Thursday, August 14, 2014

Navy Throwing Bibles Overboard

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Despite a long standing relationship with the Gideons to supply Bibles to our military, that practice is continuing to be attacked and undermined.

A memo just out from the Navy has, in effect, caused Navy employees to begin disposing of Bibles at naval facilities.

Employees are saying they have been instructed to "box up the Bibles" so they can "be taken to a donation center somewhere."

The "purge" is said to be, according to Rear Admiral Robert Bianchi, an effort to "standardize" the availability of Bibles in the naval facilities.

He says some facilities had Bibles, some did not, so his new policy will bring "consistency."

Consistency with what?

And why the increased efforts to remove God and Scripture from the American experience?

The memo stresses "consistency" by directing all requests to go through a process, however, the result is that employees are already throwing the Bibles overboard---so to speak.

If you want to express your opposition to this latest attack on the Bible, you may call Rear Admiral Robert Bianchi's office and ask him to put the Bibles back in the naval facilities.

This is his office number: 757-631-3600.

He is not creating "consistency," he is actually creating a break with the long standing tradition of our US military and its relationship to the Bible.

Certainly our Founders emphasized the importance of the Bible in public life, but it was Democratic President Franklin Roosevelt who not only condoned the practice of Scripture reading, but wrote the introduction to the Armed Forces' Gideon Bibles which were given to every soldier during World War II.

This newest effort to expunge the Bible from public life is not an isolated one.

Just last week there was a similar issue with the Missouri National Guard giving new recruits a Bible, which is a long standing tradition. The atheists demanded the policy be changed, but surprisingly, the Pentagon told the atheists no.

America as we have known it is under siege.

Yesterday I wrote an article about a middle school in Cheney, Washington profusely apologizing, promising to "never allow this to happen again" in response to one parent's strong objection to motivational speaker Gary Horton mentioning his Christian faith in an assembly.

Horton has spoken at more than 8,000 public school assemblies.

The results of stripping God and Scripture from the culture are overwhelming.

Everyday the news confirms the results. Parents killing their children, children harming parents, out of control violent crimes against others, theft, property destruction and lawlessness---all while well intentioned citizens shake their heads wondering out loud "what's wrong?"---and atheists and Cultural Marxism marches on through our institutions.

Too much, I believe, of what we do is directed toward the symptoms rather than the root cause. Sometimes this is done due to not being informed---sometimes it is deliberate because the idea that our problem is a spiritual problem is unacceptable to the secularist.

Today on the radio I'm explaining the impact of Cultural Marxism on our culture, how it is administered through public education, the entertainment industry and the news media, and how I believe people of faith and conservatives must respond.

You may join me live from anywhere in the world at 9 AM PDT or a rebroadcast at 7:30 PM PDT. Here's how.

Cultural Marxism is a derivative of the Marxism-Leninism of the old Soviet Union.

The original philosophy essentially failed, but it has been revised and merged with Freud's technique of psychological conditioning.

The revised version is pervasive in public education, entertainment and the news media. And in the administration of our current President and the so-called "religious left" who generally prefer to "redefine" Scripture than to eliminate it. But the result is the same. Cultural Marxism marches on.

The goal of Cultural Marxism is generally the same as the old Marx-Leninism, but far more sophisticated and has been tailored to the American culture, because the stated goal is to destroy Western culture and Christianity, which the Cultural Marxist sees as the Western culture's greatest ally.

Marxism hates capitalism, a free market and individual freedom and believes Christianity and its principles are its greatest facilitator.

In that respect, ironically, they agree with our Founding Fathers, but totally disagree that those are valued blessings.

There is an aggressive focus on bringing down Christianity. They view Christianity as simply another philosophy, albeit a religious one. They generally do not understand the power of the gospel, but they certainly know the result of it's principles.

This movement has given us a new language lexicon, including "multiculturalism, tolerance, prejudice, racist, sexist, fascist" and a variety of labeled "mental disorders" to be medicated in the public class room.

Here is an example of how Cultural Marxism works through our institutions: When Cultural Marxists decided to normalize homosexual behavior, they did not argue the point as Marx himself would have done.

The new Marxist-Freudian approach is to beam television show after television after television show into American homes, featuring the only seemingly "normal" white male as a homosexual. This is duplicated in the movies and enjoys significant support in the way news is reported.

Thus creating a "new normal," redefining words like multiculturalism, tolerance, equality, choice, sexist, racist, fairness etc.

This was precisely the game plan in redefining marriage in Washington State and elsewhere.

On the radio today, I'm suggesting what I believe, are a couple of actions that can turn this tide.

One is political, and may not be what you have been thinking. The other spiritual.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Pro-Active. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.