Thursday, June 14, 2012

Homosexual "Families" Not So Good For Kids

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The Washington Times is reporting that a new extensive study finds quite conclusively that the often cited empirical claim that kids do as well or better in a homosexual family than a traditional mom-dad (mom is female, dad is male) family, simply is not true.

The American Psychological Association has repeatedly characterized homosexual parenting and traditional family parenting as having the same results and in some cases they have claimed homosexual--two men or two women "families," have better parenting results.

Of course there are exceptions, but the facts do not support their generalized claim.

Mark Regnerus, professor of sociology at University of Texas at Austin, has completed an exhaustive study of nearly 3000 randomly selected American young adults, looking at 40 measures of social, emotional and relationship outcomes and found that the APA claims are simply not true.

There are significant differences.

Among them, Regnerus found that when compared with adults raised in married, mother (female), father (male) families, adults raised by lesbian mothers had negative outcomes in 24 of the 40 categories, while adults raised by homosexual fathers had negative outcomes in 19 of 40 categories.

A second study, which takes a critical look at the accuracy of the APA's position and how they got to their position, was also released this past week.

The Times reports the following:
The APA brief says, "Not a single study has found children of lesbian or gay parents to be disadvantaged in any significant respect relative to children of heterosexual parents," said Loren Marks, associate professor at the School of Human Ecology at Louisiana State University.

However, after looking at the 59 studies that undergird this assertion, "the jury is still out," Mr. Marks said. "The lack of high-quality data leaves the most significant questions [about gay parenting] unaddressed and unanswered."

Problems with the APA-cited studies were their tiny size; dependence on wealthy, white, well-educated lesbian mothers; and a failure to examine common outcomes for children, such as their education, employment and risks for poverty, criminality, early childbearing, substance abuse and suicide. Instead, the APA studies often looked at children's gender-role behaviors, emotional functioning and sexual identity.

Obviously the homosexual community is up in arms about this study. A firestorm of attack has been launched over the last few days, directed at the study, those who conducted the study and anyone who gives any credence to the study.

The study will be published in the July issue of "Social Science Research."

The study is particularly significant at this time in that the Supreme Court is poised to look at this issue as they consider whether the state has a compelling interest, such as child welfare, in limiting marriage to heterosexuals in the Prop. 8 California case.

Once again we find that things are not always as they seem---or as they have been fed to the general public---and to your kids in the class room.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Informed. Be Blessed.


  1. Up in arms? No we've just been waiting for those with agendas to abuse the study as you've just done.

    This is not a study of 'gay families', the differentiating question was if the people had had any parent they knew to have homosexual experience. That groups lots of of very different situations, some that might have some significant problems if it is referring to an affair, forced, or whatever.

    Fewer than 3% of the people lived in a household with two same sex parents for more than three years over a third did so for less than 3 months, many never did at all.

    This is a study funded by organizations with strong right wing ties. What it does is take everyone who lived with biological parents that never had sufficient reasons to divorce and puts them in one group and everyone else in another. Separated, never married, divorced, single parent, adopted, foster care, all separated out.

    Since stable home life is the primary factor seen in good child rearing results that pretty much means all the other groups are going to have more problems. Sure there are stable homes and successful homes in all the other groups but they are mixed in with the ones with messy divorces, spousal and sex abuse, foster care solutions, and those never living with 2 parents at all.

    Look at the gay groups - 14% of them reported time in foster care. Anyone who understands what that means realizes any that effect dwarves any other. Foster Care is purgatory for children at best, and at worst a hell that taints the rest of their life. Only 3% of the gay groups actually lived with 2 same sex parents for 3 years or more (the situation that the studies you discount are talking about) over a 3rd of the group that did live in a same sex parented home did so for 3 months or less, some never did at all.

    So yes let me quote you:

    "Once again we find that thigs are not always as they seem"

    This isn't a study about 'gay families' and never pretends to be one. All it shows us is that a couple that actually committed to marriage and didn't have anything happen that made it fall apart is more stable than those that never married or did have dissolution spawning levels of stress. All of the other groups had problems, even the adopted group.

    I guess the situation really is - if you allow step parents to license marriages with their bad results what's the reason again for not letting all citizens license regardless of their spouse's sex?

  2. oshtur. Interesting that so many in your camp are expressing concern about the study that you are dismissing as inconsequencial. I have seen this story in all the major news papers and they all are expressing concern and trying to undermine the results and the credibility of the people did the work. The fact that it was not about gay parenting adss, not takes from the importance of the study. Thanks Gary.

  3. Those of us who live in California are very pleased about this survey. It helps our side in the Supreme Court hearing. Most people outside of Ca. are not making that connection. The LA Times had an article about it.

    1. Good luck with that. Courts actually examine these surveys; they don't just read a biased analysis and take it as fact.

