Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Gods of Family Law: Which Idol is Worshipped in WA?

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Attorney Stephen Pidgeon, a well known Washington State attorney and strong family and marriage advocate, has written an exclusive article for Faith and Freedom.

Pidgeon writes, "There are known political doctrines that call for the outright abolition of the family, reasoning that the family is a problem because it is based only on the private gain of the family at the expense of society."

He says, "Some of those holding this view believe that the family should be completely removed from society and be replaced with public prostitution and free exchange of women from a community of women."

As the battle to re-define marriage takes shape in Washington State, it is imperative that we be informed and aware of the beliefs that shape the battle. Pidgeon defines the gods of the state.

I strongly recommend you read this article. Mr. Pidgeon will read your comments and questions and will personally respond to them on this blog.

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Which Idol Is Worshipped In Washington?
By Stephen Pidgeon

While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption: for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage. 2 Peter 2:19

Know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are to whom ye obey; whether of sin unto death, or of obedience unto righteousness? Romans 6:16

When it comes to issues of marriage, let us ask the question: To whom has our state government presented itself as slaves to obey?

There are known political doctrines that call for the outright abolition of the family, reasoning that the family is a problem because it is based only on the private gain of the family at the expense of society. Some of those holding this view believe that the family should be completely removed from society and be replaced with public prostitution and the free exchange of women from a community of women.

Further, some of those touting this ideology have worked diligently to ensure that instruction from parents is completely replaced with “social” education systems. The goal is to forever sever that “claptrap” about the family and education, and “the hallowed correlation of parents and child.” This way, the child can be properly socialized devoid of all notions of “family” and the nonsense about “mother” and “father.”

A “community of women” has been proposed, where women would give birth by multiple fathers, and the children who don’t know their fathers would be passed through the legal system without regard for notions of “parents” or “family.” They come to know Uncle G.A.L. The community of women proposed here is characterized by “free love” and “public prostitution.”

Marriage, under this proposed system, is “a system of wives in common” – “an openly legalized system of free love,” and brings with it a system “of prostitution both public and private.” (Yes, these are direct quotes).

There is difficulty, however, in implementing this system from the top down, because it is just too obvious. It can, however, be managed from the bottom up. The easiest way to destroy marriage is to destroy the validity of the marital covenant. Once the covenant is gone, then the state can discretely move women from the roles of mothers and wives to the “community of women.” Women who participate in this system often carry a stigma or mark to indicate their membership in the community; generally, a badge-like tattoo placed right at the tailbone.

This membership reduces their lives by rule of law from wives and mothers, to agents of public prostitution, and ultimately changes their views on all things marital. They quickly lose all respect for marital vows, their husbands, and their status as a wife, and instead accept the intervention of a court commissioner into every detail of their lives, the approval of their every decision by a guardian ad litum, and the brainwashing (call it “socialization”) of their children by the state to accept the agenda of the state, which coincidentally, includes intense negatives about the idea of “family.”

The ideology expressed above and the quotations are taken directly from Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto. This ideology is the first god worshipped by the state in the development of the laws governing marriage and divorce in Washington. It is the god to whom the state presents itself as a slave, in an obedience that has lead to the death of the family in Washington.

Stephen Pidgeon is an attorney in Washington, the founder of DecaLogos International, an international human rights group, and the founder of which publishes the newly released Divinitatis Cristi Veritas (DCV) bible

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Informed. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.

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  1. Oh my gosh, this is the poster child of paranoid delusion. He has no supporting facts of any kind. If these people even exist at all, they could only be a tiny, tiny fringe element. I can't believe this actually got published. Gary's either further off the deep end than I thought or this guy just made a big donation (I'm guessing the latter).

  2. These ideas are simply Plato regurgitated...just as repulsive now as they were then.

  3. It sounds pretty far-fetched. Does Mr. Pidgeon have any sources he can cite for this?

  4. Mr Pidgeon,

    Can you cite a source for your outlandish claim that a "community of women" exists, who are marking themselves with a "badge-like tattoo placed right at the tailbone"?

    Also, I realize that conflating liberals with Marxists has a long history with right-wing fabulists, so it certainly isn't out of place in a fantasy screed such as the one you've presented, but can you provide any actual evidence to support this absurd claim?

    Also, I thought Christians believed in only one God, yet you claim their is another god, whom the state of Washington is worshiping, is there one God or many?

  5. 6:26PM

    Of course he can't provide any real evidence to support his claims. But that's immaterial. The reactionary minions are already spreading this scary story. Mission accomplished, facts be damned.

  6. Gary,

    You are surely generous to post these folks with their idiot drivel. "Christians believed in only one God, yet you claim their is another god, whom the state of Washington is worshiping, is there one God or many? " Really hard to even try to dialog with folks that are that little educated. Obvious their only reason for posting is to rail against anything that is written.

