Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Cheney Schools Apologize For Having Christian Speaker

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Although Cheney School District has apologized for allowing a Christian to speak at an assembly last school year, for parent Terry Fiala, that's not enough.

Terry says the speaker "violated my daughter's rights---I feel I have been violated because having him in a school is a validation of his opinion."

"Him" is Gary Horton who is an openly Christian speaker and has done thousands of school assemblies.

Cheney School District is attempting to rectify this "violation."

I called Cheney School District office yesterday and was told the people there could not speak about this issue, but Sean Dotson, who is in the district office could, but was not available at this time, promising he would return my call. As we publish this article, he has not returned my call.

I'm wondering what the ultimate goal of the school might look like. Is it to eliminate any voice that may not agree with the public education narrative, or is it simply to eliminate any voice that is favorable toward God and country?

The school district is promising the public they are "taking steps to see that this never happens again."

The Spokesman Review and other news sources are reporting that "Cheney school officials have apologized to the parents of a middle school student for allowing a self styled religious missionary to be a featured speaker at a mandatory school assembly."

Gary Horton spoke at the school last March. He also spoke at schools in Warden and Othello, Washington at the same time.

In fact, he has spoken at more than 8,000 public school assemblies over the years.

He is hardly "self styled."

His whole objective, he says, "is to offer them the one thing I'm convinced can make a difference."

Horton is not timid, but is passionate about the truth.

He says, "If I'm guilty of anything, I'm guilty of sharing things I think can change their life."

"Its given me hope, strength and the ability to love," Horton says.

Fiala said an apology from the school isn't enough. He wants much more.

The School District Superintendent Deb Combs says, "Training is under way to prevent such mistakes in the future."

Nicole Nanny, the school's vice principal says, "It's an unfortunate circumstance that was not intended."

Clemons says, "Our hope is that people will learn from our experience."

So what can be learned from this "unfortunate experience?"

1. We have learned that attention was immediately turned to Aaron Mason, the Cheney Middle School science teacher, who had made the district aware of Horton's availability.

The news media dutifully points out that Mason was disciplined in 1996 for teaching Creationism.

2. We have learned that any speaker who has a personal point of view would only be allowed to speak if the school approved of the point of view.

Does this include speakers who represent Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry?

What about speakers who "explain" the LGBT lifestyle? And give young kids suggestions as to how they can discover if they too are homosexual? Clearly their messages would be approved because they are consistently in the public schools.

It's a fact that middle schools in King County invite Muslim moms to share their faith with students who are studying world religions---a mandatory course.

I had hoped to ask about all that.

I also wanted to ask them how many other parents complained about the Christian's motivational speech. Was it just the one?

The argument is always made that this is a function of separation of church and state.

Why then are some religions featured, while Christianity is not? The response is often that the kids already know about Christianity, but not about the other religions.

This is a departure from the original intent of our Founders---and from common sense.

Our culture lacks virtue because of the extraordinary effort of public education and the entertainment industry to strip God from every vestige of public life in America---and it's not accidental, it's deliberate. .

Virtue is a necessary component to liberty.

Edmund Burke said, "What is liberty without virtue?---It is...madness without restraint."

Samuel Adams said the same thing differently. "A general dissolution of principles and manners will more surely overthrow the liberties of America than the whole force of the common enemy. While the people are virtuous they cannot be subdued; but when once they lose their virtue they will be ready to surrender their liberties to the first external or internal invader."

He said, "If virtue and knowledge are diffused among the people, they will never be enslaved."

Virtue is necessary for a vibrant society. And virtue is inseparable with Christianity. Our Founders repeatedly affirmed that truth.

But it appears the issue is broader than separation of church and state, which itself is a miscarriage of what Thomas Jefferson said in his letter to the Danbury Baptists assuring them the government was prohibited from meddling in the affairs of the church.

It's about more than church and state.

Why was a Texas principal fired for suggesting it would be better to speak English in the classroom?

On November 12, 2013, Amy Lacey, the principal of Texas' Hempstead Middle School, was placed on administrative leave and subsequently fired when she made a simple request to students: speak English.

Now that the court enforced gag order has expired, she is telling her side of the story.

She says, "I informed students it would be best to speak English in the classroom to the extent possible, in order to help prepare them for [state] tests."

She says she was not being racist by suggesting English, but was merely trying to help the students and was pointing out that the academic language of Texas is, by law, English.