    2. not to worry the LA Times says:

      "Indeed, the study acknowledges that what it's really comparing with heterosexual families is not families headed by a same-sex couple but households in which parents broke up."

      And you are right, judges have learned critical thinking and won't make the mistakes these people have. This is a study that has made one group that is deliberately picked for home stability and then compares it to groups that are a hodge podge of other situations regardless of their stability. If the experts are right and stability is the primary factor in good child rearing results there should be no wayit wouldn't be better in most categories.

  4. oshtur. Interesting that so many in your camp are expressing concern about the study that you are dismissing as inconsequencial.
    Oh they are rightly concerned the study will be abused, and Gary just confirmed that concern. The study itself isn't about gay families, in the article itself the researcher says that.

    Its a strawman - demagogues say it talks about gay families, people point out it doesn't and then say they are attacking the credibility of the work when they aren't, just pointing out it wasn't about gay families at all, again the researcher says that in the study itself.

    Again, problems that have never had divorce level problems are more stable than those that have and the 3 most important criteria for predicting a good child rearing result stay the same:

    Stable home environment,
    2 parent home,

    Everything else is a distant 3rd disappearing into statistical noise.

    Again, misrepresent all you want - once people find out that fewer than 3% of the gay groups are from any significant 'gay family' experience they just find out they have been lied to by your side once again.

    Face it, it was a wasted ¾ million dollars.

  5. What is that biblical phrase about "bearing false witness..."?

    This is just a taste of the smear campaign we are about to see surrouding Referendum 74. A right-wing organization puts out a "study" that purports to show one thing while it actually shows something entirely different. Right-wing blogs report it as "truth" and those who want to believe it because of their dislike of gays and lesbians lick it all up...

    And it's not only the gay community that is up in arms, but social scientists are, too.

    This study compared intact heterosexual families against broken families in which SOME of the parents later came out as gay. It does not compare intact heterosexual families to intact homosexual families. It compares intact families to broken ones.

    Only 1.7 percent of the respondents reported a same-sex relationship. And only TWO individual repondents in the survey -- only TWO!! -- reported living with a same-sex couple their entire childhood. This hardly a comparison.

    I challenge any of you to point us to data in the survey that shows this is incorrect.

    Have fun with your "survey", take glee in demeaning good people, and maybe even have yourself a victory party or two when you're able to hurt real families and children through harmful laws. But, in the end, the truth wins out and history will not judge you kindly...

  6. Oshtur: I almost laughed when you pointed your fingers and said: " ... those with agendas" !!

    1. Of course, someone always expects from others what they know is in their own heart. Point of fact I've never misrepresented a single fact here intentionally and always apologized if something turned out to be incorrect. I go where the facts lead.

      This study is it has nothing to do with gay families other than there were a couple in one of the groups. To say it says something about them is erroneous, even the study doesn't claim that just the people misrepresenting it.

      But then that's the victory, when people find out that the other side is lying it only strengthens their convictions for integrity and equality.

  7. OOOppppsss - that does not fit with the video of the young man who was testifying concerning his being raised by his lesbian mother. I am sure you are familiar with it but I imagine you are intentionally disregarding the facts (pesky things those).

    1. By facts, do you mean that young man's experience of a strong loving family and support? Which 'pesky' facts did he (or I as a listener) disregard when he described his own experience?

    2. Survey is basically saying what was already known by many and revealed in nature. Biological parents are best suited for parenting , Homosexuals deal with a multitude of issues and parenting of course would not be expected to be a top vote getter . They are not even Biologically built to want to make a baby .

  8. The real question is - who is going to be voting for the anti-Christ is involved in Satan's church....

    Really... you would vote for someone who is involved in a Satanic religion....???? And you call yourself a child of

    Shame on you!


    1. I hope you never voted for a democrat then .

  9. This is really surprising. Since when do Christians buy something hook, line, and sinker in spite of contrary supporting evidence just because they want it to be true? Oh, on second thought, never mind.

    1. Its called propaganda . You know like abc, nbc, cbs , and how tolerant and loving the left is .

  10. I do give Gary and FNF credit for printing opposing points of view. That is a reality and they have done this pretty well. This is very contrary to the typical Evangelical point which is to "duck and run" from opposing points of view by censorship.


  11. It seems when they, the activitists, push this equality issue and demand for us to agree with them that homosexuality is ok, and normal, accepted by God, that kids will turn out just like heterosexual's children. I feel they are trying to convince us that there is something special homosexuality offers, like a new socail technology that is evidenced-based and research driven breakthrough. Why and where do they come up with that if the Word says its not ok, do you think studies will support it too? PA

  12. Faith and Freedom staff6:36 PM, June 14, 2012

    Thank you Patrick. We're glad you noticed.


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