state's dream team of appellate attorneys."

Larry Stickney, myself and others who have been deposed by the "team" on subjects varying from theological beliefs and personal beliefs about Islam, to the use of benign words on our web site, etc. and a wide range of subjects unrelated, in our opinion, to the R-71 case, have a very different view of the matter. The word "dream" does not come to mind.

On behalf of the 138,000 citizens who signed the R-71 petitions, exercising their right to participate in the election process not knowing they would be "contacted" by homosexual activists for a "conversation," we congratulate the Attorney General for his outstanding work in creating a chill on the initiative process. Particularly within the faith community regarding marriage.


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