Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Now That Justice Gorsuch Is Seated

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Monday, President Trump said as Neil Gorsuch was sworn in as the 113th Justice of the US Supreme Court, "I have no doubt you will go down as one of the truly great justices in the history of the US."

Now that Justice Gorsuch is seated, he will be ruling on several key faith issues---including a case that pits religious freedom and liberty against LGBTQ rights.

President Trump said at the swearing-in ceremony, "I've always heard that the most important thing a President of the United States does is appoint people---hopefully great people like this appointment," reflecting, "I can say this is a great honor."

Most conservatives and Christians agree with the president. In fact, many evangelicals voted for the president because they believed he would appoint conservative, constitutional originalists to the Court.

Gorsuch has been seated in time to weigh in on a dispute over a Missouri law that bars church schools from getting public funds for general aid programs.

This case, which involves Trinity Lutheran Church, has been in the court system for several years. Their daycare and preschool center was barred from participating in the state's Playground Scrap Tire Surface Materials Grant Program.

ADF, the Christian law firm that has taken up the case, says the Missouri law is a clear violation of the free exercise of religion.

They say, "Seeking to protect children from harm while they play tag and go up and down the slide is about as far from an 'essentially religious endeavor' as one can get."

Gorsuch will also be casting a vote in the case of Cakeshop vs Colorado Civil Rights Commission.

Baker Jack Philips declined to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple saying that doing so would be a violation of his Christian faith.

Because the Colorado Supreme Court declined in April 2014 to take the case after the state's Court of Appeals affirmed a Colorado Civil Rights Commission decision against the Christian, this case is now coming before the US Supreme Court.

The state ruling ordered owner Jack Phillips and his staff at Masterpiece Cakeshop to create cakes for same-sex celebrations, much like the WA State Attorney General has ordered Barronnel Stutzman to do as a florist---lend your creativity to celebrating something that violates your conscience and personal religious faith.

The decision also ordered Phillips to comply with Colorado's Anti-Discrimination Act by re-educating his staff and filing quarterly "compliance" reports for two years.

ADF also represents him. They have told the court, "No one---not Jack or anyone else---should be forced by the government to further a message and event that they cannot in good conscience promote."

They say, "That's what this case is about. Jack, who has happily served people of all backgrounds for years, simply exercised the long-cherished American freedom to decline to use his artistic talents to promote a message and event with which he fundamentally disagrees."

ADF is asking the Supreme Court to ensure that government understands that its duty is to protect the people's freedom to follow their beliefs personally and professionally, not force them to violate those beliefs as the price of earning a living.

This Supreme Court ruling will, of course, impact a number of other similar cases involving bakers, florists, photographers and even venue owners.

This case is, at the core, about religious freedom---not cakes or flowers or photos or homosexuals.

A Marist Poll has found that 65% of Americans oppose penalizing vendors who choose, because of religious beliefs, not to provide services for homosexual ceremonies and celebrations.

Many constitutional scholars, conservative and liberal, say the Constitution does not support the government forcing people to violate their religious beliefs to affirm a sexual behavior and lifestyle.

We will soon see what the Supreme Court of the United States believes about the matter.

And we'll see if Justice Gorsuch will "go down as one of the great justices in the history of the US."

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Diligent. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful.


  1. Ah, I think of the good ol' 70's when they would let a man fill an area to jump a Harley over cars, busses, whatever, and nobody stopped him for safety reasons or whatever. Now, that was America, and if anything got out of hand, (like some biker throwing a tire iron or whatever) the people in the stands came out to help, and
    took care of it.

    1. Not sure how this comment is relevant to the issues at hand.

  2. So will the state judges who order people to sin with the work of their hands and promoting the things contrary to God, be taking the heat, for all that folly? I suppose so, in fact I'm quite sure of it, yet that still doesn't make what is presently happening, right. Apparently they want people to go to hell with them, and that, by use of their position, and that's not what they were put in that position for.

  3. It's very much past time to start impeaching homosexual activist judges. Where is our congress, out to lunch, gone for he summer, or what?

    1. Impeaching judges because they are gay and liberal? That doesn't sound American.

  4. Now if the Supreme Court will not only find in favour for these people being oppressed by their government for their religious beliefs, but also order the oppressing governments to pay all of the expenses incurred by those oppressed in defending themselves.

    1. Not only their costs, but double their lost earnings.

    2. Does the Old Testament decree that a person who takes from another must pay back five times what was taken? Let us not forget the pain and suffering as well as emotional anguish...

  5. no one should have to do something for people if it effects their religious beluefs, plain and simple, there are plenty of other establishments who will produce no matter what you believe or the lifestyle you lead.........get over it, just because you are gay or lesbian thats yoyr right but it does not mean we all must accept it and allow it in our lives....

  6. It really comes down to rights. Be careful when you talk about violating someone's religious rights. Islam says to murder your daughter if she fornicates. The religious freedom only extends as far as someone else's freedom isn't violated. Thankfully, our Lord doesn't ever as us to violate anyone else's freedoms, AND there isn't a constitutional right to cake or flowers


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