Friday, August 12, 2016

After School Satan Clubs Come To WA State

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The Satanic Temple of Seattle says it will "be the first of it's kind" in Washington State, but other clubs are being formed before the new school year begins.

Tarkas Claypool with the Satanic Temple says, "We're not there to indoctrinate, unless you think exposing (kids) to free thinking is indoctrination."

And, he says, this is a "direct response to the Good News Bible Clubs."

"Dice", as she is known, is a member of the Satanic Temple of Seattle.

Last fall she wore her ritual garb to a Bremerton High School football game in protest of Coach Joe Kennedy saying a prayer following each game.

Incidentally, Coach Kennedy was fired because he wouldn't stop praying, and has now filed a law suit asking for his job and his religious freedom to be restored.

The Seattle Times is reporting that Mount Vernon Superintendent Carl Bruner says, "What I want to make clear is we're not to the point of granting access."

Last week we wrote about this new effort on the part of Satanists. I said then that we were not aware of any formal requests to Washington schools, but it will come.

It has come.

Mount Vernon is not the only target.

The Tacoma News Tribune reports that Lilith Starr, who heads up the Seattle Temple, told them they hope to open clubs in several Washington State middle schools including in Tacoma and Puyallup.

She said, "We're only going to schools where there is already a Good News Club."

Starr says, at the moment, there are currently "9 After School Satan Clubs around the country, including one in Oregon."

The first Oregon school targeted is in Nehalem.

The 2 big questions in my mind are what do they do in these "Satan Clubs," and why would a school district give them access to middle school students?

What goes on in the After School Satan Clubs?

Starr says, "We are not there to teach Satanism to kids. We don't want to convert them"

Her words remind me of another narrative, "Has God indeed will not surely die, for God knows that in the day that you eat of it your eyes will be opened and you will be like God..." (Genesis 3).

In Eve's day, Satan was suggesting that God was protecting Himself from humans becoming enlightened and threatening His position as God.

Today's message is consistent with the old lie.

Starr says we want to educate them about scientific rationalism, critical thinking, and self-determination.

Tarkas Claypool, a spokesman for the Satanic Temple, says, "Our curriculum is about teaching them logic, self empowerment and reasoning---the most Satanic thing about it is in the healthy snack---we have an apple."

Starr says their curriculum or syllabus emphasizes "a non-superstitious worldview."

"We want children to make up their own minds," she says, "we are there to help them learn tools they can use to understand the world."

She explains, "For us, Satan is a deeply powerful symbol"---a metaphor---more like "Paradise Lost" than "The Exorcist."

"Evil is good."

Satanic Temple spokesman Claypool says, "We don't worship a deity. We only see Satan as a metaphor for fighting religious tyranny and oppression."

Starr says, "Club activities are led by volunteers who have been vetted by temple leadership. including a criminal history check. The group also provides liability insurance."

Claypool tells the Seattle Times, "The Temple has created a curriculum for the program, and will be run by two adults who have been trained to teach it."

Starr and other leaders seem to be assuring the public that when kids come to the club meetings it will feel like any other club---kind of like a Good News Club---in fact, they say, "The Satan clubs offer games, snacks and puzzles."

This is clearly a disguised attempt to usurp parental authority from Christian parents by indoctrinating young children who are beginning to develop their worldview and the reasons for that view.

This challenge comes through the relationship with the kids---much like Eve's experience in her "discussion" with Satan.

It is also a rebellious effort to steal the minds of children who do not have the benefit of growing up in a Christian environment---children who have not had the privilege of knowing their Creator.

Satan seems to be the same yesterday and today---but he will not be forever.

This is truly a battle between Good and evil. A battle for the minds of the children---and ultimately their soul.

Satan's main mask is deception---calling good evil and evil good---presenting himself as an angel of light, when in fact he is an angel of darkness.

And speaking of puzzles.

Why would a public school allow this?

Tacoma Public Schools spokesman Dan Voelpel says many children's programs use school buildings after school ends. He says groups must submit a facility request form.

"We can't discriminate...on a religious basis," saying it's up to parents whether they choose to enroll their children in any of the other after-school activities.

Mount Vernon Super Bruner says, "We're not at a point of granting access"---however, he says, "We cannot say 'no' to Good News Clubs."

And he points out that a 1991 Supreme Court ruling regarding Good News Clubs stated that "if schools allow any organization to use school property, they must allow all organizations---religious and secular---access."

How many cases have we heard in the past year or so where Bible type clubs have been denied access---even after school because of "separation of church and state?

