Thursday, November 10, 2016

"An Improbable Victory"

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Highly respected Christian leader and long-time polling expert George Barna is calling Trump's election "an improbable victory."

Barna says, "In the eyes of Christians, God's fingerprints are all over his victory."

Barna says, "Look what he had going against him."

  • He was facing an opponent with decades of experience, a deep network of contacts, universal name recognition, campaign infrastructure, party backing, and a sitting president who worked hard for her election
  • He lacked any political experience, which was evident in his debate performances, his public speaking, his staffing choices, and his bare-bones and sometimes confusing policy statements
  • He was outspent by an estimated 2:1 ratio
  • His campaign had virtually no “ground game” – the effort of local staff and volunteers to identify supporters and turn them out to vote
  • He was not only mistreated by the media – he made a game of calling them out for their lies and bias, a strategy no previous candidate had dared attempt
  • Abandoned by the Republican establishment, his own party disowned him and many of its leaders very publicly criticized him and said they would not vote for him
  • Two out of three Americans believed he is unqualified to serve as president, and his “favorability score” was the lowest of any presidential candidate since polling began
  • Foreign leaders mocked him as unworthy of leading the country
  • National polls consistently showed him losing the race
  • Political analysts and pundits almost universally agreed that he was incapable of winning

Barna says, "Yet today, he is President-elect Trump. His victory almost defies explanation; it makes little sense from a rational, empirical point of view. And that’s what a miracle is: God intervening to change our reality to align with His sovereign will."

He concludes with this:

“Mr. Trump did not win because of superior political strategy or performance. God produced a miracle in response to the prayers and fasting of His people. Christians throughout the nation have been seeking God’s forgiveness and grace on America for months. The challenge is now for the body of Christ to be agents of reconciliation and unity, and to now lead the country toward policies and behaviors that will honor God and His life principles.”

Barna continued his observation by saying, "There is much healing to take place even within the Christian Church in the U.S. and that faith leaders must see this as a critical time for the country."

“God has given us a bit more time to show that we are serious about turning our hearts toward Him. For our nation to make progress we must be broken of our obsessions with sin, self, and society’s approval. We exist to worship, obey, love, enjoy, and honor Him. We have a small window of time to get our priorities straight and show that commitment through our behavior and choices," he said.

Barna says, “But today should be a day to celebrate God’s compassion toward us. This is an amazing ending to an unbelievable and unique campaign season. We may never see anything like it again.”

He's right.

But we have seen it before.

Founding Father Alexander Hamilton once said, "The sacred rights of mankind are not to be rummaged for among old parchments or musty records. They are written, as with a sunbeam, in the whole volume of human nature, by the hand of Divinity itself, and can never be erased or obscured by mortal power."

That "sunbeam" of God's divine intervention is evident in this election, as it was in the American Revolution.

As we look back at the advent of American freedom through the eyes of revised history, it's sometimes easy to forget the overwhelming difficulties faced by the patriot army.

Victory was not the guaranteed outcome of the long and deadly war. When our Founders pledged "our lives, our fortunes & and our sacred honor" in their defense of liberty, it seemed more likely than not that they could loose it all---without gaining the liberty they fought for.

Today on the radio I will be briefly sharing 4 clear instances of God's hand in the American Revolution---and how God's hand makes a way for each of us in our own personal lives---giving us those "improbable victories."

1. Bunker Hill
2. Boston.
3. Long Island
4 Trenton

You may join me live from anywhere in the world at 9 AM PT on the radio, on your computer or on your phone. Here's how.

Be Prayerful. Thankful. Be Blessed.


  1. "There is much healing to take place even within the Christian Church in the U.S. and that faith leaders must see this as a critical time for the country."

    Before you start sewing things up make sure you have cleaned the wound or it will turn gangrenes, and that is a promise!

  2. And have we ever seen a candidate have so little support from his own political party before?

  3. This agents of reconciliation an unity... I am just going to say NO.
    The word was not brought to bring peace. Jesus clearly teaches this. He did not come to unite and coexist... The word is a sword that divides. We have got to lose this mentality of trying to get everyone to just get along. The gospel is meant to separate the sheep from the goat. We need to be men of courage and take our stand on the word of Jesus being not the unity candle but a guiding light, a flame that shows the sinner just how lost and in need of a savior they are. Political correctness is a demonic form of speaking that goes directly against God. Uniting fellow believers to the single cause of forwarding the gospel yes I can get behind. But I cannot get behind this unity and reconciling with the world for the Bible tells us we are not of the world and anyone that loves the world does not love God. You should have a heart for the lost and try and show them just how sinful and wrong their politics are and that government is not god. But I disagree with this unity and reconciliation message because that is what has lead to all ways lead to God and trying to appease people that don't believe the way Jesus gave us His life as an example to follow. I can't find him appeasing, nor his word teaching us to be marshmallows in our culture trying to get everyone to just get along. We are to love our neighbors as our self but we are not here in this place today with Trump being the presidential elect because we voted to appease or unify a thought process in the democratic party believers that socialism is ok or communism is ok, or that same sex marriage or any other satanic doctrine is ok... We elected Trump because the majority of this country knows that it is wrong and we did not want our country to keep falling further into appeasement. Go out yes and be kind, show love, and show people that are hurting and lost the love of Jesus and his work on the cross but do not start trying to unify this country until this country as a whole has repented and come back to know the grace of God. We've got to be David's and stand against the giant sinfulness that has consumed the heart of this nation for so long. We've got to keep fighting against the god of this world and it is not done through unity and reconciliation from the church to the world. Take your stand and fight and don't give into can't we all just get along politically correct nonsense. Be the culture shaker that Paul was. Be the body of Christ that leads people out of the sickness by being that light on the hill. But don't think for 1 moment we should be trying at this point to unify and bring reconciliation at this point. We've a battle to fight so keep on your knees praying and working out your salvation through repentance and faith.


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