  7. Amazing, a rambling diatribe and then, without reason or justification, attributed to the state of Washington.

    I can see why the R71 hearings this week went so badly for you, this report too is 'devoid of evidence'.

  8. I guess changing the subject from gays marrying to polygamy and incest wasn't working, so we've moved onto communities of women with tattoos on their tailbones bent on dismantling society. No reason can penetrate this layer of delusion.

    To think that Gary consciously chose this argument to present to his readers today, out of all the possible angles he could've taken, shows just how empty his arsenal is.

    Good luck with this...

  9. I was told Pidgeon will be personally answering questions in the comments. When can we expect his comments?

  10. Gary,
    Really appreciate your work. I too look forward to Pidgeon answering questions. I just wish he had an audience with some semblance of intelligent questions rather than childish name calling and such.

  11. Pidgeon???? Do you have some facts to support your claims??? Where are you, Pidgeon???

  12. I find it rather telling that the two commenters, who support FFN, have not addressed Pidgeon's post, or any of the questions/issues raised by it. Instead they have chosen to engage in personal attacks on the other commenters, all the while hypocritically denouncing their alleged personal attacks on Pidgeon.

    It's like a microcosm of FFN's tactics: Say something outrageous or attack a group; people respond to outrageous comment or attack; paint yourself as a victim subject to these horrible attacks for exercising your 1st Amendment rights.

  13. Apparently Pidgeon can't offer any proof to backup his wild delusions. Not a surprise.

  14. In response to anonymous - the quotes are from the Communist Manifesto. Read it - you will find the quotes. As for the facts: Washington is a "no fault" divorce state. You needn't prove anything other than to say that your marriage is irretrievably broken. Actual biblical causes for divorce such as adultery or abandonment are not admissible in Washington. There is no delusion.

    BTW: The tatoo at the tailbone is known in the vernacular as a "tramp stamp."

  15. Anonymous claims that no "community of women" exists. Of course they do. Maybe the question is - are they organized? To my knowledge, they don't organize themselves - they just appear on state welfare roles. The illegitimacy rate speaks for itself.

    Consider approximately 12,000 divorces a year in King County, 5,000 in Pierce, and 3,500 in Snohomish. Compare that number with the number of divorces that happened yearly before "no fault" divorce.

    Anonymous believes that liberals are no Synonymous with Marxists. Hah! Marxists are moralists compared with modern liberals, whose every waking moment is spent seeking to legalize yet another level of depravity.

    Maybe Anonymous can distinguish the current liberal agenda from the Socialist Workers' Party planks of 1959. I'd like to see it.

    Anonymous poses one good question about Christians believing in only one God, asking, is there one God or many?

    The term "god" was actually used to describe Baal (a pagan deity identified in the Bible), who was referred to as the "lord god". The Creator is referred to in the actual Hebrew as Yehovah (Yahweh). Other references to the Creator include the name Elohiym, Eloyah, Yah, El, El Shaddai and so forth. Translators have elected to use the name "Lord" and "God" when such do not appear in the Masoretic text. The Creator was made flesh in the salvation that is Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus Christ)who was (who is, and who is to come) the Torah made flesh.

    There are many "gods" referred to in the bible - including Baal, Dagon, Ashteroth, Milcolm (Malcolm), etc. The state -- our state -- doesn't even know who it worships -- it just stumbles around in ignorance following a trend blindly. They remind me of the teenage girl who loves the look of a ring with a diamond when worn on the ring finger of the left hand - so she wears one to match her other jewelry, not knowing that the rest of the world sees her as married.

  16. OK, so it's the communist manifesto. What's the relevance? I'm about as liberal as it gets and I know of no one who wants to do away with the family unit. You haven't substantiated your claims at all.

    When you resort to slinging mud as in "modern liberals, whose every waking moment is spent seeking to legalize yet another level of depravity", you obviously have no argument.

    If anyone is curious about Mr. Pidgeon, spend 30 seconds and google 'stephen pidgeon attorney'. The dots will all connect.

  17. Why don't you anonymous people sign your name
    to your diatribes? Are you cowards?
    Show your colors. When you do, I will also.


  18. All you anonymous people!! Are you afraid to
    reveal who you are? Why be a coward when you
    condenm people who speak the truth.

  19. Smilardog (Yuma AZ)8:52 PM, December 08, 2011

    I can see exactly what you are saying Mr Pidgion. If anyone has done just a basic search into the white papers of any of Globalist organizations plans for the New World Order they have it all mapped out what they are trying to make sociaty like. Why just today they voted to make Sodomy and Beastiality ok in the military sic talk about the liberals foul ideas (comes from the Knights Templers)


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