Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Obama's Agenda Is Clear, But Can Evangelicals Vote For Romney?

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President Obama, speaking at Oyster River High School in New Hampshire on Monday, made it very clear what "FORWARD" means to him. He proceeded to say what most of us already know about his vision for the country.

He said failure to subsidize abortions and contraception is the same as "restricting access" to those services.

He called on the kids and their parents to support more funding for Planned Parenthood and told them if he is not elected, people could be kicked out of the military, "just because of who you are and who you love."

He did what he always does. He outlined the most secular, so-called progressive, socialist future one can imagine. And asked the kids and their parents to vote for him.

Most evangelicals will not vote for him.

But what about Mitt Romney? Should evangelicals vote for him?

I have linked the story of the event in New Hampshire, which includes a video of part of his comments.

What about Romney?

As many of you know, Mitt Romney was not my first or second---- or even third choice for a candidate to run against President Obama.

Many evangelicals are now asking: Can I vote for Romney? Should I vote for Romney?

The following are arguments are primarily spiritual and theological in nature, not necessarily political.

I have linked 4 arguments---2 in favor of voting for Romney and 2 opposed. What do you think?

1. Cynthia Dunbar, Professor of Law at Liberty University School of Law. (Favors voting for Romney).

2. Matt Barber is an attorney in constitutional law, Associate Dean and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Law at Liberty Law School. (Favors voting for Romney).

3. R. Philip Roberts, president of the Southern Baptist Midwestern Theological Baptist Seminary. (Opposes voting for Romney).

4. Steve Deace, a new rising Christian radio talk show host, has spoken on the matter. Mike Huckabee strongly endorses Deace---Huckabee says this about him: "If you have courage and convictions, your new soul mate will be Steve Deace. He delivers." Deace opposes voting for Romney. I don't know where Huckabee stands on voting for Romney.

This is a sampling of what is being said within the evangelical community.

Do me and all our readers a favor. Check out the links, then post your views below. It is very important that all people of Christian faith give prayerful consideration to this issue.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Biblical. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.


  1. No question, vote for Romney. On a scale of 1-10, I rate Romney a 6, only slightly better than average. But I rate Obama worse than zero. His policies attack the God fearing, hard working, middle class. Therefore I rate him a -5. He is the worst president in history.
    Gresham, OR

  2. It's really plain and simple. Not voting for Romney (not voting) is really a vote for Obama. I don't see how any God fearing Christian could do just that. Does any canididate have everything that we want? NO, but to continue to stand on the sidelines and not vote is an even further mistake. How many evangelicals voted for Obama in 2008? Far too many I would guess. Don't say home this year because you don't believe in Romney's religion. He is a caring man, father, son, businessman and will do a great job for this country!
    Vote for Romney!

  3. Gary,

    Here are my thoughts for you and your readers.

    Personally, I am not for Romney, however, I am against Obama. My wife and I will be voting for Romney for the simple reason that voting any other way is a vote for Obama and our county CAN NOT take another 4 years of President Obama.

    I do not know what Romney will do for America, but I DO KNOW what Obama will do for America (or at least I know the direction it will head) and that is enough for me to vote for Romney.

    Like you, he was not my first, second or third choice for the nominee. However, he is now, in my opinion, our only choice for changing the direction our country is headed.

    Thank you,

    Andy Craig
    Tulsa, OK

  4. Charles Colson, before he passed away, dealt with this topic. He talked about having a "good ruler" who may not share all our beliefs, vs. a bad one who MAY share SOME of our beliefs but generally would be oppressive and hostile. Using this criteria, he said he would not have any trouble voting for Romney.

    I agree - Romney is not my first choice, but a FAR better choice than Obama - or not voting at all (which is in reality, a vote for Obama)

  5. If religion is the only reason a person won't vote for Romney, Then those of the evangelical community that voted for Obama in the last election should not have voted for Obama. His track record for Christian values is less than stellar.
    If people want our country to be dug deeper into the garbage pit, go ahead and Vote for Obama. As for me, I will vote for Romney!!

  6. I am very conflicted. I can't vote for Obama, but I can't vote for Romney because of his spiritual beliefs.

  7. I think it's important this year not to be a "one issue" voter. We are not always going to get a candidate who is a born-again Christian, but maybe is a good, relatively conservative man/woman in other ways. Romney's a Mormon but I believe he can get this country back on track. He's not the most conservative, but he's hardly a liberal lefty. If we go another 4 years with what we've got now, we may not have a country left to save! Please guys, vote for the most conservative candidate who can win, Christian or not! If not for yourselves, then for the rest of this great country.

  8. Wow. What a question. I will not read any of the four opinions you posted on this issue, nor any of these comments before I write my comment. So, here goes: My father's family was Lutheran, my mother Catholic, so my mother took me to Catholic church and and I went to Catholic schools. I was only a church-goer because "it was required." Once out of college, I did not go to church very often, most were boring, repetitous. When I was about 40 years old, a business colleague invited me to non-denominational Christian service that was an adjunct to a business convention. For the first time in my life a businessman preached the name of Jesus to me. He cast Satan from the hotel conference room, and invited Jesus in ... and I invited Jesus into my heart. I was encouraged to attend a church that preached "salvation through the blood of Jesus." I now attend a denominational church who's pastor is "a Jesus guy," but I am not a "member" of that church because it required that I "sign" an agreement that puts me in submission to that pastor. I learned that my ministry is to "try" to be a reflection of Jesus, try to be a good example to others, especially those who do not yet know Jesus. I've learned to "walk across the room" and perhaps meet a Catholic, Morman, Muslim and extend my hand in friendship, hoping I will be an ever so tarnished reflection of Jesus, perhaps getting a chance to introduce the two! So, I won't judge them based on what "church" a candidate "attends," I will try not to "judge" them thus, but I will be a fruit-inspector: for "by their fruit I will know them ..." I think I see good fruit on Mitt's tree. Perhaps he knows Jesus!

