Monday, November 13, 2017

The Judge Roy Moore Problem

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While the Washington Post and the desperate far-Left activists, Democrat politicians and so-called "moderate" Republicans obsessively work to destroy Judge Roy Moore and his candidacy, the mother of Moore's accuser is telling a different story.

The tragedy of this matter may well be more about the GOP than about Republican candidate Judge Roy Moore.

In the blink of an eye so-called "moderate" Republicans (and some who claim to be conservatives) have joined the chant, "crucify him, crucify him," as Judge Roy has been led into the public square to be tried by the press and the politicians, rather than the facts, which are still unknown.

The Washington Post created the story, claiming that Judge Roy Moore---the GOP candidate to replace the Alabama Senate seat vacated by now Attorney General Jeff Sessions---had made sexual advances toward a teenage girl 39 years ago. The girl was 18 years younger than Moore at the time.

Other news sources immediately began publishing a version of the same story based on the Post story, not on their own investigative work.

It's not surprising that the news media and the Democrats teamed up against Moore.

What is surprising---and telling---is how quickly many in the Republican Party piled on before knowing the facts.

My friend, Bryan Fisher, talk show host on American Family Radio, says, "The senators who have dogpiled Moore---Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Jon Cornyn, Lisa Murkowski, and a host of other establishment types---are lawmakers, and certainly know that the first principle of American jurisprudence is 'innocent until proven guilty'. And yet on the basis of a single unsubstantiated witness dredging up something she claimed happened 39 years ago, Moore's would be colleagues have indicted him, prosecuted him, and condemned him to the Ninth Circle of Dante's Inferno. All in 15 minutes."

Virtue is not driving this attempted crucifixion, it is driven by self-serving personal ambition on the part of all accusers---at least at this point because the facts are simply not yet known.

The establishment Republicans didn't want conservative Moore, they wanted their GOP mainstream "moderate" candidate.

Fischer says, "Despicably, Sen. McCain has taken the lead in passing final; judgment on Moore before the ink was dry on the front page of the Washington Post. McCain even admits he is not doing it on the basis of any concrete evidence but merely on the basis of wholly uncorroborated accusations, which even the Post calls nothing more than 'allegations'."

McCain is telling the press, "The allegations against Roy Moore are deeply disturbing and disqualifying. He should immediately step aside and allow the people of Alabama to elect a candidate they can be proud of."

The righteous indignation of Senator McCain rings hollow. It was McCain who dumped his first wife after returning from captivity in Vietnam, calling her "frumpy" and "overweight" and pursuing an affair with a woman who was 18 years---yes, 18 years younger at the time.

While he served our country with distinction, he is not presently acting on the same principles of integrity.

I guess you can understand Mitch McConnell's motivation. After spending more than $33 million to defeat Moore and give the nomination to the "moderate Republican," McConnell is probably irritated and obviously embarrassed. And he should be. Moore won by 9 points.

McConnell and the so-called moderates spent tens of millions of dollars to elect their kind of a Republican---but the voters disagreed with the GOP establishment---much like they did in the presidential election last November.

Here's what has happened since the Washington Post ran their hit piece last Thursday.

The mother of Leigh Corfman, who has made the allegations against Judge Moore, told Breitbart News exclusively Saturday, that the Washington Post worked to convince her daughter to give the interview to WAPO about the allegations.

Nancy Wells, the mother of the accuser Leigh Corfman, said her daughter would not have made the accusations if the Washington Post would not have convinced her to give them an interview.

The mother says, "She did not go to them, they called her."

Now 3 other women are saying that Roy Moore also tried to date them as well---and made inappropriate sexual advances. They were between the ages of 16 and 18 at the time. He was about 30.

Moore says he absolutely did not do what he is being accused of doing and did nothing wrong.

Corfman's mother says that her daughter told the Post that she took calls from Moore on the phone in her bedroom---but she didn't have a phone in her bedroom during those years.

Corfman, herself, told the Post that she has had a very troubled life including 3 divorces, several bankruptcies, and a history of drug abuse.

Fischer says, "Ms. Corfman has made a cottage industry out of making false and slanderous accusations of sexual impropriety against Christian leaders. According to a neighbor, "she...went to various churches within our denomination and accused at least three other pastors besides an uncle of ours [of] making sexual advances at her. Each time that she brought it to a district board for Alabama they found her to be uncredible [sic] and she changed her story many times."

At an event Saturday, Moore told the audience that he absolutely did not do what he is being accused of doing.

He raised the question others, including Fox's Sean Hannity and radio talk show host Mark Levine, are asking:

Why has this not come out sooner?

