Wednesday, November 20, 2013

"Christianity Is The Intruder" In December

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"Most people think that December is strictly for Christians and view the solstice as an intrusion, when actually it's the other way around," says former evangelical minister Dan Barker.

Barker, who now heads up the nation's largest atheist organization, Freedom From Religion Foundation, also says, "People have been celebrating the winter solstice long before Christmas. We see Christianity as the intruder, trying to steal the national holiday from all us humans."

His statements wouldn't be worthy of mention except they are apparently being embraced by a complicit military, judicial system, public school system, and now, a hospital.

And that resistance to God is hurting individuals and diminishing the culture.

Unfortunately it isn't only the institutions that seek to rid us of God.

While quoting Abraham Lincoln yesterday, President Obama omitted "God."

Make no mistake---Christians do not see Christianity being threatened by this organization or any other atheist enterprise.

We firmly believe the gates of hell will not prevail against the church of Jesus Christ.

However, the activities of this and other similar groups are hurting individuals and impacting our culture in a destructive way.

And given the support they too often receive from our institutions and our government, they are undermining the religious freedoms of all Americans.

In the spirit of Christmas---or solstice, the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) is rolling out their retail.

They are selling, among other things, 14 varieties of winter solstice greeting cards with statements like, "Reasons Greetings" and "Yes, Virginia... there is No God."

They are issuing "Bible Warning" stickers, "de-baptismal certificates" and "Heathen's Greetings" non- tracts.

While this does nothing to diminish the power of the gospel and the Truth of God's Word, it certainly can mislead some who seek meaning in their life.

And it affirms those who are already in rebellion against God.

FFRF and other similar groups have found fertile ground in attacking those who express any kind of biblical or Christian sentiment in public school, government, most recently the military and now, a hospital.

Christians are now being forced to push back in defense of their religious freedoms.

Because of pressure from atheist groups, Bordertown Regional School District in New Jersey has now banned religious Christmas carols from upcoming holiday concerts normally held in the district's elementary schools.

However, in this case, rather than cave to the pressure as most schools do, this school district took the issue under legal advisement. After review, the district put out a statement that they will allow songs with "traditional and historical religious orgins."

But most districts don't bother. They cave to the pressure because they can always claim they don't have the funds to defend themselves in litigation. Or in some cases, I suspect, there are those in leadership who support the claims of those who see Christmas and Christians as the "intruder."

Boots Hawks, a retired US Army veteran, has worked for Dameron Hospital in Stockton, California for the past 10 years.

The hospital suspended him the day before Veterans Day.


Well, he used a tag line, as many do who work for the hospital, on his email messages.

His was not acceptable. He included the line, "God Bless America" under his company email signature.

He says he complied with his supervisor's request to stop using the phrase.

He told KCRA TV-3, "I believe in America and believe in God so strongly, and I believe that America needs the blessing."

Pacific Justice Institute, a California faith based defense group, has taken the case.

In a letter to the hospital, they said, "We are aware that other members of the hospital management circulate mass emails which include philosophical statements. We know of no legal authority that would justify your censorship."

KCRA 3 has asked the hospital if they have a policy that forbids such email signatures. As of today, the hospital has not replied.

There is indeed a concerted effort to remove God from the marketplace and culture of America. It's an effort to separate Americans from our founding principles and values, using the inverted meaning of Jefferson's assurance to the Danbury Baptists that the government could not interfere in the business of the church.

But it isn't only activist atheists who are trying to remove God from public discourse.

Yesterday, after declining an invitation to personally appear at the 150th anniversary of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, President Obama video taped the reading of the 27-word speech.

However, as Barack Obama quoted Abraham Lincoln, he executed a revision.

Lincoln said, "This nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom."

Obama said, "This nation shall have a new birth of freedom."

He omitted God. Here's the video.

God help us.


  1. Again Gary shows his contempt for his audience by failing to perform even the most rudimentary verification of facts.

    Obama did not "omit" under God from the Gettysburg address, he is reading the Nicolay version (as requested by Ken Burns) like the other version of the address in the Library of Congress (the Hay version) doesn't include "under God" either!

  2. 9:48 Gary's point is that Obama chose to read the version which omits God. If God was important to him he would not have submitted tto a request by a producer. Note he didn't bother to attend although asked to do so by the producer and the organizers.

    1. The Hayes and Nicolay versions are the ONLY versions of the Gettysburg address in the Library of Congress - neither of them contain the phrase "under God". Are you saying there is something distasteful or anti-religious about our nation's history?

