Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Colors Red and Green Now Banned in Government Run School

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Recently, the Texas Legislature passed what they called, "The Merry Christmas Law."

The bill allows for public school teachers and staff to "educate students about the history of traditional winter celebrations including 'Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy holidays.'"

Additionally, the law allows schools to "display on school property scenes or symbols associated with traditional winter celebrations, including a menorah or a Christmas image such as a Nativity scene or Christmas tree."

Thus, the schools are no longer living under the fear of lawsuits they cannot afford. They will no longer be bullied by the threat of lawsuit from the ACLU or atheist groups, seeking recognition.

So public education in Texas is "free at last" to say forbidden words like "Christmas." Public education can now practice its open minded pursuit of Truth. And not be concerned that the anti-Christmas groups will get them.

All is well.

Well, not exactly.

I read this story and checked it twice to be sure...it's true, Nichols Middle School in Frisco, Texas has not only banned all things Christmas, but they have banned the colors "Red" and "Green."

And the school is in the legislative district of Rep. Pat Fallon who authored "The Merry Christmas Law" in Texas.

Here's the explanation.

All this time, the 90 to 96% of us Americans who "do" celebrate Christmas thought the public schools were simply acting responsibly under the law and abolishing Christmas to avoid lawsuits they could not afford.

Or at least merely acting out of fear.

Not so, apparently.

Nichols Elementary is banning all things Christmas or Hanukkah, including the colors "red" and "green."

The school's principal said in an email that she and the PTA chose to ban Christmas at the party to "avoid offending anyone."

But what about the 93% of Americans whom Gallup says celebrate Christmas? And who pay the school bills with their taxes.

Ironically, Nichols Elementary School is in Rep. Fallon's Legislative District. Several parents, after receiving the Principal's email, forwarded it to Rep. Fallon. He in turn wrote a second letter to all the school districts reaffirming the new law.

Fallon told local Fox 4 News, "We're celebrating Christmas, so why can't it be a Christmas party or maybe a holiday party?"

The lawmaker says he is shocked at the number of calls his office has received from nervous teachers and principals---"wondering what they could and could not do."

Fallon told Fox News' Todd Starnes, "One teacher wanted to do 'Elf on a Shelf' and thought she would get in trouble."

That's where we are in America today.

A college educated teacher, teaching our kids, is afraid to put a toy elf on a shelf because it is the Christmas season. And she might get in trouble or be sued by some anti-Christmas group.

Rep. Fallon told Starnes, "When Gov. Perry signed 'The Merry Christmas Bill' clearly that didn't solve the issue. The battle rages on. Its so distressing."

The battle does indeed "rage on."

And it isn't really about fir trees, the colors red and green, or even the word Christmas, a Nativity scene or even a heartfelt "Merry Christmas."

Among some, it's about fear, and for some, it's about rebellion toward God Himself.

That first Christmas struck fear in the hearts of shepherds and others, so much so that angels tried to quiet their emotions.

Zacharias was told to "fear not" (Luke 1:13).

Mary was told to "not be afraid" (Luke 1:30).

The shepherds were told to "fear not" because the angels said, "I bring you good tidings of great joy which shall be to all people, for unto you is born this day, in the city of David, a Savior which is Christ the Lord."

Fear always creates action or re-action.

The shepherds ran to Bethlehem to get acquainted with the Messiah, while others, even then began to plot his death.

Not only is there a spirit of fear when confronted with Truth, there is also a spirit of rebellion.

From the beginning, humans have rebelled against God. Adam and Eve believed they would "become as God" if they ate the fruit.

Prophetic Scripture tells us the end of this age will feature a great rebellion against God, led by those who claim to be God, resulting in Armageddon.

Why is Jesus Christ so polarizing? Because His name is Wonderful. He is to be worshipped. Counselor. We are to submit to His leadership. Mighty God. He is much more than a good man or good rabbi. Everlasting Father. He is God. Prince of Peace. (Isaiah 9:11).

Merry Christmas.