    1. @Larry - Mitt is a priest in an anti-Christ, Satanic religion. You are grotesquely deceived that Mitt has the remotest clue who Jesus Christ is. You statements show has severely the so called church is deceived.... unless it is not really the church at all....


  9. I've been a Romney fan since the last election. I don't share his theology, but I do share his moral and political values, as do most conservative Christians. Since he's not running for pope, his theology is tangential at most. I'd vote for an orthodox Mormon over a heretical Catholic like Kerry or Kennedy any day.

  10. Just read the four commentaries you suggested. Read the anti-Romney first. Daece is an id-i-o-tay. Can't believe he is "rising" star! Didn't say anything ... in many words. Baptist guy was great ... opposed Mitt because the LDS claims to be the "one true church!" Exactly what was drummed into my little Catholic head as a child related to "Catholic's as he one true church!" And my second non-denominational pastor (former Baptist pastor) told me when I asked about denominations, "Baptists are very good as far as Christian doctrine, but they believe you don't get into Heaven unless you are Baptist!" The lady lawyer (Dunbar?) was very good. I'll go with her.

  11. Reading these posts is unbelievable. As long as Ron Paul does NOT endorse Romney, I will be writing in Paul's name. If Paul ever DOES endorse Romney, I will be voting Constitution Party. (Spokane, WA)

  12. Are any of you bothered by the unprecedented lying Romney has already done? He's even admitted that at least one of his tv ads purposely misquotes Obama, but says he's going to continue running it because he agrees with it?????? Seriously? He tells anyone what they want to hear at the moment. He has no core convictions and he has taken both sides of almost any issue you can name. You all know this is true, but I guess it doesn't matter because he's not Obama.

  13. In 1994, Romney told the gay/lesbian newspaper Bay Windows that he'd be "better than Ted (Kennedy)" when it comes to gay rights. He also said at the time: "I think the gay community needs more support from the Republican Party and I would be a voice in the Republican Party to foster antidiscrimination efforts." He also wrote a letter to a gay GOP group called Log Cabin Republicans that he'd make "equality for gays and lesbians a mainstream concern."

    You can't trust the guy and if you think he's better than Obama, you're in denial.

    I am not voting for Romney.

  14. We need to get back into our right minds. We are voting for a president, not a religious leader or theocrat!!! The issue of evangelical, etc. has never come up in the past, and shouldn't be an issue now.

    We need someone in office who is pro-AMerican, a patriot and a person who is committed to the Constitution and protecting the people of the United States.

    No one candidate is perfect. We all have our own ideas of what personal traits we'd like to see; no one has them all. There was only ever One perfect person, and He died 2000 years ago!

    Let's tone down the hype and vote for someone responsible to run the country for "We the People".

  15. A Mormon over a Marxist. And pray for miracles. Mimi from MA

    1. Pray for miracles is right since Romney won't reveal what he'd do, plus you'd have to take it with the grain of salt anyway since he'll say whatever needs to be said at the moment, even when it contradicts what he's said before.

  16. Hmmm... lots of professing religious folk voting for an anti-Christ who is priest in a Satanic religion.... How cool is that - there is even a shred of integrity left in professing religious folk in America...

    I will vote for Satan's emmissary because well I believe all the partisan propaganda and don't know how to think for myself.....

    Did I tell you how much I love Jesus and despise evangelicalism??? Evangelicalism truly demonstrates itself to be the daughter of the whore - that will vote for a priest of an anti-Christ Satanic religion.

    How far have we fallen....


    1. Okay Patrick, you made your point. Now who do you suggest we vote for?

  17. What does the Bible say about following false prophets? Shouldn't that be a pretty big factor?

    1. PROPHET: one who utters divinely inspired revelations.

      Is Romney claiming to be a prophet? Is Obama claiming to be a prophet?

    2. No, Romney does not claim to be a prophet, but Joseph Smith did and Romney follows him.

  18. I became a Mormon in 1967.
    What I have heard since is
    the Mormon church is a non
    Christian cult and now your
    are talking about shelving your
    Christian values and
    voting for a member of a non
    Christian cult for president
    of the United States.
    Maybe you should rethink this decision.

  19. Faith and Freedom staff8:34 AM, June 29, 2012

    Frank. We do not post comments that contain links to other sites, regardless of whether we agree or disageree with the sites. Please repost your last comment and we will publish it.

  20. Wayne Grudem is professor of biblical and systematic theology, that has written these books:
    Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine
    Politics - According to the Bible: A Comprehensive Resource for Understanding Modern Political Issues in Light of Scripture

    He has also written articles explaining his support of Romney and why Christians may vote for him. I can't link to the articles, but do a search for them.

  21. According to Romans 13, we should accept the authority of a ruler who is not a terror to good works, but to evil. The relevant question is: Which man will be a terror to good works, and which is a terror to evil works? The fact that Obama is terrorizing the church and trying to force Christians to ignore Biblical standards tells us where he stands. Romney's words are frightening those who think they can force our nation to go against established Christian principles regarding life and marriage. We need to elect Romney and enough conservative Senators and Representatives to "help" him keep his promises!

    1. Does he or does he not follow a false prophet?

  22. When a Christian casts a vote for someone to fill a particular position, it does not necessarily mean they follow him.

    To think that someone follows those they have voted for as if they dedicated themeselves to be a disciple of that person, is not Christian thinking. Such thinking is not a Christian value.

    It's OK to vote for someone even if you disagree with much of what they are about, when the only other alternative is worse in your opinion. It's good sense.


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