Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Apple Removes Easter-- The Bashing Continues

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In a move that's gathering attention, especially in the wake of ABC's recent Christian bashing episode on "The View," Apple has now removed Easter as a recognized holiday from its calendar software.

It may not be as big of a big deal if it was just one company. But added to the media's bashing of biblical Christianity and those who practice it-- including VP Mike Pence-- and the fact that Apple currently has at least 1 billion devices in regular use, it is a big deal.

Discrimination against Christianity is growing incrementally---as some Christians continue to proclaim we shouldn't be "involved in politics."

Apple actually sold its billionth device back in 2014, but with replacement factored in, Apple conservatively estimates they have at least 1 billion devices in current regular use today.

And most of us know most people don't glance at their device, they live with it, and by the info on it. From news to weather, to yes, their personal calendar.

I wrote earlier about ABC's "The View" mocking Christians in general and VP Mike Pence in particular for believing we can talk to Jesus and that He speaks into our lives through our personal relationship with Him.

As we mentioned here earlier, Brent Bozell, head of Media Research Council (MRC), has demanded a public apology from the president of ABC and two of the co-hosts---Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin, for their public mocking of biblical Christianity on "The View" last week.

FOX News reported Monday that ABC had already received more than 25,000 phone calls over the weekend from upset Christians. I'm certain the number is much greater now and will continue to grow.

This was another incident of a growing problem. And it is outrageous.

There is a sense among us---Christians and conservatives, that somehow free speech, inclusiveness and tolerance---supposedly the virtues and values of the Left--- doesn't apply to us.

Those who profess to live by the rule of diversity, attack those who actually have a belief that is "diverse" from the diversity crowd.

The Daily Caller reported this week that a number of workers are starting to flee the Silicon Valley area (home of Apple, Google, Facebook and others) because of "discomfort stemming from a uniform way of thinking in the industry and the region."

The Caller says:

A large majority of conservatives said they are in some way uneasy in the area due to their political and personal beliefs, according to a study published earlier in the month by the Lincoln Network. Roughly 89 percent and 74 percent of people who identified as “very conservative” or “conservative,” respectively, said they are hesitant of being themselves while working in Silicon Valley. Additionally, more than two-thirds of libertarians, which were the largest portion of respondents in the survey, said the same.
Only 30 percent and 36 percent of Silicon Valley employees who identify as “very liberal” or “liberal” are reluctant to be their true selves, according to the study.

Which brings us to Apple.

While most of us are just becoming aware of this latest move to remove what Apple does not think important--- Easter, a global Christian holiday observed by more than 2 billion Christians--- some became aware of the move shortly after the first of the year.

Late last year and early this year, Apple users began posting on Apple Support Community that Easter was gone from their calendar. Asking why?

According to Breitbart News, when Apple was contacted regarding this issue, the reply received was "the calendar is as it should be."

Well, the calendar is not "as it should be."

Why is Apple so intent on purging one of the most important holidays of the world's largest religion from its calendar?

I'm glad you asked.

On Inauguration Day, January 20, 2009, newly elected President Obama told the nation and the world, "Starting today we must...begin again the work of re-making America."

Some months before our last election, Hillary Clinton, the inevitable next president of the United States, told the Women of the World conference, "Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will. And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed."

She had been anointed by the progressive Left---secular and religious---to carry forward the Saul Alinsky inspired agenda of Barack Obama and the enlightened folks in media, education, and entertainment.

However, Hillary was benched by "we the people" and a person who, by all accounts, would not even survive the primaries, much less become president, became president.

While Hillary was left to ask, "What Happened?" the media, education and entertainment industry moved forward with the "plan."

These powerful entities in our culture are incrementally moving the far Left agenda forward with the vision to fundamentally "remake America."

The "remaking" includes "changing the deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases" which restrain the so-called progress of the secularist progressives.

Those who claim to be "Christian" but go with the progressive flow---or simply choose to remain silent, are not a problem.

People who actually practice biblical Christianity, and do so publicly, are a major speed bump to progressives. They are impediments that must be removed, thus the attack on people who actually talk to Jesus.

Every far-Left progressive agenda tracks the same. Whether it is so-called "same-sex marriage," abortion, gun control, or removal of Judeo-Christian values from the culture--- it follows the same game plan.

