Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Deception--Christians Beware

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Deception introduced itself in the Garden of Eden and has lurked around every culture since.

US Senator Mark Pryor (D-Ark.) is having a tough time in his bid for re-election. He is facing a formidable challenge from Republican Congressman Tom Cotton.

Pryor recently created a TV ad in which he declares his belief in God and in His Word.

But his actions don't match his words.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is seen by many conservatives and Christians as a possible strong candidate for the presidency in 2016.

However, his comments on Bloomberg TV are raising some concerns with a number of social conservatives, myself included.

It is written, "Be not deceived..."

Incumbent Democratic Senator Mark Pryor has always claimed to be a Christian. Our President makes the same claim. Who can or should judge their heart?

However, it is biblical to evaluate their actions---the fruit of their actions.

Congressman Tom Cotton, according to a recent Clear Politics Compilation of all polls, shows Pryor, for the first time, down a full point to Cotton.

Action time.

Create a TV ad that will appeal to the right...especially the Christian Right.

This is Pryor's ad.

In it you will note that he says, "I'm not afraid to say I believe in God and I believe in His Word."

He continues, "The Bible teaches us that no one has all the answers, only God does, and neither political party is always right. This is my compass, my Northern Star. He gives me comfort and guidance to do what is right for Arkansas."

Most any Christian could be drawn to that kind of messaging.

But wait.

Traditional Values Coalition President Andrea Lafferty finds no comfort in his words and doesn't believe God has led him to do as he has done and vote as he has voted while in the Senate.

She said, "I was outraged when I saw this because that is the furtherest thing from the truth."

Lafferty says Pryor has led and voted for ENDA, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

She says, "And what that bill does is override Arkansas law and will require schools to hire and retain transgender teachers." Among other things.

She's right. It does.

This is very troubling for most parents.

Lafferty put out a very direct news release last month when the Senate was considering ENDA. They passed it and it now is with the House.

In her release, Lafferty reported on Clay Scott "Colleen" Francis who used Washington State's non-discrimination provision regarding gender identity to introduce himself to a woman's locker room at Evergreen State College. Girls aged 17 to as young as 6 were exposed to Clay/Colleen.


The police report, which is included in the release linked above, said that Francis was "sitting with 'her' legs open with her male genitalia showing."

As best I can tell Francis has not been arrested for this behavior.

Currently, 33 states do not make 'gender identity' a protected minority under law.

If ENDA passes, it will override the law in those 33 states and force every school district to make confused transgenders a protected minority equal to racial minorities.

Under ENDA, every school administrator will be forbidden by federal law from reassigning or not hiring any transgender teacher, because under ENDA, that action would be considered "discrimination" and consequently illegal.

There's much more I could say about ENDA, but there is also another looming picture. It is one of deceit.


Pryor is attempting to deceive the voters with his words.

ENDA is itself a deception. It is presented with a straight face as something that is fair, kind and an act of "equality."

It's none of that. It is nothing more than a tool to advance an agenda. A destructive agenda.

The greatest deceptions are always rooted in religious virtue. This is no exception.

And to give Gov. Scott Walker the benefit of the doubt, ENDA may well be deceiving some lawmakers.

However, it's concerning that Gov. Walker, considered by many conservatives to be a strong possible candidate in the 2016 presidential election, feels as he does on this deceptive issue.

Yesterday, One News Now reported that Wisconsin Governor Walker told Bloomberg TV he thinks the US House of Representatives should consider passing a federal ENDA because there have been "limited problems" with it in Wisconsin.

He says he believes Wisconsin has struck a "healthy balance" of rights for LGBT people.

Think of the impact of ENDA as federal law on the public classroom.

Discrimination against Christians who hold biblical beliefs on the behavior is already mounting. How many bakers, florists, photographers and hotel owners have already been assaulted by gay activists because they were simply living out their beliefs in their own business and refused to participate in same-sex "marriage?"

This law is not about "fairness" or "equality." It is about advancing an agenda. And its being advanced through deception.

