Thursday, October 06, 2011

Does Washington State Support Homosexual Marriage?

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Senator Ed Murray, Representative Jamie Pedersen and their homosexual colleagues in the State Legislature are committed to redefining marriage in Washington State by using legislation to be introduced in the upcoming legislative session.

They feel this is the best time to re-define marriage and legalize homosexual "marriage"---using the legislative process, rather than a vote of the people.

The Seattle Times, the PI and other newspapers across the state, as well as most all television stations are urging them to "go for it" or as Ken Schram at KOMO 4 said recently, "This is the time."

The media cheerleading, of course, affirms that the news organizations will find ways to support the effort to re-define marriage. The editorial boards will shout it from the house tops, while the news components of these organizations find ways to undermine those who support natural marriage, while elevating homosexual couples and individuals with special needs and grievances--- that would be solved by "marriage."

We know what the media generally believes about marriage. But what do you believe? What do the people believe?

We have begun an ongoing survey to both discover what the people of the state believe about marriage and to help us in our effort to educate and affirm natural marriage as a biblical model and one embraced by every major religion and every successful society in the past 5000 years.

We believe the Truth will change hearts and minds that are undecided, confused, have been misled or simply do not know what they believe about marriage. To assist us in this campaign, we have hired Elway Research, Inc. to provide us with surveys.

Elway is a respected research and polling company used often by the media in Washington State. They have delivered the first survey.

No big surprise regarding the younger voters. The younger they are, the more supportive they are of re-defining marriage.

This is a direct result of the 12-year indoctrination (K-12) in public education classrooms and the persistent drum beat of the entertainment industry in television, movies and music. And news.

Democrats strongly support homosexual "marriage". 73% approve, 17% oppose.

Republicans strongly support natural marriage as between one man and one woman. 72% to 19%.

Independents support natural marriage. 52% to 40%

Seattle says re-define marriage. Legalize homosexual "marriage". 63% to 28%. 9% are undecided.

King County says re-define marriage. Legalize homosexual "marriage." 53% to 33%. 13% are undecided.

The rest of the state opposes re-defining marriage to legalize homosexual "marriage."

Statewide. Men oppose legalizing homosexual "marriage" 58% to 38%. 9% undecided.

Statewide. Women favor legalizing homosexual "marriage" 50% to 43%. 7% undecided.

Bottom line on our first survey:

Do you support legalizing homosexual "marriage" in Washington State?

44% Yes.
48% No.
8% Undecided.

Margin of error. Plus or minus 5.

I have linked the entire Elway survey here.

The future of marriage and family clearly hangs in the balance. There is work to do. We are acting now in defense of marriage and the family. If you support marriage and family, would you stand in support of what we are doing?

We urgently need your financial support today. You may donate on-line or by mail.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Informed. Be Active. Be Prayerful.

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