They call for a national discussion. They identify "victims" during the discussion who are suffering because of the practice of outdated traditional customs or "cultural codes." Then the media produces fake polls and fake news stories that cause people who disagree with the progressive agenda to feel they are out of step with "most" other people. Peer pressure. Public opinion becomes a lynching mob of those who disagree.

If people actually voted on abortion, it would be illegal. If we the people actually voted on same-sex marriage, I personally believe it would not be legal---even though some "polls" suggest otherwise.

If America actually voted on gun control or confiscation---as the far-Left really wants, it would be defeated.

Founding Father Thomas Jefferson said, "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty."

Be Vigilant. Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Bold. Be Prayerful.


  1. Thankyou again for succinct commentary. Let us stay the course and be expectant. Come quickly Lord.

  2. Peer pressure, incremental regulatory abuse, coersive shaming, scapegoating those who disagree with their lies, mocking the power of the Creator to reach into the lives of His people....what a horrendous hateful agenda the Left is using to destroy their enemies, the followers of Jesus. Where are the pastors, those courageous Christian servant leaders with the authority to defend their LORD, their faith and their own congregants? We need the King of Kings to defend us!!! Come LORD Jesus!!!!! If his representatives on earth won't stand up, He will defend his people!!!!! The gates of hell will not prevail against those churches that stands for him!!

  3. Leftists attack those who do not validate their ideologies and world view. Conservatives & Christians try to educate those who do not recognize absolute truth and do no validate their ideologies and world view with gentleness and respect.
    This is the difference between light and darkness, good and evil, love and hate.

    Remember the movie “Da Vinci Code” produced and promoted by Sony Pictures? They actually hired Christians to promote a movie specifically within the Christian community that proposed Christ’s resurrection is a lie. I remember my personal outrage, yet the Christians I spoke with about it were at best irritated and at worst apathetic.

    My decision was to pledge never to purchase another Sony product as long as I live. This was difficult because Sony was my favored choice for all electronics. The truth…I have not and will not “EVER” purchase another Sony product for this reason.

    As Christians we can choose to compromise, sit silently in the corner, or even passively offer a semi-agreement with those who wish to invalidate Jesus Christ and His Church.
    We also have the free will to choose to face others, in gentleness and respect, and remind them:
    1. God does exist, and denial of this is a futile effort that has no bearing on truth
    2. God did create the Universe and everything in it including us,
    3. God has made it clear He will judge the world one individual at a time.
    4. God has also made it clear that He wish is that all persons would freely choose to enter into a committed love relationship with Him during their short lives on Earth so that their souls can have eternal life in heaven by virtue of the gift offered to all by Jesus Christ.
    5. The Creator God established what is true and what is not, and while man may not like some aspects of God’s truth, God’s truth remains absolute and unchangeable.
    6. God is not a respecter of rebellious spirits who lay claim to their own personal truth above His
    7. Sincerity does not trump truth!

    We also have the free will to decide never to give positive reinforcement to evil through our actions or words. In a world where money and power are the highest values, we can choose to support giving neither to those who do not embrace God’s truth.

    When we decide to compromise, we offer validation to evil. One quarter of a million martyrs die each year (more than ever in history) because the refuse to compromise even unto death.

    Are we willing to stand for truth without compromise and risk loosing our…comforts and pleasures, our pride, our peaceful lives, our indulgences, our…?

    Truth is a lonely warrior


  4. Regarding the conservative and/or very conservative people who feel out of place in Silicon Valley: Normally, I hope to avoid more Californians moving up to Oregon, driving their values into the politics up here, and driving up house prices, but to those of you with conservative and especially Christian values, please DO move up here. We need your help. California is already a lost cause (unless God intervenes with a miracle), but I'll take all the conservative help we can get to keep our beautiful Oregon from becoming "Extreme Northern California." Move up here and aid in the prevention of the Big Blue Wall along the West Coast. If conservatives from WA and CA move to OR, then we'll at least be able to continue to enjoy some of the Coastline, free from socialist rule...

  5. Easter....and it's the most important holiday to have on calendar. It changes it's date from year to year.

  6. EASTER is back on the calendar. It happened within the last few days.


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