Today we live in a swirling cauldron of deception. This is not something new.

Jesus, sitting on the Mount of Olives, told his followers, "Take heed that no one deceives you." And He was talking about deception rooted in religious virtue.

I'm talking more about this on the radio today. Here's how you may join me from anywhere in the world , live at 9 AM PT. 

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Informed. Be Bold. Be Prayerful. Be Pro-Active. Be Blessed.


  1. Is this what modern day Christianity has come to? Innuendo and lies to dehumanize and oppress groups of people?

    Gary and the TVC do not report the full story on Colleen Francis. She was using a sauna, which is in an area restricted to students. The students entered the area despite the restrictions and saw Colleen through the door. She did not attempt to expose herself in any way. When she left the sauna, she was appropriately covered. This is why she’s never been arrested or charged; she did nothing wrong. The students did. I’d post links here, but Gary does not allow them.

    No matter what your gender, orientation, or gender identity is, indecent exposure is wrong. But 1) this is not a case of indecent exposure, and 2) even if it were, it would tell us that this teacher has an issue we need to deal with, not that everyone who is transgender has an issue. There are certainly more cases of indecent exposure by straights than any other group on this planet, but we don’t rewrite laws to reduce the rights of all straight people because of it.

    ENDA-style law has been the law in Washington state for more than 7 years. ENDA is already law in our state, yet this is the best example anti-gay “Christians” can muster from the past seven years – a lie based on students trespassing into a sauna area???

  2. 10:50 Ididn't read that this was the "only" incident resulting from Washington's laws. I read it is one incident. Did you read the police report? Maybe you should read it again slowly. It sure doesn't match up with your story.

  3. If that document is even real, it sure does match up with the story. First of all, it's a CAMPUS police report. Secondly, there's nothing in the report that says that Colleen went out of her way to expose her genitals to anyone. The student might have been upset, but the student was not where she was supposed to be, and being nude in a sauna is not a crime.

    Finally, if Gary is trying to make a point about transgender people being unworthy of teaching jobs, then he would have given multiple examples to show this. Instead, he gave one... the one I can only assume was his "best shot."

    Notice that Colleen has never been arrested. Now you know why.

    Gary, with almost 8 years of ENDA-style laws behind us, is this the best you've got?

  4. The problem is Clay is not a women and shouldn't be in the women's restroom. I can believe I'm a cat, but the vet won't treat me as such.

    Craig in Lacey

  5. Craig, your side seems intent on making that point, but if it's true, then why does your side have to resort to these made-up stories???

    If you knew anything about this issue, you would know that she is a woman if she's living as a woman, even if she's pre-operative. You would also know that a man can't just toss on a dress and gain access to a woman's locker room. The process is long and guided by psychologists and doctors. People in this situation already have enormous burdens on them, they only want to live as normal lives as possible, and they don't deserve to be the target of lies that paint them as criminals.

    1. Only nice people put on dresses and go into a ladies room ? Parents want kids to have a normal of a life as possible , includes a childhood. She may be a women to you , Biologically the person is a man and if there are young people there in a public restroom he needs to find a private restroom . Worried about lies when they only dis credit your personal agenda means your only worried about reputation , not integrity or truth .

    2. That's the point, I can live as a cat, eat cat food, use a litter box, chase mice and string, meow, have a tail sewed on, implant whiskers, take cat hormones, doesn't matter. I'm still not a cat

      Whether Clay has been nipped and tucked is irrelevant, biologically he is a man. No hormone replacement or psychobabble will change that.

      Unfortuntely the psychobabblers have told the school that 'all's good', that's why he has access. Junk science is perverting our kids.

      Don't get me wrong, I feel for this person. The burden of trying to be something you're not can be crushing. God made him perfect just the way he was, social enginering is ruining his life and you approve of those doing so.

      That's the real crime.

      Craig in Lacey

    3. Thank you, Craig and 7:43, for your thoughtful diagnoses, but I think I’ll defer to the medical establishment on this one.