Claypool says the Satanic Temple has "aspirations to open an After School Satan Club at every school that has a Good News Club."

He says, "We're leveraging equal access."

They are also perverting religious freedom.

Superintendent Bruner says the district has heard concerns from parents about the potential club and is taking those concerns seriously.

I think any parent whose child attends these schools should contact the school immediately and go on the record as being opposed.

I also think its a good idea for all parents and grandparents to contact the public school(s) in your community and ask if there has been any contact with the school district by the Satanic Temple or their representatives. If so, has the Satanic Temple formally asked to start an After School Satan Club? And do they anticipate a request from the Satanists?

Be vigilant.

This needs to be an out loud, in public discussion. The Satan Club is unique to all other clubs in public schools.

However, based on the remarks made by Bruner and others, I would not be surprised to see the schools cave to the Satanist Temple. They do so with consistency each time an atheist is offended by a prayer, even if it requires firing a teacher or coach.

Bruner framed that possible response in his interview with the Seattle Times.

He said, "It's kind of an all-or-nothing deal. Do we want to exclude everyone from use of our public facilities just because of this group that's wanting to make a point?"

His question puts the onus on the non-Satanic members of the community, when it should be squarely on the shoulders of the Satanic Temple.

Do you want to be responsible for depriving all kids of having after school clubs?

He says the district will work with its attorney and its School Board to explore how to respond to the application.

Your personal response to this requires neither a lawyer or board---it simply requires conviction.

Be Informed. Be Responsible. Be Bold. Be Heard.


  1. The Secular Leftist agenda has been conditioning students beginning in the earliest grades to problem solve with emotions, not with logic and rational reasoning. This is how the majority graduate primary and even college schools believing there is no such thing as absolute truth.
    One great lie says that Christianity is anti-rational and illogical. In truth, God's word is the most rational and logical source of truth in the universe. This should be taught to our children in the after school bible studies, along with the concept that "self-empowerment" is the greatest danger to truth because at some point it comes into conflict directly with a loving God what wants us to choose to be obedient to Him and to accept His truth over any convoluted truth we wish to embrace which brings us gratification, incorrectly interpreted to be "happiness".

    The Secular Lefts foundation is the same as that of this Satanism, "I refuse to be accountable to any power greater than ME".... now "THAT" is Self-empowerment on stearoids".

    Multiple truths is a completely irrational and illogical concept. To say that there is no such thing as 'absolute truth' is to parrot an irrational, yet "absolute" statement of assumed truth!

    Satan's great lie today is 'I don't really exist' and/or "I am a good angel wanting the best for you".

    Teach our children God is logical and Jesus was the most rational man ever to walk the's why....


  2. We must fight for our kids. Also however possible we must educate our kids ourselves. The first and most important teachers of our kids are us - their parents, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. When we teach our kids God's precepts, ways and Truth, not even the gates of hell will prevail! Keep up the good fight brothers and sisters!

  3. This isn't at all what the founders wanted protected by the first amendment. It's not what they had in mind. Context is everything. Hopefully a school board still knows how to read. They could start with the Preamble to the Constitution.

    1. Surprising to see someone on this site not interpreting the constitution literally. While you're on that path, you might want to consider that the 2nd amendment opens with "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State..." and that the founders never imagined semi-automatic assault weapons with huge fast change clips.

    2. Lots of crooked lawyers take whatever they can imagine to get around the law, don't they? What is the relationship with Christianity compared to Satanism, compared to a musket and a semi-automatic? A musket is to the time of the revolutionary war, as a semi-automatic is to today. And if Satanism today is to people as Christianity was at the time of the founding of this nation, what is that? Wouldn't that be a sign of a lost nation? This is too easy. Is it time to tear down a nation, or to build it? Is it time to throw it away, or to save it?

    3. "A musket is to the time of the revolutionary war, as a semi-automatic is to today"

      I guess I forgot about all those mass shootings by a single guy with a musket.

      "Satanism today is to people as Christianity was at the time of the founding of this nation"

      No, you guys are being trolled by these after school clubs and it's just too easy because, unlike the clubs, you actually believe in satan.

  4. The closest thing to Satanic worship at the time of the founders must have been the religious tyranny they escaped from, and so they wrote a constitution to protect their new found liberties. I'm sure that worship of Satan himself was not something they wanted to protect. It's not even close to religious liberty.

  5. My guess is that most people who stand on the Constitution and the "truth" of the Bible have read neither in their entirety...


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