Thursday, March 06, 2014

"It's Perfectly Normal" Textbook is Not Normal--It's Pornographic

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Russ has a child at Covington Middle School in Evergreen School District in Vancouver, Washington.

This week he became aware that the textbook, "It's Perfectly Normal," is available to his middle school daughter.

He is angry.

And he should be.

The textbook has been around for about 20 years, but each school year parents often become aware of it for the first time.

Public schools use it---or have it available.

Planned Parenthood promotes and places it.

Most school libraries have it.

Planned Parenthood and the book publisher claim it is "age appropriate" for children as young as 10.

It isn't. It isn't appropriate for children of any age, because it isn't educational.

It is an enticement for young children who are not sexually active to become so. For children who are sexually active, it is a enticement to sexual addition.

Parents and grandparents, beware.

Here's what you should know.

Russ is looking into how he and other concerned parents can remove the book from the Vancouver school or at least keep it from young children.

They are checking out their options this week.

Planned Parenthood is a strong advocate of the book. Here is a part of what Cecile Richards, President of PP says on the Planned Parenthood website:

“How can a book be 15 years old and be as fresh as a newborn baby? The answer is simple. When it is brilliant! In 1994, Robie Harris and Michael Emberley gave the world’s families an awesome gift — It’s Perfectly Normal. Never before or since have we had such a clear and concise guide for family discussions about sex and sexuality. It’s Perfectly Normal is also kind, informative, positive, witty, wise, charming, and, most important of all, helpful. What our kids want most as they learn about themselves and their sexuality is to be normal. With Robie and Michael on our home team, it is easy to assure our kids that it is just what each of them is — perfectly normal.”
- Cecile Richards, President, Planned Parenthood Federation of America

Note her line, "What our kids want most as they learn about themselves and their sexuality is to be normal."

In a moment I will show you how they define "normal."

This textbook is not kind, witty, informative, positive, wise or charming.

I believe it is destructive to children.

Children are to be taught about sexuality, but this is not the message or the method.

Parts of the pictures and text are so graphic that I am not going to put it on this website, however, I am giving you a couple of links. Please do not share this with your young child until you have viewed it yourself. And keep in mind this is available to 10 year-old children in public school.

The America Life League has developed two video reports for parents. Please take a few minutes and watch both of the links below.

This is a report titled, "Sex Book for Children". It is specifically about the book. It is 2 minutes, 44 seconds.

This report is titled, "Hooking Kids on Sex". It shows parents how this book is used by Planned Parenthood in a broader agenda to lead kids into sexual addiction. It shows how this "new normal" is established in public education. It is 6 minutes, 35 seconds.

Please take a moment to be informed.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Informed. Be Prayerful. Be Pro-Active. Be Blessed.


  1. I shared this book w/ legislators years ago. D. denied it was in our schools. WA citizens lost when OSPI got the power to control content of Sex Ed in ALL schools. Even seeing that horrible book didn't convince the D's in the legislature. God help us! LeAnna Benn Teen-Aid Director

  2. This is why the parents need to rise up and educate their own children and not leave it to the professional class! I will always stand by parental authority and teaching and its affect which is that it will out live, out wit, and win over in the minds of our children more so than the teaching and authority of a professional person, institution or written lit.

    1. Agreed. And even if we can't teach the new stuff we don't understand we got by without knowing it.

  3. I would think that there will be law suits awarding damages into the many tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars if sexual damaging materials are handed to school children in public schools, yet I hope such things will be kept away by level headed educators.

    Parents used to depend on people in public education. They used to be able to trust that their child was in good safe hands there at school.

    Sounds to me like there is material being given to school children that is by nature offensive and corrupt, and those doing so could be charged with sexual molestation of children.

    It used to be there was such a thing as common sense which was the norm.

    Now a days, it seems like if someone goes crazy, so many others think "Well it must be OK now.", and begin acting the same, and if one starts talking and making no sense because they spiritually fell asleep, it seems so many others begin to talk likewise.

    Crazy times we live in.

    1. Nah, don't think so. Especially not when the boy scouts and the churches can get away with covering up actual sexual molestation of little boys.

  4. It's the Devil molesting children.

  5. Satan is putting the Pedal to the Metal with his evil cause he knows he has but a short time left before being imprisoned in Hell for 1000 yrs.

  6. This isn't a big deal you all. Society osteopathy changing. Everyone has the right to.have who they love respected. This isnt Reagan era America, back when i was in the army helping to kick people out because they were gay. Then i came home and realized my little brother (then in jr high at Portland Christian) was gay. He did not even know it yet himself. He came out a decade ago. This book.helps younger people respect other people, Something Portland Christian high school did not even try to teach me.

  7. Sorry osteopathy was a typo. Meant is changing. Did not proofread.

  8. I personally believe we need to return to the old timey ways. We as a society need to turn the clock back a few decades to when God was valued and girls were married and pregnant by the age of 16. All of these morally corrupt leaders of the day allowing this filth into the minds of our youth and calling it education is the ascent of evil.

  9. Where is your evidence that this book is a useful tool for promoting sexual addiction?

    And while this may be in some school libraries, it's hardly a textbook.


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