Monday, October 01, 2018

Why Support For Kavanaugh Is Growing

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A Rassmussen poll, since the Kavanaugh hearing, shows support for Kavanaugh is growing despite the all-out effort by the Left to destroy the nomination and the nominee.

Be informed.

A Rasmussen Poll released Friday asked voters, "Do you have a very favorable, somewhat favorable, somewhat unfavorable, or very unfavorable impression of Brett Kavanaugh?"

They found that 48% of voters hold at least a somewhat favorable opinion of Kavanaugh versus 44% who hold an unfavorable view.

Rasmussen reports this is an increase in support following this past week's events.

As you know, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted Friday to move the Kavanaugh nomination forward for a floor vote.

Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) voted in favor, but requested a one-week time frame between the judiciary vote and the floor vote in order to conduct another FBI investigation into the uncorroborated sexual assault accusations against Kavanaugh.

Flake implied that a couple of Republican Senators may not vote for the nominee on the full floor vote if the Committee did not honor his "suggestion."

Flake has announced he will not run for reelection. He will not be missed by conservative Republicans, but at the moment, he is manipulating the Republican Party.

Why is voter support growing for Kavanaugh?

The credibility of the accusers, not Kavanaugh, is diminishing.

As this attempt to destroy a nominee to the Supreme Court of the United States becomes more intense, the public is becoming more aware of just how disingenuous the attacks on the nominee have become.

USA Today published an op-ed this weekend by sports columnist Erik Brady who is calling for Kavanaugh to be banned from having any contact with little girls on the basketball court.

Brady wrote, "The US Senate may confirm Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, but he should stay off basketball courts for now when kids are around."

There's more---but you get the message of the article.

It is well known that Kavanaugh is active in civic and community activities, including volunteering to coach the local girls basketball team that one of his daughters plays for.

In his testimony Thursday, he said he may never be able to coach the team again because of the accusations leveled at him.

After USA Today published the article, there was very strong pushback from across the country. It was so strong that USA Today is now claiming that it wasn't them who said he should be kept away from little girls, including his own daughter, but merely an op-ed writer.

The hypocrisy is that USA Today promoted the article on social media as a straight news article, and it's mostly those people who read the article through social media that are angry and pushing back, feeling misled by USA Today.

This deceptive action is not isolated to USA Today. It is found across our country's media culture.

You've seen and heard it.

People are fed up, and it's causing them to take a closer look. When they do, it becomes very apparent just how disingenuous this charade really is.

The Left is making homophobic attacks on Sen. Lindsay Graham for supporting Kavanaugh.

After Graham strongly defended Kavanaugh this past week, the Left turned to homophobic jokes and attacks that the Left claims to be immoral, wrong, unacceptable, etc., on unmarried Sen. Lindsay Graham.

Rosie O'Donnell launched the "hate train" calling Graham a "closeted idiot." Using words we don't use or even quote here, she attacked Graham.

Kathy Griffin---you know, the comedian who isn't funny---the one who held the likeness of President Trump's head in a picture she put out on social media earlier this year? She joined the gay bashing. The part of her words I can quote:
"Oh lookee, lookee here. Miss Lindsay Graham doesn't have the___to speak up today does she?..."Look at Miss Lindsey Graham trying to be all tough! What? Does Putin have a picture of Lindsay..." I won't publish her profanity.

There's more.

The hypocrisy of all this cannot be overstated. And conservatives are not as dumb and uninformed as the Left seems to think.

The more we hear from the Left and the more we hear and see from their advocates, the more we thank God for delivering us from the insanity.

And it is insanity.

The third accuser had no credibility from the beginning.

Julie Swetnick is the latest accuser of Brett Kavanagh---as of yesterday. Through her attorney, she is alleging that Kavanaugh was "present" at gang rapes at high school parties in the early 1980s.

No evidence, just accusations. The questions unanswered are many, but include, what was she doing going to high school parties where girls were being gang raped at a time when she was attending college, not high school? And; why was the string of gang rapes never reported by anyone except

The Portland Oregonian, no more of a conservative voice than the Seattle Times, has none-the-less published a stunning article regarding MS. Swetnick.

