Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mocking Marriage

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It wouldn't be worth mentioning except that so many are wanting to use marriage for so many different self serving reasons.

People are "marrying" pets, groups of people, inanimate objects and of course others of the same sex.
Remember Babylonia Aivaz who earlier this year "married" a 107-year-old building on Capitol Hill in Seattle?

She said she was protesting the "neighborhood's gentrification." She also told the press the building she was "marrying" is a woman.

Now Angela Vogel earlier this week, "married" a "corporate person," trying to make the point that corporations aren't people. She is involved with the folks behind Seattle's Initiative 103. She didn't say if the "corporate person" is a man or woman.

For some, this is a joke---it's clever, creative, etc. Obviously the PI thought so. However, it points to a darker, more disturbing tone in the culture---one that mocks marriage. And its driven by the notion that marriage can be whatever I want it to be.

The trend is that marriage is not important enough to honor, but rather a ritual to use for personal interests, behaviors and goals.

Angela Vogel and Babylonia Aivaz are not unlike the Washington State Legislature.

Unable to achieve their social goals, Vogel and Aivaz turned to mocking marriage, using it as a parody.

Unable to achieve the most basic tasks of state government, that of overseeing the fiscal well being of the state, Governor Gregoire and the Washington State Legislature turned to parody---mocking marriage by redefining the oldest, most sacred human institution, then congratulating themselves and calling each other "courageous."

While Angela and Babylonia may have created belly laughs in Seattle, normal folks across the state are not laughing about the Legislature's actions.

And while Angela and Babylonia may have long term relationships with there buildings and corporate persons, there are those across the state who are thinking short term for those legislators who mocked marriage in the last session. Their acts were neither courageous nor moral. They did not create equality, they created special rights. They did not support a civil rights issue, they affirmed a sexual behavior.

Sexual behavior is not equal to ethnicity.

Fortunately, citizens have the opportunity to right the wrong this November.

First you can overturn Senator Ed Murray's Mocking Marriage law. R-74 is on the ballot.

You also have an opportunity to vote for a Governor that actually shares your belief in marriage, the sanctity of life---and is a Republican. Some say Hadian can't win. A vote for him is a wasted vote. Why not vote for him in the primary and see what happens? This is a link to his web site. Give it prayerful consideration.

Faith and Freedom PAC will be working with and endorsing candidates that can replace those who mocked marriage and used it as a cover for their inability to govern. Or were simply misled in the process.

This is not a time for belly laughs and parodies of marriage. It is a time to stand strong and to take action. While some may be vying for various positions, standing, etc., Faith and Freedom has no agenda other than the obvious---to advance Judeo-Christian values in the culture.

Thank you for standing with us.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.


  1. Gary has a hard time distinguishing between marriage and political theater. These people "marrying" buildings and corporations are doing so to make a political point. Same-sex couples who have supported and loved each other for years or decades are marrying because they believe in the institution and want to participate in it.

    That Gary tries to diminish these human relationships and put them on par with buildings and animals says a lot about him as a person and his lack of compassion.

    Do you want real examples of mocking marriage? Look to the heterosexuals who marry multiple times, or who stay married for just days after a drunken wedding in Vegas, or who cheat on their spouses and defy their trust, or leave them at the first sign of trouble such as a terminal disease. Why are these not mentioned? Why do we not then say that heterosexuals are not deserving of marriage?

    Good luck with your drive to deny people marriage who so desperately want to participate in it -- enough so that we fight tooth and nail just to be able to enter into it. But you'll not fix the problem you profess to be addressing.

    1. The examples you cite are indeed tragic, they are though, not the norm. Marriage was ordained by God, not man. That men and woman make a mockery of it sometimes, doesn't remove the special importance God has placed on it.

      You already have the right to marry, just not the same sex.

      Compassion is NOT affirmation. Good luck with your drive to codify perversion. I will be fighting tooth and nail against it.

      Craig in Lacey

  2. Amen and Amen, Anonymous!

  3. I just pulled out my ballot from the trash can. Maybe there is someone to vote for. I will look for the name Hadian on it after it dries out.

  4. It seems these days far too many people are willing to be something other than what they are supposed to be, even if it's a Joker in a movie theater.

    God created men to be men and women to be women.

  5. McKenna has endorsed gays in the Boy Scouts and has come out against the BS policy of requiring scouts and scout leaders to be morally straight. Christians cannot vote for McKenna and be in subservience to the Bible and to Christ. Hadian is the only Biblical choice this year.

    However, I am sad to see Gary continuing to put himself out for Backholm and R74. Gary, Backholm is using you and he is trying to use Christians in Washington to advance his own career and political ambitions. This is the man who only weeks ago destroyed Steven Pidgeon's sincere effort to truly protect marriage as defined by our sovereign God. I will not cast a vote in favor of or against R74.


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