He said, "For forty years I have been closely scrutinized in the press and the public media. I have had investigations by the attorney general, I've had investigations by the judicial inquiry commission on more than one occasion. I've been in 5 statewide campaigns in which they do opposition research, as you can see in every one I've run in...I've been investigated more than any other person in the country."

Why would this come out now?

Additionally, Judge Moore has taken a biblical stand on both abortion and same-sex marriage. And has been a strong advocate for religious freedom and public display of the Ten Commandments. Those activist groups have come against him with the force of hell---yet none of these current accusations have ever been made.

Moore asks why would these women, now, after nearly 40 years suddenly feel they must make these allegations?

I think most of us have some understanding of how dirty and desperate politics have become---especially the politics of the Left.

But why would the Republican elite bail on a candidate within minutes of these allegations being made---with no proof on the part of the accusers?

Fischer speaks to that as well. He says there is one simple answer why these so-called "moderates" have done everything humanly possible to defeat this man and are now doing all possible to destroy him:

So why have the Poobahs of the Black Lagoon like McConnell, McCain, Cornyn, Murkowski and the rest been so quick to land on Judge Moore like a falling safe? For one simple reason: they despise genuine conservatives. They despise ordinary Americans like us who believe in the Ten Commandments, natural marriage, normative sexuality, right and wrong, the Constitution as written by the Founders, the rule of law, and the Judeo-Christian tradition of truth claims and moral values.
The sad but transparent truth is that they hate us. They don't want to be bothered by conservatives, they don't want to hear from conservatives, they don't want to see conservatives, they don't want to talk to conservatives, they don't want to work with conservatives. They want us out of sight and out of mind.
But we're not going anywhere. And neither is Judge Moore.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful.


  1. So some people in our government will spend 33 million of their own money to see someone elected? Why? I can see them supporting someone, but 33 million dollars? I don't get it.

    1. Some love power even more than money and will spend unreasonable sums of money to maintain power for themselves, their clique, or the cabal that they receive power from. That or they're just plain nuts.

    2. Are they spending THEIR own money? ALL of them are masters of deception and find new ways to spend taxpayer money like their fake fairy
      tale mother and father, Hillary and Obama, two of the biggest criminals in American history.

  2. John 15:20 - Jesus message to us...

    Remember the word that I said to you: ‘A servant is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted me, they will also persecute you. If they kept my word, they will also keep yours.

    1. I agree and would have to say that if Republican leaders hate Roy Moore, it's because he reminds them of the truth of God which they also hate.

  3. Drain the swamp. The whole swamp.

  4. My prayer is that Republicans will see the hypocrisy in this smear and turn out in even greater numbers than they would have otherwise. Conservatives need to wake up and watch what their "leaders" are doing--many of them are conservative in name only and do not really hold our values.

  5. Solid Democrats will vote Democrat and solid Republicans will vote Republican. Therefore, the success or failure of Roy Moore will depend on moderates and independents - the very people most likely to be turned off by a party that turns on one of its own. "If" Roy Moore were to lose, I would blame the Republican leaders who are abandoning him, and turning against him, more than the left that has been against him from the beginning. And "if" that were to happen, the blame would lie at the feet of the "conservative" voters who put those leaders in office.

  6. It's telling who is promoting these wild eyed stories, and who they think they can peel away from supporting Judge Moore. I don't pretend to know if he attempted to date say 18 or 19 year olds as a 30 year old - some say it 'was common knowledge' and thought it 'strange' - but how do we know the same are not raving liberal lunatics? At some point you have to suspect every story in the liberal boot licking, attack, fake news media complex.

    I will say it's interesting that Judge Moore himself said he may have had dates with younger women, or tried to, but would only have done so with a mother's permission. Strange, odd? - perhaps by you know 1950s standards, but not really, if he asked parents' permission. Much less odd than what goes on, on a 'normal' day for any oddball liberal.

    Who are these liberal loonies that stand in condemnation of Moore, but the same sex, gender confusing, LGBTQ supporting, pedophile (Podestas, et al) defending, NAMBLA defending folks who operate with absolutely ZERO moral compass. And they're accusing Moore of 'strange'? That's surely the definition of ironic. And the Republican establishment stooges that concocted this surely in a cigar smoke filled room, are equally complicit.

    I agree with the earlier poster - DRAIN THE SWAMP. Do I wish Moore was squeaky clean - perhaps he is! Since these supposedly odd dates (I think the 14 year old is ruled out, as she's made money accusing leaders of this), Moore has been married, and gone through massive scrutiny.

    Do I think WaPo could have paid people for this salacious business - I think they could have. Clinton campaign underlings were paying people to show up to create havoc at Trump rallies.

    And the timing????! This just doesn't pass the sniff test.

