Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Netanyahu: "Iran Lied, And I Can Prove It"

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Yesterday afternoon Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu presented documented information that "Iran did not come clean on its nuclear program" and the whole agreement "was based on lies."

His announcement was based on more than 100,000 documents "secretively obtained" from Iran by Israeli operatives.

Almost simultaneously, Iran announced "they" are pulling out of the agreement because it is no longer "sustainable."

All this, while President Trump decides how the US will respond to Obama's deal.

Yesterday, PM Netanyahu gave a full-screen powerpoint presentation to the world, regarding the deal struck with Iran 3 years ago during the Obama administration.

HAARETZ, an Israeli news organization, was the first to report on Netanyahu's presentation, but other news services followed.

At about the same time as the Prime Minister's presentation, Iran was notifying the world that it did not intend to keep the agreement because it is "unsustainable."

Information Israeli Operatives "Obtained" From Secret Iranian Files

Katie Pavlich with Townhall writes, "Standing in front of a powerpoint presentation labeled 'Project mad', Netanyahu revealed Israeli intelligence confiscated 100,000 documents from a secret location in Tehran."

"Those documents," she says, "many of which were in binders and on discs for visual reference, detail Iran's nuclear program, through videos, blueprints, spreadsheets, and more."

And she says, "The documents have been authenticated by the United States."

Netanyahu, standing in front of the big screen, told the world, "This is just a fraction of the total material we have. Iran lied about never having a nuke program. One hundred thousand files prove that they lied."

"Even after the nuclear agreement was signed," he says, "Iran moved to preserve their documents for later use."

Iran has consistently denied ever having a nuclear program, but these files show the regime not only developed one but had plans to put 5 Hiroshima sized warheads on ballistic missiles.

The fact that Israel was able to confiscate these nearly half-ton of materials is remarkable, given the fact that Iran had them under their highest level of security.

Netanyahu says he has shared all the documents and information they took out of Iran with the United States. The docs and information are authentic according to our top level officials.

The Prime Minister outlined Project Amad as containing 5 key elements, which were reported by the "Times of Israel."

  1. Designing nuclear weapons.
  2. Developing nuclear cores.
  3. Building nuclear implosion systems.
  4. Preparing nuclear tests.
  5. Integrating nuclear warheads on missiles.

President Trump's Response

This revelation comes just days before President Trump is expected to make a decision about whether to scrap or fix the Iran nuclear flaws.

President Trump responded to Netanyahu's presentation shortly after Netanyahu concluded his presentation.

From the White House, the president said, "This is not an acceptable situation. In seven years, that deal will have expired and Iran is free to go ahead and create nuclear weapons. That is not acceptable. Seven years is tomorrow, that's not acceptable. If anything, what Israel has done today in the news conference was right."

Trump also added when asked about the Iran deal at a press conference with President Buhari of Nigeria, that he was considering withdrawing from the nuclear deal.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's Response

Visiting in Israel Sunday when the presentation was made, Pompeo said immediately following Netanyahu's presentation, "The United States will cancel the Iran nuclear deal if it is not fixed."

Speaking to reporters at the Israeli military headquarters in Tel Aviv, Pompeo said the US stands with Israel against Iran. He said, "We remain deeply concerned about Iran's dangerous escalation of threats toward Israel and the region"...and he said, "The US supports Israel's right to defend itself."

Iran's Response

Abbas Araghchi, the Iranian deputy foreign minister, spoke moments before Netanyahu's presentation to the press.

He shocked the world by announcing, "The Iran nuclear deal is no longer sustainable for Iran in its present form, without regard to a US exit."

He added that Iran is "preparing all necessary options for any scenario."

He then went into a litany of denials calling all the information Netanyahu presented "old news" claiming Trump coordinated all of this, calling Netanyahu "the boy who cried wolf too many times."

Netanyahu says he knows President Trump will do the right thing. "The right thing for the United States. The right thing for Israel. And the right thing for the peace of the world."

Secretary of State Pompeo says he too is certain the president will do the right thing.

He is praying for him.

Please pray for our president. These are perilous times.

And pray for the peace of Jerusalem

Dr. Mitch Glaser, a Messianic Jew, and evangelist, recently published this as part of his newsletter:

Here are 4 biblical reasons to pray for Jerusalem and Israel.

1. Because the re-establishment of the nation of Israel in the Land is a sign of God’s faithfulness. How much more, then, can we trust Him to honor His promise in Genesis 12:3 to bless those who bless Israel?
2. Pray because Israel is our best ally in the Middle East. The United States and Israel share a long history — with the U.S. being one of the first to recognize Israel in 1948. Since Israel’s founding as a nation, she has been supported by the U.S. military and also by our presidents — and the Jewish people have proven to be loyal allies and valuable friends in the Middle East. Our prayers for Israel keep this alliance strong.
3. Pray because the Jewish people gave the world the Bible and the Messiah! The Good News came out of Israel — and it is our joy and privilege to pray that they, too, will receive it.
4. Pray because Psalm 122:6 actually commands us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. This Psalm — attributed to King David — instructs the people of God: “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: ‘May they prosper who love you.’” And there is a blessing — “may they prosper who love you” — attached to this call to prayer that hearkens back to the Abrahamic Covenant outlined in Genesis 12:3:
“I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse him who curses you; and in you all the families of the earth will be blessed.”

Be Informed. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.