Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Time To Be Thankful

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The notion to "Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus" (I Thess. 5:18 NIV), runs contrary to human nature.

As Thanksgiving Day approaches, there are many reasons or "circumstances" to be anxious, overwhelmed and fearful. An uncertain economy, an electorate seemingly obsessed with removing God and biblical values from our culture and deteriorating world conditions do not, on their own, invoke a spirit of thanksgiving.

However, the scriptural truth is to be thankful "in" all circumstances, not "for" all circumstances.

This week is a good time to lift our eyes above the circumstances and look at the bigger picture---the eternal one. You will be surprised at the reasons for giving thanks. Think about it.

One that looms above all others: God loves you. So much so that He sent His Son to pay the price for your sin. In accepting His Son, you are forgiven, pardoned, redeemed, restored...and have eternal life.

The God who created the universe, has made promises to you--personally, and He will keep those promises.

This week would be an excellent time to review those promises. And to remember the kingdoms of man rise and fall, but the kingdom of God is forever and ever.

A hymn written by J.S. Bach "Now Thank We All Our God" was his attempt to illustrate the greatness of God in his expression of thanksgiving.

While this organ rendition doesn't include guitars and drums, it will lift your spirit. Click the link above and invest 3:58 minutes of your time.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.



  1. The election is over, the talking is done.
    My party lost, your party won.
    So let us be friends, let arguments pass.
    I'll hug my elephant, and you kiss your ass.
    Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. In this season when we give thanks to our Lord, Joseph Backholm and Joe Fuiten are still trying to score more money from Christian Washingtonians. Here is the latest that I just received from Preserve Marriage Washington:

    "As we wrap-up our campaign to reject R-74, we realize that we need to call upon you once again for help. We have unpaid expenses for campaign staff, advertising, legal compliance, and grassroots efforts. Would you make one more generous contribution of $25, $50, $100, $200, or even $500 NOW so that we can pay our dedicated campaign staff and vendors?"

    So they want more money so they can pay their "dedicated staff." I wonder who that would be? Backholm and Fuiten most likely. And their "vendors" are probably just Frank Schubert. The truly independent vendors like the TV stations and printers would have been paid up front. These people have all made bank off of us and they are trying to wring out every last dime.

    What do you have to say about this Gary? Are you going to sanction more fundraising off of R74 from Washington Christians who have already emptied their wallets on this fiasco? Why don't you say something about this? And what do you have to say about Pastor Hutcherson's statements this week? For heaven's sake, Gary, lead!


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