Friday, July 28, 2017

The Art Of Deception

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Deception is an art.

The ultimate practitioner is found in the narrative of Genesis chapter 3. And again in Jesus' temptation in Matthew chapter 4---one was seduced, one was not.

It's also found in the latest edition of Rolling Stone Magazine.

When Rolling Stone reported earlier this month that multi-millionaire homosexual activist Tim Gill says he plans to "punish the wicked" who oppose the agenda of the LGBT, Christian and conservative writers quoted him.

This week the Rolling Stone writer is saying we all got it wrong about what Gill meant.

We have nothing to worry about, he says, as long as we support the agenda---further confirming what we said at the time.

Here's how the art of deception works.

In reporter Andy Kroll's June 23 article in Rolling Stone, he reported that multi-millionaire activist Tim Gill says he plans to "punish the wicked" who oppose the LGBT agenda.

I, and many others, attached his statement to biblical Christians-- many of whom are already being punished (florists, photographers, bakers, etc.) for their biblical beliefs about marriage.

The push back was so significant that Kroll is now "explaining" that we all misunderstood.

Kroll says conservatives and Christians "badly mangle" the quote because Gill never said that he specifically targets Christians.

"The wicked," he says is anyone who stands in the way of progress on the LGBT agenda. He says it could be "politicians, activists, lawyers, some people of faith, and plenty more with no religious affiliation whatsoever."

I'm not aware of any Muslims or atheists who have been "punished" for their lack of support of his LGBT agenda---but know of many Christians who have and are being "punished."

As evidence that Christians aren't the target, he does what all practitioners do---he gives examples of "Christians" who do not oppose the agenda.

First he notes, "It's worth pointing out that Gill and his foundation actively fund organizations that team up with faith leaders in support of LGBTQ equality."

So as long as Christians "team up" with Gill there's no reason to worry.

As long as biblical Christians become like the religious Left and "team up," we'll all be just fine.

He apparently thinks we are unaware of the religious Left's non-biblical beliefs, and believes his peer pressure or threats will change our religious beliefs.

Nebuchadnezzar believed that too, and took it to the extreme, putting the heat on the Hebrew teenagers--- and he was wrong. The three Hebrews did not bend, nor did they burn.

Kroll uses Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal as an example of a "deeply religious", "professed Christian" who will not be punished.

Gov. Deal, a Baptist, caved to pressure from homosexuals and their advocates and vetoed Georgia's religious freedom bill.

What Kroll doesn't know or want you to know, is that Gov. Deal is a member of a Cooperative Baptist Fellowship church---a very liberal, Left leaning denomination.

I'm certain Kroll could find "Christians" affiliated with conservative, biblical churches that, given enough heat---perhaps to avoid "punishment"---would also get in line...or "team up."

Does Kroll actually believe this will straighten out the matter?

Who knows what he believes, however, one thing is clear; in his attempt at practicing deception, he has actually reaffirmed the point---"Gill plans to punish the wicked," and the "wicked" are those who oppose the LGBT agenda, and biblical Christians oppose the agenda because Scripture opposes the agenda.

In the Temptation of Jesus (Matthew 4) the Deceiver made 3 appeals.

  1. He appealed to the physical needs of Jesus---the need for food.
  2. He appealed to personal pride, actually quoting Scripture.
  3. He appeals to the possibility of a shortcut to Messiahship---forget God's plan, chart your own course.

In Genesis, the appeal is much the same: God is good, surely you wouldn't die, chart your own course and become as God.

One more thought on the art of deception.

Peter (I Peter 5:8) said, "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion walketh about seeking whom he may devour..."

God will protect us from the lions in the den---He reminds us to be vigilant regarding the lion in the grandstand---that lion can't bite, he can only deceive you to "team-up" and compromise.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Informed. Be Faithful. Be Prayerful.


  1. God will destroy the homosexual agenda. Jesus stands against it. He will punish the wicked, and restore those who repent and will believe in him.

  2. "Forget GOD's plan"....seems to be the common core of all advice and teaching...especially those who the church has failed to disciple.

  3. I would like to know how he is going to "punish the wicked"? Is he going to pay out of his billions people to kill them? Is he going to use his money to support those who are going after the "wicked" on legal grounds? Is he going to use his platform to mock the wicked? Really he should have to own up to how he is going to do this.

  4. Excellent. Thank you.

  5. Legal harassment seems to be the means of choice for the left--including the homosexual agenda pushers. Who among us could withstand the expense of that kind of attack? I read somewhere that there are so many laws, now, that we all break some every day--wittingly or unwittingly. If an adversary is rich enough, he can phish until he finds something to "punish" you.

  6. I trust that he who sits in heaven is laughing. (see Psalm 2)

  7. Lets don't miss the point. Any ideology or practice that requires intimidation by threat, malicious ridicule, and/or various forms of violence or bribes to gain acceptance and/or support is a completely bankrupt ideology and/or practice. Further it is most likely of evil origins.

    These practices are a common denominator between LBBTQ promoters and the Islam of the Koran and Mohammed. If you have to attack those who disagree with you it is because you are unable to make a rational argument to support your position.

    Gill is nothing more than a wealthy barbarian. Christians stand for the truth that the "lifestyle" of LGBTQ is an abomination against God, and Gill and his ilk know in their hearts that is the real truth. Christians remind him/them of their deprevation by our very existence, therefore the will go out of their way to hurt us if we refuse to condone their abominable behavior.

    Father forgive them, for they know not what they do? Yes, for if they really knew the price they are agreeing to pay for their indulgences, they would never to what they do. The incredible IRONY is that THEY are the ones who are deceived.

    Love them out of obediene and Pray for their souls...
    Truth is a lonely warrior...


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