Monday, May 22, 2017

LDS To Pull 185,000 Boys From BSA-- Franklin Graham Urges All Churches To Pull All Boys

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Franklin Graham is saying, "I think the Mormon Church---and all churches---should pull out of the Boy Scouts organization completely."

He says the "Mormon Church needs to get their younger boys out too," in response to the LDS announcing they are pulling 185,000 of their older boys out of BSA with plans to pull the younger ones in the future after the church is able to create adequate programs for them.

And. Most of us know the media dislikes President Trump---a lot; However, a new study, released by Harvard this weekend, shows just how much they dislike him. It doesn't seem to matter what the news story is about, the tone and content is the same.

Harvard has published the most telling study I've seen on just how biased the news media has been toward the president during his first 100 days in office.

The study also shows that "the news people" could care less what the 63 million people who voted for him think or care about. Check out the New York Times' "vote by county" map linked above. Revealing.

Media Disconnect. Without the major far Left coastal cities---and a couple of exceptions...shows why Hillary didn't want to speak to her workers in New York on the evening of the election.

Although Hillary is out, the media marches on, preparing for the next political campaign to "fundamentally remake America."

This is an excerpt from the study--think about this as you watch your local "news" tonight:

“Trump’s coverage during his first 100 days was not merely negative in overall terms. It was unfavorable on every dimension. There was not a single major topic where Trump’s coverage was more positive than negative.”

Every media outlet studied provided more negative than positive coverage of Trump, ranging from a high of 93% negative at CNN and NBC to a low of 52% negative at Fox:
CNN: 93% Negative,
NBC: 93% Negative,
CBS: 91% Negative,
New York Times: 87% Negative,
Washington Post: 83% Negative,
Wall Street Journal: 70% Negative
Fox: 52% Negative
Likewise, media coverage was negative about Trump regarding every major issue studied. Media were most disparaging of Trump regarding immigration (96% negative), followed by their 87% negative coverage regarding both health care and Russia’s role in the 2016 elections.

Media were most balanced covering Trump regarding economic matters, with 54% negative stories and 46% positive stories:
Immigration: 96% Negative,
Heath care: 87% Negative,
Russia and the Election: 87% Negative,
International Trade: 84%
Personal Background: 82%
Other Foreign/Defense: 82% Negative,
Personnel: 82% Negative,
Fitness for Office: 81% Negative,
Terrorist Threat: 70% Negative,
Other Domestic: 72% Negative,
Economy: 54% Negative,
All Other Topics: 82% Negative

Franklin Graham took to Facebook, not just calling for the Mormon Church to pull all their boys from the BSA, but for all churches to pull all their boys from the 100+-year-old organization.

Franklin says his reason is simple---it's BSA's "new LGBT-friendly leadership that has refused to listen to its faith-based supporters, in favor of accommodating influential and deep-pocketed homosexual activists."

He said, "The Mormon Church made a good decision yesterday, announcing it was pulling older boys out of the Boy Scouts of America. They have been the biggest sponsor of Boy Scouts in the United States."

ABC News is affirming that the LDS church is indeed the largest sponsor.

ABC notes that "The loss is only a small portion of the 2.3 million youths in the BSA, but the organization has been grappling with declining membership for years and has enjoyed an unusually close bond with the Mormon church for more than a century because of their shared values. Joining the Boy Scouts is practically automatic among Mormon boys."

They report, "The Boy Scout movement has been entrenched in Mormon culture for as long as anyone can remember."

That obviously is changing.

A couple of things caught my attention in this story.

The new leadership that Franklin referenced seems to care more about advancing their own social agenda, than actually strengthening the BSA organization.

Franklin says opening the Boy Scouts to girls is insane.

Clearly, they have placed imposing the homosexual, and gender confusion agenda on the organization at a much higher priority than sustaining the BSA---an America icon for more than 100 years.

This parallels the actions of executives at Target and other high profile corporations, putting the homosexual agenda ahead of the stewardship of stockholders money.

In Target's case, stockholders are now beginning to push back---hard, because Target has been losing money, market share and good will since they made their decision to offend 99.9% of Americans who know which gender they are, in favor of the .001% who are either confused or ill-intentioned.