      And Gary's point is quite clear. He made an unequivacle claim: "While quoting Abraham Lincoln yesterday, President Obama omitted "God."".

      That claim is in fact false - in other words a lie!

    2. Gary, I sure hope you keep writing these "stories." You help the progressive side more than you know. If you can't win on the truth, well then, try to win on lies.

      There are five handwritten versions of the Gettysburg Address. Three of them contain "God" and two do not. No one knows exactly which was the "final" version read out loud.

      Documentary maker Ken Burns had different famous people read the various versions of the GA. He asked Obama to read this version of the GA, called the "Nicolay" version. The project is titled "Learn the Address." The point is to familiarize people with the GA using historical data. And the truth is: SOME VERSIONS OF THE GA DO NOT CONTAIN “UNDER GOD” in the wording.

      What Obama read was written by LINCOLN'S OWN HAND. What you are asking is for Obama to refuse to read what Lincoln wrote as he wrote it. Furthermore, no one knows for sure which version of the GA actually read out loud. It's possible that Lincoln did not utter "under God" on that day, either. There is no “correct” version of the GA. Lincoln left us with five of them.

      Several right-wing blogs have already issued corrections and apologies for publishing this false narrative. It's doubtful Gary will do the same.

      What about some blog posts that actually help people – the poor, the underprivileged – rather than these constant petty he-said-she-said Republican-party-produced fabrications?

    3. The issue really is the stupidity here . The president omitted God in quoting the Declaration of Independence previously . Obviously all the others who recited the Address used Under God in the documentary. All the reporters who recorded the speech at the time in Gettysburg had Under God written in their versions . Everyone of the signed copies Lincoln provided for friends and newspapers had Under God in them . Was Obama trying to make an issue ? Or is he trying to cater to 15 percent of the nation who are atheist or non religious ? This is just weird .

    4. History says your wrong . Why are you omitting the historical copies that are accepted as valid ? The accepted versions are what Lincoln signed , not drafts he had . For instance those versions you claim had other parts missing also . The words "under God", are missing in this copy from the phrase "that this nation shall have a new birth of freedom..." In order for the Nicolay draft to have been the reading copy, either the contemporary transcriptions were inaccurate, or Lincoln would have had to depart from his written text in several instances. At the time those reporters copies were written , they had No way of obtaining a source that could supply them with a copy you want to be accepted . If you knew about history you would know one of those reporters started the LIBRARY of Congress .What your doing is strange , for one if Obama did this on purpose , he is an idiot . Its as though he wanted to make an issue of it .


    5. Mick,

      YOU are the one who is wrong here. Neither of the copies of the Gettysburg address in the Library of Congress (the Nicolay and Hay versions) contain the phrase "under God", this is a HISTORICAL FACT!!! Are you saying the ONLY versions of the address in the Library of Congress are not "accepted versions"? Don't be absurd!

      No one is arguing that the Nicolay version is the ONLY or the REAL version of the address. In fact, I think that it's fairly indisputable that Lincoln did utter the phrase - based on contemporaneous newspaper reports. What is being disputed is the false assertion by Gary and now you that Obama omitted the phrase!

      Do some research, you'll find that my assertion about what is and isn't in the Library of Congress are correct. The other three versions of the address the Bliss, Bancroft and Everett copies are found in the White House, Cornell University and the Lincoln Library and museum respectively. I'd give you a link to resolve this,but Gary doesn't allow them in comments, so I guess you'll have to use Google. If you care to do so, you'll find that I am correct.

      The three copies containing the phrase "under God" were all written AFTER the address was delivered! So, they couldn't have been the "reading copy" you falsely claim they are. All evidence points toward President Lincoln departing from his written text and inserting the phrase. Which if you bothered to do any actual research, you'd know was not uncommon for him!

      As for you claim that one of the reporters started the Library of Congress, what is said reporter's name?

    6. Just did 10 seconds of research, Mick - you really should familiarize yourself with Google...

      The Library of Congress was founded in 1800, by an act of Congress, signed by President John Adams. So, that makes it impossible for it to have been started by a reporter, who transcribed Lincoln's Gettysburg address 63 years later, as you claim!

    7. Mick, it's as though YOU are making an issue of it.

      I've heard Obama mention God and the importance of God in his life so many times. Do you REALLY truly believe that this single video, in which he reads one of the many version of the GA written by Lincoln himself which Lincoln omits the word "God" is ANY indication of Obama's feelings about Christianity...???

      I suppose your answer is: "Yes I do!" And good for you. While you and the rest of the right wing blogosphere invent these childish conspiracy theories in an effort to bring down our president or whomever your target of the day is, we'll continue to win the war on true ideas.