I suggest you read the entire article.

There is an alarming trend in public education. The goal is not education, but indoctrination.

It is not only about so-called separation of church and state, it's about a calculated movement that began in the early 20th century and has, over the past 100 years, placed its cold evil hands on the throat of America's institutions.

This movement, which grew out of a failed movement, has become the crowning achievement for those who hate America, Christianity, capitalism and freedom as we have come to know it.

It's called "Cultural Marxism."

I'm explaining what it is and how it came to be America's State Ideology under the present leadership of secular progressives.

Join me live from anywhere in the world at 9 AM PDT, or a rebroadcast at 7:30 PM PDT. Here's how.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.


  1. In my town, our public park is not public. It's privately owned in order to be able to hold Christmas and other religious events within it. This enables that separation everyone talks about. We are discussing here what else can be privatized. What we need to do is to react to this in a manner that gets results. To me the solution lies in building a significant foundation that enables donations of funds for tuition to students to attend non-public schools where this would be a non-issue. We pull these teachers into those schools. There are so many of us that feel the same way that we could have such an impact that the public schools would begin to feel the hurt from the loss of the 4500 per student payment from the state of Washington.

    To every action there has to be a reaction. Talking about it has increased awareness.

    But now, seriously, we need to act.

    So the question now is: How do we move forward on getting a foundation started and then raising the dollars. I'm willing to help.

    1. All of your points are well taken. I used to think that more $$ would solve all the problems. And you are correct that we would be better off if we had a foundation and more $$ to work with.
      But the real, fundamental, bottom line problem is in the pulpits. 99% of the pastors are not willing to call themselves and their congregations to repentance, in the manner and spirit of 2 Chron. 7:14. We need the Ten Commandants back in the public square. The pastors seem interested in second tier matters such as making the next mortgage payment on the church building, making certain their 401 k etc., are taken care of, and lastly they do not want to be controversial because then people would not like them. By now, the congregants like having their ears tickled. Naturally, it goes without saying that Gary Randall is in the 1%, or he wouldn't write this column and continuing his radio broadcasts.

  2. This is an important story for us locals in the Cheney-Spokane area. Thanks for picking it up. The Spokesman-Review gave it good coverage also. The timing is very good. This is mid-August when parents are thinking about the new school year. My prayer is that a few more parents will see the truth and get their children out of the government schools.

  3. Perhaps whenever any assemblies in a public school that would include religious content are scheduled, they should not be mandatory. This sounds like a reasonable accommodation that still allows freedom of speech. I don't know why some people are so afraid of religion and don't want to hear anything that is religious. God is the one who has designed us with the power of choice. He always gives us the freedom to reject Him. It is Satan that gets us hooked and forces us down a path that it is very hard to get out of once we want to leave it.

    1. Well then.....that would mean my grandkids would not have to sit thru discussion of LGBT sex at assemblies?? Hey, maybe Christians should consider this??

    2. Yes, I believe making mention that an assembly will have religious content, therefore any student who wishes to remain in a classroom instead, to study,and may do so...., would be a good way to handle this.

  4. Because one parent or child is "offended" by the virtues of Christianity, the rights of the other children get violated, who may have wanted to hear a speaker talk of things that are straight, true, right, fitting, honorable, moral, upright, etc.

  5. The bottom line is this. This man came into the school and stated that, "If you don't believe in Jesus Christ as your savior, YOU ARE A COWARD!" The second message that he gave while standing next to an American flag and claiming to be a war hero was..... Your not an American if you are not a Christian. He did that when he stood there and ridiculed those that didn't share his personal beliefs. That is messed up.

    The school messed up by not vetting this guy and bells and whistles should have been going off when the particular person when was in trouble in the past for teaching creationism in the class room. On top of all this, I am pretty confident the principal and assistant principal new what this man was going to do be cause he was in another Washington State public school and did the exact same thing and then bragged about it in his news letter. School officials went to the web-site and red the news letter. Funny to note, the AFA took down this news letter and others that described Mr. Hortons behavior in public schools.

    There is no point arguing with anyone that believes this is appropriate behavior. You either believe this is a free country with freedom of all religion with out endorsement of any one particular religion by the government or you don't.

    We live in a nation of people, not a nation of Christian's only. I know there are some that would like to have it that way but you can't.


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