      If you really want to make a person with gender identity issues unfit for teaching or society in general, force them to live in their biological gender despite what their identity tells them they are. Gender identity (which is separate from biology) is much more complex than “just check out the equipment.” I’ve seen people move from tormented, depressed lives and near insanity to happiness and balance just by living as the gender they “know” themselves to be. We know now that a person’s gender behavior is dictated more by their identity than their biology. A person who has transitioned from man to woman will act and live as a woman, given the freedom to do so. She will BE a woman, with the best interests of other women in mind, with female friends, etc. I thought being gay was difficult, but trying to live as a gender other than your biological gender elicits negative reactions from others at every turn of life.

      You are too quick to judge those you don’t understand. How easy it is for you to see a person struggling with this issue as a freak and someone who needs to be kept from children. I would love to see a little more Christian compassion on this site, but glimpses of it are rare.

    4. He has my compassion. I can't imagine how hard it is to believe that happiness only comes from trying to be something you weren't designed to be, never truly will be. I never called Clay a freak, only confused about his gender.

      Of course he can live as a women, as someone could live as a cat, but he will always know that he is not. No judgement here, I'm not condemning anyone to hell, that's God's job. The judging that's cndemned in the Bible is pointing out someone's sin that you also are in bondage to.

      Yes, children don't need to be exposed to this on a regular basis, as would happen in a classroom. School is for learning math, science,reading and writing, not social engineering. That's all I'm saying...

      Craig in Lacey

    5. You know, Craig, letting black people teach white children was considered social engineering by many of your evangelical predecessors. Society improves through education and understanding of each other, not judging others based on the limited knowledge of superstitious people a couple thousand years ago.

    6. Really? As a black man, I'm well aware of our history. If you knew anything about it, you would know it was biblical Christians, mostly white ones that led the fight against slavery, I make no excuses for those whose ignorance of biblical teaching or just plain greed did not, they will answer to God for their actions. Race is not gender, but the same example applies, I can bleach my skin and straighten my hair to appear white, or have surgery to appear asian, etc., but I will awawys be black.

      Do you know the definition of hypocrisy? Trying to appear as something you are not. The definition of insanity? Believing something is so because you wish it to be so. I think most people would agree that's a terrible way to live your life

      Limited knowledge? You do know the Pyramids Colisuem, Easter island statues and Stonehenge etc, were built by these superstious people and they're still standing, hundreds and even thousands of years later. We have no knowledge of how they (with their limited knowledge, you know) accomplished it. The tolerances are so tight you can't get a piece of paper between the stones.

      We build stuff (with our superior knowledge, don't you know) that falls apart in a few short decades. Hmmm.... maybe they weren't so limited after all.

      Society improves through a thorough study and understanding of God's revealed word, the Bible. Our responsibilities to God, our purpose upon this earth, our interaction with each other and nature. When we don't, we get what we have now, everyone does what is right in their own eyes.

      The heart of man is desperately wicked, it is full of greed, envy, hate, malice, lust, murder and every kind of evil. Man thinks he can achieve some kind of atheistic utopia if he can somehow gain knowledge and understanding apart from God.

      He will never succeed because he can't change his heart, only God can do that through an intimate, personal relation with Jesus Christ. Everything else is as Solomon said...... "gasping after the wind"

      Craig in Lacey

    7. OK, you managed to completely side step the point that integrating classrooms was considered social engineering. And physical engineering is not equivalent to psychology and modern medical science. It sure seems to take a lot of words to try to defend bigotry.

    8. Psychobabble is not a science and modern medical science would not be possible without physical engineering. Hmmm...which one's more important?

      Race is not gender confusion. You missed the point..........again.

      Craig in Lacey

  6. Regarding: "Gender identity (which is separate from biology) is much more complex than 'just check out the equipment.'"

    Gender identity... To keep it short and simple as possible, identity is something in your mind. Minds can be wrong. All the facts point to him being a man, but you want to leave him confused instead of correcting such an obvious mistake. If he likes woman things, then let him like woman things, but he's still a man and there's no reason the rest of society should treat him as anything other than a man, other than compassion for his confusion and trying to help him overcome it and embrace what he really is.

