Friday, October 23, 2015

High School Quarterback Penalized for Thanking God

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It's epidemic.

In "Progressive Land," coaches can't pray, and now, a high school football quarterback is penalized for raising a single finger to the sky in praise to God.

The penalty?


The high school athlete told the referee, "I wasn't trying to do anything malicious or arrogant, I was just trying to give praise to God."

The ref's response was terse. And it violates this young man's First Amendment rights.

What the ref said. What the coach said. And what a Christian Law Firm is now saying.

Dante Turo was raised in a Christian home, has committed his life to Jesus Christ and wants to give God praise for the blessings in his life---as the Bible instructs us to do.

Geno, the father of Dante, the quarterback for Mexico High School near Syracuse, New York says, "When you score touchdowns, when you make big plays, it's easy to become proud. It's easy to take credit for yourself."

He has taught his son to give God the glory in all things.

Dante had just made a big play---ran 73 yards for a touchdown---and lifted one finger to the sky as his personal way of thanking God for the abilities God has given him.

The referee penalized him.

Dante immediately explained to the ref what he was doing.

The Referee responded, "Don't do it again," and penalized the young man and his team anyway.

Head Coach Tee Murabito says he, too, tried to explain to the ref that Dante was not taunting anyone, he was giving praise to God in a personal expression.

The coach says Dante is a good kid, God is a very big part of Dante's life and he tried to explain that to the ref. The ref wouldn't talk about it.

Dante's high school has a game again tonight. The 17 year old says if he makes a big play or scores, he will give God the glory.

Granted, this was just a high school football game in upstate New York last weekend, but it is representative of a much larger issue that exists across the country.

Dante's father Geno says, "It troubles me. I think people have forgotten that we settled in this land to flee religious persecution. We're supposed to have religious freedom here. But it seems like instead of religious freedom we are being persecuted for our beliefs."

He's right. We are.

Christians are being told to shut up. Be silent.

You may know that the New York Mets will be playing in the World Series next week. If you follow sports at all, you may also know that Daniel Murphy, the Mets' second baseman, is the "Most Valuable Player" of the series because he set an all time record by hitting a home run in 6 playoff games in a row.

ESPN ran this headline reporting his unbelievable success: "Daniel Murphy Powers Mets to World Series With October Run for The Ages." They hail him as the greatest post season hitter ever---he did what Babe Ruth never did.

What you may not know is that Daniel Murphy is a very committed, and often outspoken Christian.

Earlier this year there was an issue regarding Billy Bean, a homosexual player who had concealed his behavior throughout his career. Murphy was asked about it. He said what most biblical Christians would say.

He told the press, "I disagree with his lifestyle. I do disagree with the fact that Billy [Bean] is a homosexual...I would say, you can still accept them, but I do disagree with the lifestyle 100 percent."

Murphy said, "Maybe, as a Christian...we haven't been as articulate enough in describing what our actual stance is on homosexuality. We love the people. We disagree with the lifestyle. That's the way I would describe it for me."

After much discussion, and press reporting, ESPN published an article announcing that Murphy said he would "no longer address his religious beliefs and will stick to baseball."

That was not exactly what had transpired. Murphy let the matter with Billy Bean drop and didn't talk about it any more, but he has certainly not stopped talking about his faith in Jesus Christ.

The pressure is intense to silence any Christian expression in the culture. Whether it is high school coaches, high school athletes, students in general, professional athletes, florists, bakers, photographers---whatever, the message is "shut up"...or else.

Liberty Institute, who represents coach Joe Kennedy in Bremerton, and a number of other Christians in similar situations, including Christian teachers and administrators, has published some legal information regarding these matters.

I would strongly encourage you to take a moment and look at their information regarding public education: "Religious Liberty Protection Kit for---Students and Teachers."

I'm reminded of comments by Abraham Lincoln---a president who stood for righteousness: "We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution."

This thinking was not original to Lincoln. He was fully aware of what John Hancock, a Founder and signer of the Declaration of Independence, said earlier: "Resistance to tyranny becomes the Christians and social duty of each individual. Continue steadfast and, with a proper sense of your dependence on God, notably defend those rights, which heaven gave, and no man ought to take from us."

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Blessed.


  1. That referee needs correction.

  2. It seems to me that a pubic school should be able to post the ten commandments, along with a message of the cross, with artwork included, in the halls of the school, with the understanding that it's there for moral guidance and not for establishing religious adherence as if by law, or by disciplinary action, though any action by word or deed by students or faculty may result in disciplinary action, depending on it's quality, lack thereof, or effect, the idea here is that evil and the things that cause harm will not be tolerated by the school.

    As long as it's understood as for the purpose of teaching morality in order to provide a good atmosphere for learning and good moral conduct, for encouraging the keeping of fairness and moral order, etc. If students or faculty want to adopt such teachings from the Bible as their religion, it's left completely up to the individual and no requirement or pressure from the school to do so is given by the posting of such materials.

    It seems to me that such a thing is constitutional, and would benefit everyone.

  3. We have a lot of liberty afforded and protected by our constitution. We just need to exercise it. No doubt that God was with so many of those framers of it, and that his wisdom led men to work through things, draft it, and approve it. I believe our constitution, being imperfect is still a godly thing and is of utmost importance to this nation. We as Christians should strongly support it against evils that seek to pervert it, misuse it, or do away with it.

  4. Let's make America free again.

  5. As we listened this morning we read the verses on the Choice Gleanings Calendar "And now, Lord, behold their threatening: and grant unto thy servants, that with all boldness they may speak your word." Acts 4:29. Also Philippians 1:28 "In nothing terrified by your adversaries..." Thank you Gary for speaking out faithfully.

  6. Translation: "Don't you lousy Christians even think of pointing up into the sky."Really?? Answer: We should all start pointing to the sky when something good happens to us!!!

  7. Job 35:11
    Who teacheth us more than the beast of the earth, and maketh us wiser than the fowls of heaven?

    God teaches those who he has called to be partakers of his divine nature by Jesus Christ. Such education is an adventure. While we live on the earth, we must learn from heaven.

  8. I wonder when things will get to the point when the majority of the student body will refuse to attend school until their constitutionally protected 1st amendment rights are taken seriously by the school system.

    Would it be such a bad thing if that happened?

  9. It seems to me that when Christians give praise to God, it does cause some sort of adverse effect upon the powers of darkness, such that to them, it seems to be some kind of provocation, something that should be the cause of some sort of response or reaction that should come from them, but this should be only because they are enemies of God.

  10. I'd like to make a request. It's Gretchen Wilson's Politically Uncorrect (lyrics) you tube.


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