Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Math Teacher Wears "No On 74" Button In Class

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Cynthia Deford, a lesbian from Port Angeles, is very upset and her middle school daughter says she is afraid to go to class, "Now she has to worry about discrimination," her mom says.

Her daughter's math teacher wore a "No On 74" button in class.

Here's what the mother is doing and demanding and why she is inadvertently raising a good point.

Cynthia is so upset she has started an online petition to address this injustice and right the wrong of a teacher wearing a button that expresses an opinion contrary to her chosen lifestyle.

The school says they already have a policy against teachers making "political" statements in class, but Deford wants more.

She is demanding an apology and more sensitivity training.

Was the math teacher using materials to indoctrinate the students to his traditional beliefs about marriage?

No. But he did wear a button.

The school will sort out the "button" issue.

But Ms. DeFord raises an excellent point. Should teachers advocate political or lifestyle issues in the classroom? Even under the guise of "education"?

The other side of the coin.

Public education has become the fountain head of homosexual advocacy. Is Ms. Deford aware, or does she care, that every day millions of children are inundated with classroom material and activities, not buttons, that are produced by homosexual advocates under the guise of "sex ed" or "healthy education"? Activities are regularly scheduled, or "permitted" such as, "Day of Silence," that are created and driven by homosexual advocates.

Teachers use role playing to familiarize kids, little kids, with homosexual behavior, and laws are constantly being passed to support this indoctrination.

Look at these videos from the classroom made available from Massresistance in Boston.

Read this story by Todd Starnes at FOX and Bob Unruh's story about how legislative reinforcement has followed the legalizing of homosexual "marriage" in California.

Is she aware that students are led to consider if they are "gay" through materials used in classrooms across the country, including Port Angeles?

Every possible effort is made in public school classrooms to normalize deviant behavior and affirm it.

No child should ever be bullied for any reason, particularly those from homosexual homes. They are innocent children, forced to live in an environment they did not choose.

Neither should children from the homes of the 97% of Americans who are not homosexual be fed with a fire hose of indoctrinating information in their most formative years. And against the wishes, and sometimes knowledge of their parents.

I agree, Ms Deford. This must be stopped.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.