    You seemed to blow off the "I think I'm a cat analogy," as "resort[ing] to these made-up stories," but the point of using such hyperbole is to make take your point to its logical conclusion and make the answer obvious enough for everyone to see the illogical nature of such an argument. You assert that identity, an idea someone has in their head about who they are, truly defines who/what they are... Gender is typically fairly easily defined in most people by their chromosomes and can easily be verified by certain body features, and this has been true for ages. So, gender identity OUGHT to match reality/facts. You seem to think that's not true. Regardless of a person's physical reality, even in the presences of scientific factual evidence, you seem to think that what they THINK they are is reality (and maybe it is to them, but that doesn't mean the rest of society have to conform to their thinking, which all the evidence contradicts). So, at this point, we have a choice of path to go down... Either:

    1. The person who THINKS they are a certain gender, contrary to all the facts of the matter, is suffering from some kind of gender identity confusion (their perception doesn't match reality/facts), and thus perhaps they could use some help, OR

    2. We have to take the stance that this person is NOT what all the facts point to, rather they ARE what they THINK they are in their head and we all need to agree with that and treat them as such. If this is true, we should also just as easily accept someone who THINKS they are a cat (species identity confusion?) as a cat because they think they are, contrary to all the evidence. (And I suppose that everyone who doesn't agree and tries to say they are NOT a cat is not compassionate and should probably be labeled a specieiphobe or felineiphobe, and they are definitely a bunch of bigoted idiots who need to be ostracized.)

    ... Continued in next post...

  7. Continued from last post...

    Why do people have to "take a lot of words" to defend simple truths? Because some people seem to be very confused and seem to need simple things explained to them step by step, and even then, they sometimes ignore all the facts and continue to post short posts with their own confusion and misinformation. It's a bummer, but at least some people have enough love and patience to try and explain stuff.

    Regarding: "OK, you managed to completely side step the point that integrating classrooms was considered social engineering." Probably because there is a big difference between trying to align society with truths (e.g. Blacks are equal to Whites are equal to Asians, etc, etc, etc) and trying to align society with each person’s individual perceptions of reality (which will never match) contrary to facts/evidence.

    Regarding : "Society improves through education and understanding of each other." Agreed, in general, so long as they're being educated with truth. There have been plenty of groups of people, countries, etc, that have educated the rest of their group with incorrect info, and to much detriment at times. This is like the old saying "practice makes perfect," yet practicing the wrong thing won't make "perfect." So, some people are trying to educate others that people who are male (y chromosome, male genitalia, etc) are male. You wouldn't think you'd even have to do THAT education, as it's so intuitive/obvious to most, yet some people think it debatable, and those same people don't want to take their thinking to its logical conclusion. We either need to agree to let the facts (not peoples misperception of the facts) determine reality, or we need to embrace "cat people..." You can't logically have it both ways. If you think you can, then please provide your argument against cat people, and after you do so, take that same argument and see if it logically applies to gender identity confusion.

    For the most part, the above is all pretty cut and dry. The one group of people that are a little easier to have more compassion for are the ones that have some kind of genetic abnormality where they truly do have a mix or male/female parts, and I honestly don't know what I'd suggest for those people, other than they have a legitimate condition that takes careful consideration and should be given a little extra latitude in the same way you would want to for other people with genetic issues that make them conjoined twins, extra arms, or no legs, or whatever, but those really are physical conditions and are pretty rare (especially compared to the number of people who are simply gender identity confused). So, make special concession for them, but for those that are just confused, help them understand where their perception is incorrect. It doesn't mean "Francis" has to stop liking dresses and start liking football or anything, but it does mean that he needs to stop going into women's restrooms and not expect society to give him special/different privileges just because he's confused about what he is.

    Chris in Hillsboro

    1. Thank you Chris, hopefully even more words will open his eyes to reality.

      Craig in Lacey


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