Monday, November 12, 2012

Government Now Wants To Redefine Religious Activity

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In a stunning argument against religious freedom, a federal judge is arguing that Tyndale House, one of the world's largest Bible publishers, is not actually "exercising religion."

Is this a glimpse at the newly empowered and unrestrained leadership in America? I think it is.

It fits nicely with past decisions where the President decided that DOMA is unconstitutional and will therefore not defend it---where this same president decided "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is not constitutional and abolished it.

Why would this kind of unrestrained power not be capable of deciding what is and what is not "exercising religion?"

Here's what happened last week.

Matt Bowman with the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) says, "The government went so far as to say that even if this were the church itself, it would lose its exercise of religion claim."

He says, "This is a government that says it can pick and chose what religion is, who can exercise religion, and where they can exercise it, and can basically say that nobody can do it except in maybe the four walls of your church---maybe not even there."

This is a direct attack on our constitutional religious freedoms.

It is also a current example of why all the so-called "safe-guards" written into various laws are fast becoming irrelevant. Frankly, a cruel joke.

Much has been made of the "safe-guards" for religious organizations written into the Washington law to redefine marriage. They can be meaningless overnight, when the government or its judicial arm decides to start defining what is and is not "religious expression."

President Obama has arbitrarily abolished "Don't Ask, Don't Tell", a federal law, because he decided it is unconstitutional. He has refused to defend the federal DOMA even though it is a federal law enacted by Congress. Defending federal law is a defined responsibility of the president, however it doesn't seem to matter.

Remember when the president promised, with an executive order, the few holdout pro-life Democrats that under no circumstance would his Obamacare fund abortions. The holdout Democrats believed him, voted for his healthcare bill and have now admitted publicly they were misled.

While promising religious organizations--Catholic and Protestant, "We've got you covered," Obama's government is not only pushing the country toward the so-called fiscal cliff, but toward the loss of religious freedoms as well.

Bowmam, who is representing Tyndale, says people are being stripped of their religious freedom, simply because the government has "declared that they are all engaged in secular activities."

Tyndale is a non-profit foundation. The proceeds from their Bible sales go to a variety of Christian ministries.

The issue? You've heard it before. It's the same issue the Catholics are dealing with.

Obamacare and abortion pills. Forced participation. Violation of conscience. Religious rights and freedom.

This is a snapshot of Obama's "remaking of America." Now, with consent of a majority of those who voted.

Be Prepared.

Things will get darker, but the morning will come. And it will come with joy.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.


  1. Once you separate the morality of our government employees (church) from laws they promulgate and administer (state), any evil is possible, e.g., genocide by abortion, enshrining homosexual addiction, not defending our borders, closing churches, massive and crippling bogus national debt to a central banking crime syndicate, feeding Christians to lions or communists, etc. Indeed, we should know by now that our Constitutional government is only for a moral and religious people, that obviously includes government officials, party officials, and religious officials. Let the purges begin.

  2. 1. Judges ruled that DADT was unconstitutional, Congress repealed it.
    2. The Obama Administration says that section 3 of DOMA is unconstitutional as has been found by many federal courts, the equal protection clause prevents the feds from picking and choosing which completely legal state contracts it is going to recognize. Either they are a legal contract or they aren't.
    3. For profit corporations have always not been able to claim religious exemptions, this is not new.

    Asked if it was even worth illuminating people who misrepresent what the facts are so easily, I was told to not cast pearls before swine.

    1. What didn't you understand about non-profit foundation? How does that fit #3?

      Craig in Lacey

  3. If publishing the Bible is not actually "exercising religion", then having a Bible and/or the reading of the Bible in public schools is not "exercising religion" either. Therefore, Bible reading in class in a public school and teaching its moral precepts should not be "exercising religion" either.

    Anyone want to use this argument in front of a school board meeting??

    1. Maybe in the deep south

    2. Exactly, but publishing it is only half the equation. Actually selling & distributing the Bible is really exercising religion. Let's all bow down to the religious institution of!


  4. It is going to get darker before the morning comes, however it will come. I think there is going to be a backlash from the citizenry, since the last election, we can as the 50%.

  5. Craig at 8:45pm

    From the Tyndale website

    "Tyndale House Foundation is the non-profit arm of the larger Tyndale enterprise. "

    I believe the issue pertains to the larger enterprise, not the foundation. The larger enterprise publishes many, many things besides bibles.

    Church and business should be separate. The mormon church owns KIRO news/talk. Should KIRO news/talk get religious excemptions?


  6. These AFD people are idiots and this is about money not religion. I say we do away with all 501 tax exempt status for churches and "religious" entities.


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