Tuesday, September 02, 2014

God Causing Problems For Public Ed.-- Again

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Remember Chuck Berry's song from the 1950s "School Days?" It is also known as "Ring, Ring Goes The Bell."

If you don't remember it by the title, I bet you will remember these words:

"Up in the morning and off to school, the teacher is teaching the golden rule." 
"American History and practical math, you study them hard, hoping to pass..."
We have a big announcement today: The teachers will "not" be teaching the golden rule this year, as your kids are up this morning and off to school.

American History and practical math will most likely be lost in the attempt to figure out the Common Core Standards.

Any hint of God will place the administration on high alert.

Hopefully your kids will "study hard," but be very vigilant about what they study.

The school year is just getting under way and God has already become a problem for a couple of middle schools.

Two schools are reacting to a threat from atheists and have covered up the monument signs out front of the school so the kids will not be exposed to God as they enter the property to go to their sex-ed classes.

The schools want nothing to do with any "golden rule" influence.

In 1957, Chuck Berry wrote, recorded and released his song, "School Days." It has been heard by tens of millions of people and covered (recorded) by a number of other musicians over the years. Click the link if you've forgotten it.

While Chuck Berry, nor any other Rock and Roll people defined morality, their lyrics do define the fact that it was okay to recognize a bit of biblical teaching in their day. And a little honest American history...and what's practical math? Isn't all math abstract? 2 and 2 is not always 4, is it?

God is already creating problems for public education this year.

The monument signs at the entrance to 2 elementary schools in Midlothian, Texas have been covered to protect the children from seeing them as they enter according to school Superintendent Jerome Stewart.

What would cause a public school to take such action, covering the sign out front that tells people who they are?

Answer: God.

The signs have been in place for a number of years, but now they must go because they contain questionable content.

Both signs read:

"Dedicated in the Year of our Lord 1997 To The Education of God's Children And To Their Faithful Teachers In The Name of The Holy Christian Church--Soli Deo Gloria."

The superintendent says the signs are covered now and will be removed soon.


The atheist Freedom From Religion Foundation, run by a former evangelical preacher is threatening to sue--- "threatening" to sue.

So far no local taxpayer has objected to the signs.

Stewart says they haven't actually filed suit yet but he is taking preventative action. He says the school's legal counsel advised them to get rid of the monument signs.

People in the community are upset, in fact they have launched a Facebook page called "Bring Back The Plaque."

Hiram Sasser with the Christian law firm Liberty Institute says the atheists don't "have a leg to stand on."

I would add, "They don't have a prayer" either.

He says the FFRF sends about 1,000 threatening letters a year, but in fact only have the budget to back up about a dozen with actual law suits.

We can't know what is really in the heart of the school officials. Are they simply terrorized by the threat from the atheists? Or is this a way to accomplish something they actually favor?

One thing is certain, the atheists did not create the concept of manipulating people through deceit.

Bluffing, misstating and misrepresenting things has been in play for a long time.

Here's something for us and our the kids.

Genesis 3: 4,5. "The serpent said to the woman, ' you surely will not die!' For God knows that in the day that you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good from evil."

We are not God, nor does evil deception lead us to become more like Him. Even to the extent of practicing the "Golden Rule."

Thousands of years later, this same concept was still in play. So Paul warned the New Testament Christians to beware of the source of deception and how he operates: "Even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light," Paul warned.

Perhaps the bigger story here is not that government schools are once again kicking God out of schools, but the level of deceit that is causing them to do so.

"Up in the morning and off to school, parents must teach the golden rule....and American History and practical math...and..."

Parents be vigilant as your kids return to public school.

And all must remember these kids in prayer. While God is forbidden to enter, the pretend "angel of light" has full access.

However, God has promised to go with us wherever we go. If you have taught your child the ways of the Lord and he or she has accepted Christ into their heart, everywhere they go, God goes, and "Greater is He that is in them than he that is in the world."

Be Vigilant Be Discerning. Be Informed. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.


  1. Yes, they became quite ungodly after eating the forbidden fruit, and what can we expect if America should be ashamed of God?

  2. Giving over our children to Mammon to be trained up is a big mistake....take Christians children out of the pubic schools or pay the price....lukewarm Christians at best.....rebels against God at worst.

  3. I look at that dedication, and I think it's accurate and thinks the best of the people at the school, the students and the faculty. It seems to me to be very good dedication statement, also including when the school was built or put into use.

    To cover it up or to take it down, would be a demotion, would it not?

    What else could they put up that could possibly be any better?

    Is there any position or calling higher than that of a child of God?

    And isn't faithfulness a good virtue?

    And they connect well don't they?.....faithful teachers and children of God?

    Why does everything today have to be degraded? Why all the tear down?
    Why must we destroy what others have built that is truly good?

  4. And the purpose, let's not forget purpose, education.

  5. Does the Destruction of Virtue foundation (FFRF) really have to do this kind of thing?

  6. I don't believe for a single second that a parent, or child, of a differing faith (or lack of faith,) should be allowed to expect that a Christian school marginalize G-d so that a child can receive the benefit of a private school education without lessons from the Christian faith. It's up to the parents or the child to validate his/her faith (or lack thereof,) outside of the academic atmosphere.


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