Franklin says, " I would not want my child or grandchild to be influenced by a gay Scout Leader that goes against God's design for creation."

Most people of faith agree.

Another takeaway. While I applaud the Mormon church for their decision to pull out of the BSA, albeit over time, I noticed their public comments are much more subdued than those made by the church hierarchy, just a few years ago when they took a public stand against so-called same-sex marriage---particularly in California.

Could this be the result of the attacks on various Mormon church facilities and the firing of some Mormons in private business who also took a public stand against so-called "homosexual marriage?"

ABC says Mormon church leaders explained that this is merely a first step toward something that has been in the works for many years.

A Mormon scholar told ABC, "The long game here is the church looking forward to a time when Americans are even more of a minority in the church than they are now," noting that the church has about 15.8 million members, but 6 in 10 of them live outside the US and Canada.

Regardless of the Mormon's motives, it is certainly the right move.

The looming question, then, is what will the 60-90 million evangelicals in America do about this?

More importantly, what will you do?

I'm with Franklin. Pull them out. Now.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Bold. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.


  1. As I recall, Boy Scouts met at local churches. The churches should call them on this question and shut their doors to them if they will not change.

  2. Thanks for standing strong in your comments Gary.

  3. The Mormons only pulled out of two older scout programs in favor of church related programs to help fight against the growing number of boys that are deciding not go on mission.

    The BSA policies allows individual troops to decide if they are going to have gay or transgender members or leaders. Troops have freedom of choice now, a very American thing.

    All the fearful rhetoric probably does children no good.

    1. Oshtur, What are you so afraid of? It's only common sense. Why be so fearful?

    2. Oshtur, Jesus can deliver you from all your unfounded fears. Just ask us how.

  4. Hold on OV. You are not telling the whole story. If you read the rest of Gary's link to ABC you know that Mormon leaders are saying that the two organizations have " diverging values." Matthew Bowman told ABC the departure of the Scouts from the traditional values of the LDS church is the reason. "They have come to see it as a less hospital place." Nice try.

    1. and Matthew Bowman doesn't speak for the Mormon church.

      "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints said the move wasn't triggered by the Boy Scouts' decision in 2015 to allow gay troop leaders, because Mormon-sponsored troops have remained free to exclude such adults on religious grounds."

      …is what the Dallas News says.

      Bowman is doing lots of speculation and personal opinion but he doesn't speak for the church.

  5. So sad to see so much of what was good in America destroyed by the homosexual agenda. They don't care about the wreckage they leave in their wake--just getting what they want, the way they want it.

  6. Oshtur. You're kidding yourself. The Mormons are dumping the scouts because of their believe in marriage and homosexuality.

  7. If you want to say the church spokesman are specifically lying about their reasons have at it. i have suggested Campfire Kids for decades anyway.

  8. Every personal value system comes from one of two places, either a person decides to accept God's value system as detailed in the Bible, or a person decides to create their own value system based on their own personal desires, prejudices, bias, etc.

    The former requires accountability to a power greater than "self" and the latter is an act of worship OF "Self".

    The latter has created the chaos, confusion, and hateful protocols forced on targeted citizens by those who employ violence and intimidation to serve their narcissistic agenda. Ultimately history shows this path destroys people, cultures, and eventually nations.

    Those who embrace the former have been hiding in the closet too long fearing criticism, conflict, and a manifest hatred and punishment for speaking their true beliefs. There is now "momentum opportunity" granted by the Mormon Church and Franklin Graham where "believers" in the former can overcome their fears and stand boldly for what they believe. Adding millions of Evangelicals to the Mormons and Franklin Graham's initiatives would be shot in America heard around the world.

    God is not responsible for what happens when good men see evil in their world and do nothing. We can continue to "talk", or we can take action and stand! “Good Men” will face intimidation with integrity, courage, and conviction. Those who lack those virtues may call themselves ‘good men’, but their failure to stand for what they believe exposes them as counterfeit.

    IT is a good time to stand by removing all children from this organization because any compromise in God's values is unacceptable. We can begin to stand by spreading the word of this opportunity to others before we then stand.

    Truth is a lonely warrior...



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