Monday, October 30, 2017

George Washington Plaque Removed From Church He Attended

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Last Thursday, Christ Church in Alexandria, Virginia wrote a letter to the congregation announcing that after consideration, they will be removing a plaque commemorating our First President George Washington, who along with his family, regularly attended the church.

In religious tones, they explained why the Father of our Country, first president, regular attending member, and financial contributor George Washington was no longer welcome.

They publicly announced this decision from the pulpit yesterday.

Reactions... and reasons for the decision.

George Washington was one of the founding members of the church which first opened for services in 1773. He and his family regularly attended for more than 20 years.

He contributed substantially to the church in support of its ministry, including the purchase of a pew for his family---which was the norm at the time the church was founded.

Last Thursday, the church sent out a letter to the membership, explaining and spiritualizing why Washington would be removed from the church he loved, supported, and attended.

They also decided to remove the plaque of another member--- well known American Robert E. Lee.

Yesterday, those in attendance said there was "friction" over the decision. Some said a lot of "friction."

Regardless, the church leadership voted unanimously to dispense of Washington.

The explanation by church leaders went something like this: "The plaques in our sanctuary make some in our presence feel unsafe or unwelcome. Some visitors and guests who worship with us choose not to return because they receive an unintended message."

It is striking that this church's leadership believes anything that makes anyone uncomfortable should be removed. But it isn't surprising.

Unfortunately, this is a trend in too many Christian Churches in our country today. They are more focused on "inclusion," "welcoming," and "comfort," than speaking the "Truth," preaching the gospel, and carrying out the purpose and commandment of Jesus Christ, after whom the "Church" is named.

Jesus Christ, God's only begotten Son, did not die a brutal death on a cross outside the city to make people comfortable. He did so to redeem them from sin and restore them to spiritual wholeness, and give them the gift of eternal life---if they would accept Him as the Son of God---"believe in their heart and confess with their mouth," that He is indeed who He said He was.

How did we get from being commanded to go into all the world and preach the gospel of forgiveness, deliverance, redemption, and restoration to a message of "inclusion," "welcoming," and "comfort" that translates to preaching and teaching in ways that affirm the sin and accommodate the bondage for which Jesus died?

We are so obsessed with being inclusive and welcoming, that revising history and redefining God's Word becomes mutually acceptable compromises.

Committed secular activists tell lies under the guise of honorable intentions because the end justifies the means.

This is true in the culture and, unfortunately, in some churches.

The message in too many churches is "If anything makes someone uncomfortable---remove it. Be silent. Seek comfort at any cost." Even if it involves bending the truth or revising history to accommodate a lie or a certain ideology.

This is a classic example of today's cultural collision between traditional biblical values and secular progressive relativism.

It is the result of Cultural Marxism's "long march through the institutions of the West" for the purpose of destroying the West.

Biblical Christianity emphasizes redemption and forgiveness and restoration, while secular progressivism practices exploitation through relativism, and in this case, some kind of subjective reparation.

This nation was founded by George Washington and his colleagues---our Founding Fathers--upon eternal, biblical principles. They rejected the socialism that Marx and Lenin embraced, and they rejected the European "enlightenment" movement and its secular progressive ideology.

The looked to Scripture to guide their framing of this nation and its institutions.

None of these Founders were perfect people, but their intent and inclination was toward freedom based on biblical faith. The Declaration of Independence is testimony to that belief.

Because of deeply held biblical beliefs, this nation fought a Civil War to right the wrongs of slavery. More than 620,000 Americans gave their lives for that cause---and ultimately because of that belief, our 16th president gave his life as well.

Biblical Faith and Freedom are inseparable because our Founders understood that freedom is "a gift from God," not something bestowed by man or governments.

The leadership of the church in Alexandria says the plaques of Washington and Lee are "relics of another era and have no business in a church that proclaims its motto as 'All are welcome---no exceptions'."

Welcome to what? Selective redemption? Selective affirmation?

A glance at the church website gives the enquirer a run down on their beliefs.

They profess to "believe in the power of the Risen Christ," yet ignore Scripture as they profess to "celebrate the participation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals in all ministries."

In fact, "Virtue on Line," an Episcopalian website that claims to be "The Voice for Global Orthodox Anglicanism," carefully details the celebration of Christ Church ignoring biblical teaching and "reaching an important milestone" when the church blessed the relationship of a same-sex couple in 2014.

Rather than preaching deliverance and redemption and they affirm and celebrate the sin.

The church professes, "We believe that Holy Scripture is the Word of God," yet they publicly profess to stand in opposition to Scripture regarding human sexuality.

They promote the fact that the church "dates back to 1773," but refer to their former member George Washington as a "relic of another era."

The Apostle Paul, another relic from another era, wrote under the anointing of God's Holy Spirit" (II Tim. 3:5)"

"Having a form of godliness but denying its power---And from such turn away."

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful. Be Bold.


  1. When anything is removed simply because somebody "feels offended", what happens is that everyone is robbed. This thievery has to stop. It's insane. What ever happened to Romans 14? There is no legitimate reason that I can see for this over reaction. I don't see them complying with scripture on this. I don't see Romans 14 giving opportunity for Political Correctness, though it tries to wiggle itself in.

  2. There it is again, the homosexual agenda that got in first.

  3. Perhaps the offended ones saw too much similarity between George Washington and Jesus.


  4. These errors of thought are from making the greatest commandment subservient to excuse unto others as you would have them excuse unto you

  5. If the church welcomes "gay Christians" does it not also welcome "homophobic Christians?" And if it is more welcoming of one than the other, would it be welcoming the category that the Apostle Paul fit in?

  6. Love relics. George and Paul are shaking their heads while Marx is doing cartwheels. Thankyou Gary.

    1. Where to start...?

      If these "church leaders" sincerely wish to remove things that "offend" some so much as to cause them not to come back, they should then remove:
      * Any references to sin in print or word making people feel “guilty” and “ashamed”
      * The Cross of Christ, representing a brutal act of violence that is offensive…
      * The acceptance of sexual deviances which God clearly states as an "abomination" indicating it leads to hell.
      * and perhaps most important, the group that call themselves "leaders" should be removed immediately as they clearly have caused several if not many people to be offended and stop coming to that church.

      Truth…Progressivism in it’s current cultural state is in fact a mental and spiritual disorder that relies completely on it’s own huburis for validation.

      Fact: Hubris is not an acceptable replacement for God’s word.

      Yes...remove it all these things “QUICKLY” before more people are offended and quit coming to their church!

      Truth is a lonely warrior...


    2. I suspect that George is quite happy to be removed. I strongly suspect that he would not have become a member of this church today, given its heretical beliefs. This church is filled with the vain philosophies that Paul warns us about, and is embracing practices which scripture declares sinful to result in the loss of entry to God's heaven. They are exercising their free will that He gave to man, and will suffer the consequences of bondage, slavery to master of sin, Satan himself. May God redeem them again and let them turn from the unrighteous behavior, not removing the plaque, but endorsing spiritual slavery which leads to all "slavery"
      of both Washington and today.

  7. These fools offend me. Do I have the right to have them removed?

    In those days everyone did what was right in their own eyes.


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