      Good luck to ya!

  3. 9:48 If he had attended the ceremony you guys would be screaming bloody murder that he's off campaigning when he should be fixing the healthcare website. By the way, did you know that Lincoln didn't wear a flag lapel pin when he spoke? Where's the outrage for that?

  4. Let the athiests and pagans have December 25th I say! The atheist on this particular point is correct. December 25th has been a pagan/Satanic celebration since Nimrod (way before Christ was born). Why would a believer have anything to do with this pagan holiday? The same said for Halloween? There is a holy-day (not holiday) in the Bible that celebrates when Jesus will come, which is during the harvest time. He is called the "firstfruits among many brethren". Just as God "tabernacled" with Moses and the Israelites in the wilderness, so will Christ who is the "firstfruit" come at harvest time, to "tabernacle" with the believers of the world in Jerusalem. The Old Testament foreshadows and defines the New Testament. This harvest festival of the Bible is called Sukkot. Even the Puritans and Charles Spurgeon called Christmas blasphemy! I believe it was the Massachussetts colony and even England as well who also outlawed Christmas because of its pagan origins. It wasn't until more immigrated to the U.S. with their pagan ways that Christmas slowly over time became an accepted "Christian" holiday here in the U.S. I myself, prefer to celebrate the holy-days our Creator has given us in His Holy Word. You'll never go wrong with those! We are seeing the results in our nation of the slow, but steady immersion of paganism into our culture. Paganism isn't just those who don't believe in God or are those who celebrate Halloween or are living together without marriage or who perform abortions, etc. Paganism is not doing what God has commanded us to do or not do, but instead doing it our way, mans way. His Word is very clear on what is clean and acceptable and what is not. We cannot base things on "fuzzy warm" feelings and memories and what we call good, but instead as true believers we are to follow and be obedient to the Truth and the Light.

    1. Actually, the date of Christmas is extrapolated from the date of the Feast of the Incarnation in March. No pagan origins needed.

  5. The son of an atheist to his father: "Daddy, does God know we don't believe in him?"

  6. Ken Burns is now trying ot cover for Obama. A text box now appears on his web site that wasn't there before. It says "Did you know there are five versions of the Gettysbury Address> We asked President Obama to read the first, the Nicolay Version."

    Why then did every other celebrity read the version containing "under God"? Thanks for all you do Gary.

  7. The 'christianization' of solstice festivals is a huge stumbling block when witnessing. The foundational claim of Christianity is that Jesus is 'The Way, the Truth, and the Life', and that no one comes to the Father to receive forgiveness of sins and eternal life except through Jesus Christ. Yet, too often the world (at home and abrod) are presented 'christmas' and 'easter' instead of the truth of the gospel. How is faith supposed to come by hearing when they are presented with lies? This is why many Christians fall away from the church as well - the accepted Christ because it was a social club to them, or a good story - so when trials came they had no root of faith.

    Faith is not based on wishful thinking or subjective reasoning, but rather that which is credible and true from the testimony of others or secondary evidence, though you personally have no firsthand evidence. [For example, jurors deciding a court case; believing germs or cells exist before confirmation through the microscope; believing Pluto exists; believing the ocean exists when you live in a landlocked country and have never traveled there, etc].

    Merely picking what story you like best and following it (a la Life of Pi) is not faith. One cannot rename the pagan solstice festivals, or ascribe lesser traditions of man to God as if they were appointed by God Himself! God left His word to tell us what He -did- appoint and what He -did- say.

    1. I have not found it to be a stumbling block at all, just start with Romans 3:23 & 6:23. Take them to Gen. 1 and explain how we got in this mess and then to John 3:16-17 to show them how God made a way out of the mess, If Christmas comes up, explain that it's a celebration of the birth of Jesus,nothing to fear "I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all people. Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord" That's what it's about!

      If people worship the stuff, especially Christians, of Christmas, they may indeed cause a brother to stumble and yes, it will hurt their witness.

      Craig in Lacey

  8. Without any mention of God there will be no birth of freedom. Worshipping God is the most liberating thing an athiest could do. He doesn't even have to believe.
    After he experiences some liberation, after God begins to make himself known to him through worship, then he can believe.

  9. I wonder if Obama said what was the cause of this new birth of freedom he made mention of. If it really does exist, it would have to be God.

  10. I believe God loves freedom. It seems there are so many today who don't know what it is.

  11. How do we identify our town? Do we even know what strongholds we are in?...
    I suppose Atheism is one.

  12. My destination is New Jerusalem. I forgot to identify my town.


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