Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Archbishop "Baffled" By Evangelicals Who Support Trump

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NBC and most other news organizations have been carrying the story about "England's top religious authority, the archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby" being "baffled" by the fact that so many---in his words--- "so-called evangelical Christians" support President Trump.

A leading American "so-called evangelical" pastor has offered to un-baffle the archbishop.

NBC News has basically regurgitated a news story that was initially published by Associated Press. Most news organizations are doing the same. The Washington Post and a long list of lesser lights across the nation are creating their own headlines while running the text of AP.

The reason? The story helps advance the narrative the news media wants to publish every day.

The "news" component is that President Trump will be making an official visit to England---will the archbishop attend?

From AP: "The most Rev. Justin Welby told ITV's 'Passion on Sunday' program that he 'really genuinely' can't comprehend why fundamentalists have provided such a strong base for Trump."

The Archbishop of Canterbury told the press, "There's two things going through my mind: Do I say what I think, or do I say what I should say? And I'm going to say what I think. No, I don't understand it. I really do not understand where that is coming from."

He noted that he has met with worse people than the President of the United States---"I spent years and years involved in conflict stuff around the world where I met people who had killed many, many people."

Will he attend the state dinner?

"I'd be unlikely to do more than shake hands with him."

The far Left, widely read Huffington Post added this to their version of the story:

"White evangelical Christians have been key part of Trump’s base, with 81 percent of them voting for him in 2016. A Fox News poll last month found 66 percent approve of the job he’s doing, far higher than the president’s overall approval rating of 38 percent."

They too are baffled. Apparently.

The irony, at least to me, can't be missed in this.

The archbishop, by his own admission, seems to be as confused in 2017 regarding biblical Christians as King George III was in 1776.

Pastor Robert Jeffress has responded to the baffled archbishop by telling the press, what he often tells his 20,000 member congregation.

He says, "I'm not sure why [Welby's] so baffled by it. Beyond reviving the economy, rebuilding the military, remaking the judiciary, President Trump is, without doubt, the most pro-religious liberty and pro-life president we've had in history."

The pastor says evangelicals at least have an audience with Trump, whereas Clinton would have considered them a political enemy.

He's right. I think we were also labeled "deplorables."

"To me," Jeffress says, "the real baffling question is why doesn't a so-called religious leader like the Archbishop of Canterbury support a pro-religious liberty and pro-life candidate like Donald Trump?"

He continues by answering his own question-- "Welby doesn't understand evangelicals because he doesn't understand the Bible."

Jeffress is right again.

Under the guidance of Archbishop Welby, the Church of England has planned a special church service for a transgender person switching genders, and just this month instructed its schools to encourage preschool children to explore multiple genders as part of its "Valuing All God's Children" directive.

The archbishop's directive explained, "This guidance helps schools to offer the Christian message of love, joy, and celebration of our humanity without exception or exclusion."

Now I'm baffled. The Bible is clear that we are not celebrating our humanity, we are celebrating Christ's divinity.

With all due respect, I agree with the archbishop. He is baffled and confused, and now he is baffling and confusing the people who still attend his state church---and even the little children they send to the state/church schools.

The take away for me is a reminder of why biblical Christians loaded into wooden boats several hundred years ago and risked their lives crossing the Atlantic---then further risked their lives trying to survive in the New World.

And why colonists left their farms, businesses, and families to fight the Revolutionary War---and defeat England, and oppression from its state church.

Religious Liberty.

The archbishop may not understand that----- but I hope and pray we always understand it. And remain informed and vigilant and prayerful.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.


  1. I think people usually go with saying what they think. I've seen the wizard of OZ.

  2. Pastor Jeffress - you are a voice in the wildness!! Thank you for speaking the truth to a confused church (and archbishop) The Bible is clear, we love others are we love them to Christ and don't simply love them right into hell so we don't hurt their feelings. Standing up for truth is love. All churches need to awaken and begin to teach what the Bible holds, the whole Bible and not just the parts that fit a "feel good" agenda. People are hungry and searching for churches that teach to whole Word of God - it is difficult to find a church like that today. We are all sinners and all sin hurts the heart of God. God bless you!!! Joan

    1. We must understand that love is pure. It doesn't celebrate sin. It does not celebrate the weakness of man as if it were a virtue to be applauded, or as a reason to excuse sin. Those who support, condone, tolerate, or otherwise promote homosexuality will not enter the kingdom of heaven. They drive people out of it, and they destroy the church. God if faithful and he has promised that he will destroy those who destroy his work. Therefore we will praise him, we who do survive the corruption of this fallen world, by Christ Jesus.

    2. Hi Anonymous... Can you rewrite your psot so it makes sense. Is Jeffress a voice in the wildness or in the wilderness?
      Do you agree with Jeffress or Pastor Randall? :)

  3. “Though seeing, they do not see; though hearing, they do not hear or understand.

  4. When Ivanka Trump said "there is a special place in hell" reserved for those who would prey on children the left railed their collective outrage in Judge Moore's direction but remained completely oblivious to their own mantra of introducing to, and even recruiting children into the LGBTQ lifestyle of wanton sin. Judge Moore may or may not be guilty of the sin they cry out against, but the left will one day give account for their knowing and deliberate leading of millions of children into a life of sin. I wonder if one day the Brits will celebrate a male Queen?

  5. In other words, the end justifies the means. Got it!

  6. Re; Welbys valuing all gods children directive. (And I deliberately typed small g). The implication is that all people everywhere whether Christ followers or not are God's choldren. I am sick of hearing this. John 1:12 & 13 are clear. Only those who accept Jesus have the right to become the children of God. We are all God's creation but most of humanity makes the choice not to become God's children. They want the privileges without the submission to God. Thus they make up their own religion (all religions are man made - God never made any religion - in fact Jesus said words to the affect, you want religion, take care of widows and orphans.) So because even leaders of "churches" don't know or believe what the Bible says,they make their own religion leading their people astray. And remain baffled at support to a generally Biblical president, teach we are ALL God's children, and so many other problems. What do they think is the meaning behind the wide and narrow road discussions in the Bible? Many will not choose to become the children of God, but prefer the false gods of their own creation, thus the wide road to perdition.

    May God teach us to know His word so that we don't futher degenerate to be like a recent survey which found that 50% of high school seniors believed Sodom and Gomorrah were husband and wife.


  7. Jesus was criticized for lending validation to sinners by eating with them, spending time with them, and even healing and assisting them. Jesus showed us that we need to love sinners. Jesus also consistently made it clear that He / God does not tolerate sin.

    "Go and sin no more".

    Encouraging sin, placating sin, supporting sin, or facilitating sin in others is the opposite of loving them. Loving them is pointing out their sin, with gentleness and respect, sharing our reason for hope, and encouraging them to repent and accept the salvation Jesus offers them.

    Matt 18:5-6....Jesus made it clear ....

    5 "And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. 6 But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.

    Those who reject the truth of God's word are spiritually blind. Their blindness makes it impossible for them to understand or even to "see" the truth. Their blindness extends into both Government and Politics, as these venues are the battlefield where Satan is gradually making headway. There is no mystery why Rev Justin Welby "does not understand". The Church of England has abandoned the truth of God in favor of supporting Leftism. They have in affect embraced blindness, and have unwittingly enlisted into the army of the great deceiver!

    The book of Acts shows us that those who practiced habitual sin and/or approved of it were given the truth and a chance to repent, then "ejected" from the body of Christ if they failed to repent. Lest they "poison" the body of believers OR come to believe they are accepted in the body of Christ (by Christ) even when they choose rebellion in lifestyle sin.

    We should pray for the light of truth to penetrate the minds and hearts of those who embrace and promote sin while deceiving themselves into thinking they are blessed and accepted by Jesus.

    Truth is a lonely warrior…



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