Monday, November 23, 2015

VA Facility Bans "Merry Christmas" While Gov. Run School Sings Islamic "Fight Song"

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President Obama's Veterans Affairs medical facility in Salem, Virginia has banned all Christmas trees and banned employees from saying "Merry Christmas"--- while a public school 7th grade teacher in Orange County California has assigned students to learn, and sing, an Islamic "Fight Song."

Employees have pushed back hard in Salem, Virginia---and a grandmother has confronted the school board in Southern California.

Have we lost our mind?

God help us.

Each year as Christmas approaches, Christmas trees adorn the White House---there is also a Capitol Christmas Tree and a National Christmas Tree, yet Obama's administration denies employees at a Veterans Administration Medical Center the freedom to say, "Merry Christmas."

Only after very strong push back from employees did the VA center concede and allow a Christmas tree.

They can now have a fir tree with decorations, but cannot utter words about Christmas, except in "personal work areas."

That means the employees can speak freely in places where the public usually cannot enter, and then and only then, "The recipient of the statement ['Merry Christmas'] must clearly understand that the speaker is speaking in his own personal capacity only."

And if they disobey?

If an employee says "Merry Christmas" to a veteran in the lobby---they can be punished---because "that constitutes preferring one religion over another in a government run facility."

"Separation of Church and State," they say.

But "separation" is very selective.

On the other side of the country in Southern California---Orange County, in a government run public school last week a teacher assigned her 7th grade class the task of learning and singing an Islamic "Fight Song."

CBS Los Angeles is reporting, "Amid heightened fears over terrorism, an Orange County teacher has found herself in trouble after ordering her class to sing a song about Islam."

A grandmother became aware of the assignment when her grandson brought home a copy of the assignment early last week.

Grandma and her daughter, the boy's mother, went to the school board meeting.

"I believe that by singing that song, the children feel comfortable believing that maybe Allah is the only god, and maybe that they should start following him. And that I'm not OK with," Susan Negron told the board.

Negron told the board she would have never known about this had her grandson not accidentally brought the assignment home.

Using the melody of the song, "This is my Fight Song," the lyrics of the Islamic Fight Song included these words:

"Like a sandstorm in the desert, sending camels into motion,
Like how a single faith can make a heart open,
They might only have one god,
But they can make an explosion."

Even a spokesman with the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) in Anaheim wondered about the teacher's intention, and said the teacher's timing was horrible---in other words she would have been more effective after some of the terrorist talk subsided.

The school district released a statement of apology and says it is looking into the matter.

Back in Virginia at the government run Veterans Medical Clinic; an email directive to all employees says even when those stringent curbs are obeyed, private religious speech can still be banned if managers decide such speech "interferes with carrying out official duties and responsibilities," threatening penalties against people who offer religious greetings even behind closed doors.

The email, which is included in the link above, also bars Christmas music.

It says that if a supervisor has allowed an employee to have music in his workspace, such music must "be secular (non-religious)."

Christmas trees, unlike the menorah, is not in itself a religious symbol. This has been upheld in a number of court cases.

But that's not the point. Forget Christmas trees.

Michael Berry, senior counsel with Liberty Institute, the largest law firm in the United States that litigates exclusively religious liberty cases, says, "At a time when our VA should be doing everything it can to honor our veterans, it instead denigrates them and their service."


In 1838, Abraham Lincoln, in a speech to a young men's association in Springfield, Illinois, said, "America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."

Obviously he was talking in part about slavery.

But later in his speech he also warned that a "tyrant" could take over the American political system from within. Lincoln went on to say that to prevent this, Americans needed to "cultivate a political religion that emphasizes a reverence for laws."

He was not talking about a theocracy, and neither am I.

His was a statement of personal conviction that leaders must not---can not consider themselves above the law.

Lincoln's statement was also prophetic. He was speaking to such a time as this.

I'm talking more about the internal assault on our values, principles and heritage today on the radio.

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Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful. Be Bold. Be Blessed.


  1. Isn't the prohibition of a government office to not say "Merry Christmas"? a violation of free speech? It's not like shouting "fire!" in a crowded theater when there is no fire, is it?
    It seems that our government is out to establish a non religious environment in it's own offices, something that is in itself contrary to our constitution, is it not?

    What I mean is, if employees were praying during work hours so much that it was robbing the people of their service, that could be cause for concern, but saying "Merry Christmas."?

    I've nothing against a teacher teaching a class about the words to a fight song to older children, so they might learn something about what another religion, or political, sociological, or ideological group with religious affiliations, is somewhat about, but to make them sing it, is going a bit over, is it not?

    But some people in our government keep wanting to tell us not to be "afraid" of such things, and that we shouldn't be afraid of too much government spending, or too much government over reach, and that we shouldn't be afraid of government handing out marriage licenses to people of the same sex, and that we shouldn't be afraid of sexual identity confusion, and that we shouldn't be afraid of too much deficit, and it just keeps on going it seems.

    But, are we not the wiser? Shouldn't a people trust in their God instead, and learn from him what is best?

    Government wants our trust, do they?...Isn't that something that has to be earned?

    I believe they have a long, long, long row to hoe.

  2. "Hope, not fear", they said....But we should not hope in man and fear not God....I guess we just didn't yet connect the dots, is all.

  3. Never trust a Grinch.

  4. No, President Obama didn't ban Christmas trees or the phrase "Merry Christmas" from VA facilities. If you are interested in the facts, Snopes it. Gary, please just once, fact check a story before you copy it from Breitbart and spread the lies further.

    1. According to FOX News, there's a VA hospital that is screening Christmas cards and will not allow veterans there to receive them if they say, "Merry Christmas", or say "God Bless you", or have any scripture references. Believe it or not. You might want to fact check it if you feel you can not believe it.

    2. No, Fox news did not report that. A fake news site did, but people are buying it. If you seriously want to know if it's true or not, search for 'snopes christmas card ban military'. Snopes does an excellent job of debunking misinformation. They are not perfect, but pretty darn good. And they are good about posting actual links to real sources to verify their findings. Seriously, reports of Obama blocking Christmas cards just doesn't even pass the smell test.

  5. So what I am wondering is, where did this policy come from? If it were traced all the way up, how far would it go, and what was the source of it, and also, then, is this another example of over reaching of some governmental power? Obviously it must be, but from what exact source, is what I would like to know. We have to have some kind of accountability here.

  6. Something here is creeping like the Grinch himself.


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