Tuesday, October 09, 2012

JC Penney Starts Over---Again

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Earlier this year, 110 year old JC Penney launched a well publicized campaign with homosexual activist Ellen DeGeneres as the face and voice of the new JCP.

They called it, "A Lifestyle Campaign." A re-branding---an outreach to this generation.

This past Mother's Day and Father's Day they ran ads featuring homosexual couples with children to cash in on the normalization of homosexuality. You know, the "new Black."

Not Working.

Ellen DeGeneres has not been featured in any of their ads since April.

Their stock prices have plunged and their same store sales have posted double digit declines.

Michael Francis, the president of JCP, has abruptly left the company and CEO Ron Johnson has taken over, telling Advertising Age, a trade magazine, that he "scrapped all July advertising and has started fresh."

You will recall that the "ONEMILLIONMOMS" organization, headed by Monica Coles, also launched a campaign to make people aware of the JCP lifestyle campaign.

Johnson told Advertising Age, "The road has been bumpy and its clear that there have been some miscalculations."


One miscalculation that Penny and others seem to be making is that America, as a whole, is not accepting homosexual behavior as "normal". They also resent the attempt to equate it with ethnicity and are simply not drawn to products because they feature homosexual relationships. Homosexuality is not mainstream no matter how many times these people tell themselves it is.

State by state, America has also never approved by vote, same-sex "marriage" as legally or morally legitimate.

I trust the good people of Washington will Reject R-74, despite the questions and irregularities attached to the campaign to preserve marriage.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.


  1. "despite the questions and irregularities attached to the campaign to preserve marriage"

    Starting the spin already, eh? I don't blame you, you can't let it look like the majority actually favors equality.

    Regarding Penneys, the gay friendliness was only a small part of huge failed strategy that involved dumping the big promotional sales and the big newspaper ads and going strictly with tv lifestyle ads and a confusing pricing scheme. The ad age article was all about dumping the lifestyle ads (no, lifestyle doesn't mean gay in this context) and going back to the big promotional sales supported by big newspaper buys.

    Of, course, you saw only Ellen in all of that. Talk about blinders, wow.

  2. You end the article with "I trust the good people of WA will reject R-74" -- what are you talking about? I have re-read this several times and what did I miss?

  3. It was just really funky that Penny decided to go with Ellen, a front and foremost spokesperson for Gay and Lesbian Lifetyle, when the demographics probably show approximately
    5% of our population to be homosexual, conservatively. We love our Gay & Lesbian family members and friends, and we have no need of their culture pervading our every waking moment on TV, Theatre, and in the Malls. Respectfully

  4. Good article. DeGeneres fell on her face when she tried to make her earlier show a action center for gay activism. She has been resecetated, only because television is so gay friendly. America will never accept the gay lifestyle as the new black.

  5. That's what happens when retail commits to a mission other than selling products. Gays may be getting a little too confident in their desire to change the culture.

  6. 9:11, Gary is talking about people in Washington voting "Reject" on R-74 on their ballot, which is a vote to reject gay marriage.


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