    What do we think is really going on in the Swamp to oppose its draining? They will fight to the death - surely this level is not beneath the scum in the Swamp. We best muster our best to fight for our country, and our families!

    1. Bruce, agree, we support Judge Roy Moore Big Time, he will no doubt clean the swamp, on to Victory!!!

  7. When a godly man seeks a godly woman to be the mother of his children is should not be surprising that he might consider women in their late teens. Women in their late teens are more mature than men in the mid-twenties, and more likely to be virgins than women in their early twenties or older. Throughout history, 30+ year old men have married women under 20, and there are likely thousands of such married couples with solid marriages raising Christian children in America today.

    Evil will convince a lazy mind that anal sex between two consenting adult men is sacrosanct, and a married adulterous president having sex with Monica Lewinski (28 years his junior) is “only sex”…no big deal. But of course dating and even marriage of a 30 year old man to a woman 12 year his junior is just plain immoral!

    The clear new twist here is the bold and transparent hateful initiatives from the "above named" Republicans in leadership. They act as if the American people are too stupid to understand what they are doing. This is an inflation of the same despicable and morally desolate behavior that recently resulted in the election of Donald Trump as president.
    They will do anything to hold on to their power, up to and including being transparent in their treachery and evil bias. The arrogance of this evil is remarkable.

    Let us pray that the Holy Spirit will shed the light of truth on everyone watching. Hopefully, it will result in an increased replacement of these despicable “lawmakers” with godly conservative men and women of moral and ethical character.

    Truth is a lonely warrior...

    It is this activity that resulted

  8. This isn't going to be a problem. It's Alabama, the girls were at least 14 and Roy's a powerful white guy. End of story.

  9. My parents are ~12 years apart, having been married at about 30 (dad) and 18 (mom), and they're still happily married roughly 48 years later. 30 and 18 may sound a little odd, but my mom was extremely mature for her age, due to life/family circumstances and basically having to raise her younger brothers, and my dad has always been a young, energetic guy, so from a maturity level, they just matched up well. They had two kids, (we're both doing great in life, and I've been happily married for over 25 years myself), and they were wonderful, loving parents. Couldn't have asked for better parents or a better childhood. :-)

    1. Your father sounds like a good guy. I'd have a different opinion if he had sexually assaulted multiple young girls as young as 14.

    2. "I'd have a different opinion if he had sexually assaulted multiple young girls as young as 14." Proof? This was NEVER established. Conviction by social media. The "14 year old" is a woman who makes money accusing evangelicals. Her story doesn't hold up - the details at the restaurant - even its name is wrong....look it up.

  10. One comment reads…’This is not going to be a problem because it is Alabama, the girl was 14 and Roy's a powerful white guy"???

    First, why introduce skin color into this event? Only a racist would do this.

    Next, this is not about Alabama, it is about Leftism gone mad with power. If "Lefitsm" is not stopped it will destroy America, and Judge Roy Moore is the most threatening figure to the advance of Radical Leftism one can imagine. His proven integrity in about 40 years of office, his commitment to the Lord and Creator, and his Conservative integrity which has been demonstrated repeatedly under various attacks for the past two decades are all the reasons "they" cannot allow him to have a seat in the Senate. Even the Republican leadership was eager to condemn him early in the game. This is not a man they want in their body, not because he may or may not have been attracted to young women 35 years ago, but because of his strong and resilient commitment to Conservative and Christian values.

    Wake up my friend...this is neither about Alabama nor about young women. Radical Leftism is funded by the ultra wealthy and those politicians who do not support its goals in principle do support their hunger for wealth and secure positions of power.

    Just as the Washington Post would not take “no” for an answer until this “then 14 year old” agreed to tell her story in print, so the Radical Leftist movement will stop at nothing to destroy any Conservative or Religious advance in our government or our culture.

    Open your eyes and look at what is happening to our schools, our military, our families, our marriage structure, our moral foundations, our health care, our immigration laws, our religious freedoms, and on and on! Every institution that once made America great has been either sabotaged or dismantled in the last 30 years, and militant Leftists are the drivers. The more headway they make the bolder and more relentless they become.

    We need a hundred Roy Moore’s in the Senate and the House, and they are deathly afraid to allow even one!

    Truth is a lonely warrior...


    1. Pedophilia is pedophilia. Choose to ignore it because you want this guy to win, but it is what it is and he's a sick man. How would you have felt if it had been your own daughter? I don't think it would be so easy to just look the other way then.

    2. There was one woman who claimed Moore attacked her at 14. She's done this multiple time, for money, against evangelicals....that's your PROOF? There were other falsehoods - like the phony yearbook...and you believe Allred, with all her prevarications? Please....


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