Monday, August 15, 2016

Hillary To Mormon Church: "I'm Your Champion"

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Writing in the Deseret News---a Mormon owned news publication, Hillary says, "I've been fighting to defend religious freedom for years"---saying therefore, because of her dedication to religious liberty, she is entitled to the Mormon vote in the state--- which is 62.6% of the state population.

The National Review has responded with this article: "Hillary Clinton Is No Champion of Religious Freedom."

The Review says her record on religious freedom is "atrocious" and in fact, "she has actively worked against religious minorities for the sake of her cherished causes, specifically expansive access to abortion and the supremacy of LGBT rights."

To religious people considering voting for her as an "alternative," or for any reason...

The fact that Hillary would even write an op ed for the Deseret News, and they would publish it reveals how emboldened or uninformed she is regarding religious beliefs, how anti-Trump the Mormon publication actually is under the influence of Mitt Romney, or how pro-independent candidate it is. In any case, Hillary isn't telling the truth.

Alexandra DeSanctis with the National Review says, "Her only evidence for this so-called 'fight' is her claim that she made to protecting religious minorities around the world a cornerstone of her foreign-policy agenda."

She writes, "Such an accomplishment rings hollow."

DeSanctis, a William F. Buckley Fellow in Political Journalism at National Review Institute, says, "The Leftist White House hopeful attempted to block proposed laws in numerous states that would have permitted Christians and others with conservative ideals to act on their conscience with regard to same-sex marriage."

She says, "Clinton insists that forcing Christians and others to participate in 'gay' marriages against their beliefs is perfectly fine, arguing that legislation protecting such traditional biblical convictions discriminate against the LGBT community and are unjust."

However, DeSanctis says, "She is misleading the masses."

She says, "Clinton simply misrepresents the argument in order to confuse people to join her side of the debate."

She's right. Absolutely right.

Hillary has opposed all state versions of the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which ironically was signed into law by her husband.

The RFRAs in Indiana, Arkansas and elsewhere---and the distinct-but-related "bathroom bill" in North Carolina---do not in fact legalize discrimination against LGBTQ citizens as Hillary and others claim.

Rather, DeSanctis explains it "allows business owners to freely exercise their religion by not participating in activities they find unconscionable, such as same-sex ceremonies," etc.

Last fall Hillary spoke to the biggest "gay-rights" organization in the world---the Human Rights Campaign---openly belittling religious liberty and Christianity and promising to support the federal Equality Act.

This bill is the biggest threat to religious freedom yet, because it would add "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" to the protected categories in the 1964 Civil Rights Act, thereby negating the protections offered by the federal RFRA, which allows citizens to appeal to the courts when they believe their religious liberty has been violated.

Abortion? What can be said that has not been said. Hillary has been awarded the Margaret Sanger Award---named to honor of the founder of Planned Parenthood---for her undying support for the largest abortion operation in America, perhaps in the world. An organization that rakes in hundreds of millions of dollars each year from taxpayers, under the guise of providing services for women, while in some cases not even actually providing them.


Planned Parenthood is so corrupt, that it sells aborted baby body parts, and sues the people who exposed them.

Hillary often speaks of her desire to help little girls realize their dreams.

Planned Parenthood is the vehicle that is making Margaret Sanger's dreams come true---Sanger was a racist and a eugenicist, who dreamed of eliminating blacks and the disabled because, in her mind, they were lessor and a weight on the upward evolution of society.

Hillary is the Champion of Planned Parenthood. Not religious freedom.

Hillary is not only the champion of PP, she criticized the Supreme Court when they ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby in regard to the company being forced to cover birth control pills, including abortion pills in the insurance coverage.

And Mrs Clinton opposed the Little Sisters of The Poor when they made a similar attempt to escape HHS forcing the nuns to violate their conscience.

The list of Hillary's fight "against" not "for" the core beliefs of most evangelicals, conservative Catholics and yes, Mormons, is long---and probably well known by most reading this today.

She is not your champion.

However, one of the most threatening things she has done in relation to religious freedom is also the most dishonest, deceptive and misleading thing she has done.

We have talked about it on the radio and written about it here.

DeSanctis says this is likely the most misleading of all her false claims to be a "champion" for religious freedom.

She writes, "On top of these egregiously anti-religious-liberty stances, Clinton's op-ed betrays either a fundamental misunderstanding or a deliberate misrepresentation of religious freedom as it has been interpreted throughout American history."

Hillary tells the Mormons and the world, "We hold fast to the belief that everyone has the right to worship however he or she sees fit. Americans know that democracy ceases to exist when a leader or ruling faction can impose a particular faith on everyone else."

Here's the problem.

Hillary, Obama, and other far Left progressives are famous for claiming that religious liberty is flourishing because all Americans are free to go to their churches and "worship" however they'd like while attending their services.

But actual religious freedom includes the ability to exercise one's beliefs in the public square, not just in a church building. They have removed the term from the narrative.

Here's the deception: No one is claiming that the government is trying to force us to accept a certain state sponsored religion---Christian or otherwise---at least at this point.

The problem facing Americans today is that the government is "disallowing" Americans from freely living out their faith in daily life because doing so "violates the so-called rights of others."

Uninformed Christians sometimes say, "Well, all these new rights they are discovering are just nuts, but I don't think it affects me."

Think again.

You are free to "worship" behind closed doors, but if your beliefs disagree with the abortion agenda, or the homosexual rights agenda and you attempt to live out that belief, you will be punished.

Biblical Christians are being silenced.

The far Left is becoming emboldened.

Can you even imagine Hillary Clinton thinking that a state like Utah "might" vote for her, when they haven't voted for a Democrat since Lyndon Johnson in 1964?

American Founder Patrick Henry said, "When people forget God, tyrants forge their chains."

The clanging of iron on iron is not the friendly village blacksmith making horseshoes.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful.