Monday, November 20, 2017

Judge Moore--Discerning Truth In A Perverted Culture

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Tomorrow, Alabama will decide if Judge Roy Moore is fit to serve as a US Senator, in light of the allegations that have been made against him.

Voters will either agree with the press, the accusers and GOP leadership Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and others that Judge Roy Moore is unfit to serve, and should be rejected.

Or they will say Moore has been falsely accused and the mainstream media and the moderate Republicans are simply trying to destroy his candidacy.

This political race has been framed as representing a critical juncture in our country, not only in Alabama.

Moore laid his position out on the table last night on New York City's AM 970 News Talk radio.

Moore said that McConnell and the establishment Republican Party will only support candidates they can control.

He said, "Well, I have never been controlled. I do not want to be controlled and I certainly will not be controlled when I come to Washington."

Moore continued, "I will decide on the issues independently by listening to my colleagues, discussing matters with them. I will make up my own mind."

"This," he says, "is the problem" and elite Republican leaders wanted "moderate" GOP candidate Luther Strange, whom McConnell supported with millions of dollars.

It isn't only Moore who believes this is true, at least in part. Many believe that McConnell, McCain, Ryan and other so-called "moderate" Republican leaders were deeply committed to keeping Moore out of Congress from the beginning---the accusations, which came later in the campaign, provided the ammunition they were looking for.

In fact, Moore said last night that McConnell and establishment Republicans may have been involved in the original Washington Post story citing women alleging that he sought relationships with teenagers. The Post story cited one woman claiming that he attempted to have sexual contact with her when she was 14 years old.

Within hours of the Washington Post story, GOP leadership began calling for Moore to remove himself from the contest---which virtually ensured that his Democrat opponent will win in Republican Alabama.

Moore said last night, McConnell and establishment politicians are afraid of him because he is "not your typical Republican. Not only do I believe in conservative fiscal issues, but I also believe in moral conservative social issues."

Judge Roy Moore has indeed believed in and stood for "moral and conservative social issues."

He says, "I have stood for religious liberty and religious freedom and these are subjects which Washington not only doesn't understand but doesn't want to hear about."

He charged, "Washington would rather stop careers then hear about God and to understand that our values and our rights come from God. And government's only role is to secure those inalienable rights for us."

And he categorically denies the accusations that have been made against him. He says they are not true, and a closer look by conservative news organizations do reveal many inconsistencies in the accusations.

But if these accusations are true---should he even be given the opportunity to stand for anything---much less moral conservative values and religious liberty?

He's right, the establishment Republicans who control the Party don't want him in Washington.

We all know fairly well what the Party guys think, and Judge Roy Moore is telling the nation what he thinks about this.

But the question is, what do the citizens---the voters think?

What do you think?

A number of women who have known Roy Moore a very long time, some who have grown up knowing him their entire life, are also weighing in.

The women range from Moore's sister-in-law to a former receptionist, from women he once dated to women who have known him since childhood.

Kandi Kisor Smith, sister of Moore's wife, says she's known him for more than 30 years and she can't even grasp that anyone would question his character. "He has lived by what he has preached since the day I met him."

His former receptionist says he is nothing but a fine, pleasurable man, and that this is all very upsetting to her.

Jennie Klingenbeck dated Roy Moore when she was in her 20s and says Roy lives by his Christian beliefs and is a "good man."

There are many more women weighing in on Judge Moore---I encourage you to read their accounts of the various relationships with him.

Jennifer Price says, "I have known Roy Moore all my life. He is one of the most godly men I've ever known. I would trust him with my life and I would call on him for anything and I know he'd be there. He's a wonderful husband, father, and granddaddy and loves his family dearly."

So we know what the press, the establishment Republicans, Judge Moore himself, and his lifelong friends think.

But what do you think?

And more importantly, to my readers in Alabama---what does God think? What is the Truth?

How do we discern Truth in such a perverted world? Or should we bother?

First Thessalonians 5:21-22 teaches that it is the "responsibility" of every Christian to be discerning.

The key to exercising discernment in every area of our life is found in our ability to distinguish between truth and error. Unfortunately, this is an area where we, as Christians, often stumble because we receive false, tainted information.

This is certainly the case regarding Judge Roy Moore. You certainly can't believe everyone who is weighing in on him, because it is conflicted information.

Discernment intersects the Christian life at every point, and God's Word provides us with the needed discernment about every issue of life.

Peter wrote (2 Peter 1:3) that God "has granted to us everything pertaining to life and godliness, through the true knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and excellence."

The ability to think biblically about every issue in life---otherwise we are "tossed to and fro by the waves, and carried about by every wind of doctrine" (Eph. 4:14).

But this isn't a doctrinal issue.

God speaks to the heart of those who seek His wisdom---and acknowledge Him.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,

And lean not on your own understanding;

In all your ways acknowledge Him,

And He shall direct your paths (Proverbs 3:5-6).

Be Discerning. Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.


  1. Even if Judge Moore was guilty of those sexual acts 30-40 years ago, we have forgiveness in Christ, and He makes us a new creation. Oh the hypocrisy of the left! Clinton was guilty of far worse immorality while he was President, and he was endorsed, ignoring acts of rape. Moore, who stands for righteousness, is cursed for accusations of his distant past, and the left is trying to hold him accountable. May the Alabama voters be discerning, as Gary Randall's article suggests!

    I do not know if Moore had been sexually inappropriate long ago or not, but I know I was as a young person. I sure am thankful for the redemption, forgiveness and cleansing I received. I have not been that other woman for 35 years! Jesus told the woman accused of adultery to go and sin no more. History shows, Moore as a redeemed person. May voters forgive what MAY be previous sins, and evaluate his recent track record and leadership. Only Jesus was sinless.

  2. I thought part of the path to forgiveness was admitting your sins, not continuing to lie about them.

    1. True enough, we need to confess our sins. But who is (are) the liar(s) in this saga? Moore, or the accusers that the left sought out?


  3. There is not enough evidence to know what happened forty years ago one way or the other, so the person, to be weighed in the balance, for the most part, will be ourselves by what we project into it.

    What we can know is what he and his opponent are like, today.

    So what people will be voting for is not Moore today and Moore Yesterday, but Moore and someone who favors partial birth abortions

    So it does not matter what Moore did or did not do it is in the past, it cannot be changed, more importantly is what can be done today, and partial birth abortions are being done today

    Vote for what can be done today!

  4. I can't speak for the Senate and Congressional leadership but it appears to me that they jumped on the "No-Judge Moore" wagon a bit too fast; almost like the Never-Trumpers." It almost seems as if they might even want to return to minority status in the senate. The leadership would likely still be the minority leadership...but they would be back in their safe place where they were when Obama was POTUS. They could promise everything knowing everyone expected nothing since they were in the minority...they weren't a "do nothing" majority, they were a "promise a bare knuckled toe to toe" fight for conservative and, yes, Christian values, but knowing no one actually expected any success or blamed them for any failure. Kind of not really fired up but pretending to long for a real fight. They remind me of those about whom Jesus said "I prefer that you were hot or cold, if you are luke warm I will spew you out of my mouth."


  5. Truth is a lonely warrior...

    If …the evidences of a man's words, actions, courage, and consistency lend one to conclude that someone is a godly man who can be trusted, then… Judge Roy Moore has qualified for for this merit more highly than any political or legal figure for decades in the spotlight. Add to that the plethora of credible women who have come forward to testify to his godly character and moral integrity.

    Contrast that credible evidence with claims of women who showed up a few short weeks before this crucial election to make allegations which have no evidence to support them. The "yearbook" evidence which is proven to be a false document due to the ignorant error of including the "D.A." after the copy of his signature in her yearbook (the initials of his clerk who is required to put her initials after his "stamped signature" on the accusers divorce decree). This accuser is proven to have thereby committed fraud, and she has refused to allow the so called “document” to be examined by professional handwriting and forensic science, yet she is still considered to be a credible witness to repeat her claims on network TV?

    Aside from this massive imbalance of evidence, when did it become acceptable to "punish" someone, (defined as causing a person to pay a price or penalty), for simply being “accused” of doing something by another person?

    Here we have no credible evidence aside from ruinous slander, falsified evidence, and media/political pundits promoting a malicious ideological & political agendas. So Judge Roy Moore, Alabama, and America are all expected to pay the penalty of a “guilty” verdict as a result?

    Slander should never be given credibility unless supported by fact. If we compromise that standard our nation is without hope, a victim of those who are most dedicated and professional at creating the image of wrong doing without the substance of proof.

    Dare we maliciously judge and then wish to punish any man, or woman, who wishes to date a member of the opposite sex that is 12+ years younger? Can a godly older man and a 16-20 year old mature woman succeed in raising Godly children in a successful life-long marriage? My God forgive us all for promoting the punishment of any man who “might” entertain the idea that a healthy young godly woman 16 years his junior might be the right partner for him to devote his life to and build a family with!

    Our ideas of ‘morality’ have become twisted in America, and our readiness to hurry to judge another on the basis of our feelings truly makes us the real 'guilty' party.

    May God forgive us...

    Truth is a lonely warrior…



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