Thursday, January 12, 2012

Republican Sen. Cheryl Pflug Comes "Out" for Homosexual Marriage

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Now Republican Senator Cheryl Pflug has come out for homosexual "marriage"---redefining marriage.

Her support for the homosexual campaign stands in stark contrast to her staff's indignant comments to me after I wrote a blog about her breaking ranks with her Republican colleagues and voting for Sen. Ed Murray's "everything but marriage" domestic partnership bill just 2 years ago.

The same day my comments were published I was contacted and told I was unfairly casting the Senator as pro-gay marriage, etc.

The following day I received several contacts from pro-life leaders in the state, telling me Ms. Pflug was on our side on the social issues, I had been unfair to her in my comments.

Her office explained to those who questioned her vote that she felt gays, "deserved domestic partnerships, but she did not support gay marriage."

So how does the Senator who was elected in part by social conservatives and Christians really feel?

"I have been a longtime supporter of equality, I do not feel diminished by having another human experience the same freedom I am entitled to exercise. I would feel diminished by denying another human the ability to exercise those same rights and freedoms."

And how does the Seattle Times feel about her new found convictions?

"Pflug's bold stance helps a lot. Three cheers for Pflug for demonstrating courage and leadership."

While Rome burns, 3 elected Republicans run onto the Coliseum field to the cheers of the press and the smirk of the far left, social progressives.

The cheer for Republican Sen. Steve Litzow: "A profile in courage."

The cheer for Republican King Co. Councilman Reagan Dunn, who is running for McKenna's A/G office: "Courageous."

The cheer for Republican Sen. Cheryl Pflug: "Courage and leadership." Oh, and "helpful."

We know what the 3 champions think. And certainly know what the Seattle Times and most other "news" organizations think.

But what do you think? And what does God think? His thoughts on human sexuality and marriage have been written down and are quite clear. We wrote about that earlier this week.

Fellow Christians, conservatives and Republicans: It's time for some prayerful thought and moral re-evaluation of our actions. Do you really want to continue to be used by so-called "moderates" at the ballot box and then thrown under the bus on the social issues that are most important to us?

God help us.


  1. Just the other day Gary said that domestic partnerships were ¼ of 1%, one out of 400 Washingtonians.

    To put that in context of your neighbors in Washington:
    100 of those are living below the poverty level.
    20 of those are living with invasive cancer.
    16 of those are incarcerated in jail.
    25 of those are living with severe mental illness.
    4 of those are homeless.

    And that 1 out of 400 people maybe, just maybe doing something you don't like is one of 'the social issues that are most important to us'?

    There are far better things you and your 'us' could be focusing their time, money and efforts on, don't you think?

  2. Poor Gary,

    He's complete bereft of Democrats opposing marriage equality, else he would be touting them widely and loudly. Instead he's left consoling himself with bitter posts full of personal attacks against those Republicans, who support marriage equality.

    Heck, he can't even find anyone supporting his position willing to engage in public debate on this issue. How sad. How pathetic.

  3. Paul, Spokane Valley7:58 PM, January 12, 2012

    Anatomy. Common sense. History. Have we completely lost our soul and sense of direction?

  4. Poor homosexuals and their supporters, going to hell in a handbasket, for thinking they can mock God and call it "equality". There is no civil right to perversity. The stigma will remain whether the state legalizes it or not, just like prostitution or drugs. Legalizing something makes it no more moral than slavery or denying the vote.


    I'm perfectly willing and able to stand for my position, which is precisely Gary's on this issue. Marriage is a singular and unique bond between a man and woman. It's the best combo for raising kids and contributes to the stability of a society. Its been that way for thousands of years. God ordained that way and we trifle with His plan at our peril.

    Craig in Lacey

  5. Craig,

    Why don't you contact the Stranger and agree to engage in public debate for your side? From where I sit, your side of the issue is flush with folks like yourself, who are more than willing to toss around insults like "pervert" on message boards, but completely bereft of anyone willing to engage public debate on this issue.

    Seems your side is "all hat and no cattle".


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