The Oregonian says:

Julie Swetnick, one of the women accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct, faced allegations of her own misconduct during a stint at a Portland tech company 18 years ago.
The lawsuit was dismissed shortly after it was filed late in 2000, court documents show. In emails to The Oregonian/OregonLive, Avenatti [her lawyer] called the allegations against his client, “Completely bogus.”

In the suit, Webtrends alleged Swetnick claimed to have graduated from Johns Hopkins University but the company said it subsequently learned the school had no record of her attendance. Webtrends said she also “falsely described her work experience” at a prior employer.

The suit also alleges Swetnick “engaged in unwelcome, sexually offensive conduct” while at Webtrends and “made false and retaliatory allegations that other co-workers had engaged in inappropriate conduct toward her.”

The Daily Caller elaborated more on the story.

And finally, Town Hall, in an excellent article, identifies the women who confronted Sen. Flake moments before the Committee vote on Thursday, causing him to push back and demand a week delay in the floor vote in the full Senate, giving the FBI time to investigate these charges.

The first of the two elevator women is Ana Marie Archila, the co-executive director of the far Left progressive Center for the Popular Democracy Action organization. Essentially she is a "resistance" organizer for far Left issues.

The other is her girlfriend.

The confrontation with Flake caused him to push back on the vote. It also brought Archila the opportunity to write an op-ed in USA Today. She says her organization has not received any substantial far.

Big Funds are now flowing toward her work.

What was her motive?

Not since the era of Abraham Lincoln has our country been so divided, so angry and so vicious, so fractured.

In his famous "House Divided " speech, Lincoln made the point that slavery was a moral, not political issue. He said our country will ultimately become all slave or all free---"one thing or the other.".

At the heart of the Kavanaugh matter is abortion. That too is a moral, not a political issue.

Our country is being torn by those who refuse to accept the will of the people in the last presidential election--and refuse to accept that life is "sanctified" by our Creator, and abortion is not a "women's right" provided for in the Constitution.

On that issue, our country will ultimately become one thing or the other. We will either rediscover our moral God-given foundations and abolish the barbaric practice of killing our unwanted babies, or we will continue staggering down the path of death and finally destruction.

May God help us in these perilous times.

Be Prayerful. Be Faithful. Be Informed.


  1. Hundreds of thousands of dedicated leftists (if not millions)are lobbying against Justice Cavanaugh through unending telephone calls, tweets, emails, etc. Many are paid. As with any "collective' they come together in mass to overwhelm those with whom they disagree. They viciously attack when they are unable to provide reasoned arguments for their positions or beliefs, hoping to force their opposition into hiding for fear of confrontation and/or more serious harm.

    As conservatives and Christians we are not inclined to act in this way and generally believe we should remain respectful and quiet in the face of attacks. That is exactly what the secular left wants us to think. If we do not meet their aggressive outspoken non-sense and vicious attacks with equal numbers who DO offer rational and discerning arguments for our counterpoints, then evil will once again prevail.

    In truth, evil prevails only when good people stand silent and fail to confront it with truth and courage.

    We either have the courage of our convictions, or we do not! Whispers in closed quarters mean nothing. We must overwhelm our elected officials with millions of communications now supporting the fact that these charges should never been allowed, according to established rules, because hey have no supportive evidence to give them legitimacy.

    If the FBI begins an investigation there is no reason to think it will be less biased and corrupt than that of Hillary Clinton’s traitorous behavior as Secretary of State. Certainly, it will drag on until 'after' the coming election, which is the purpose of this entire charade.

    We must stand for truth, or accept the onslaught of evil as inevitable.

    Truth is a lonely warrior.


  2. Consider this - the Democrats were responsible for the lynchings of black people in the South following the Civil War, now they are responsible for character lynchings of conservatives over a century later. Perhaps there is indeed nothing new under the sun (at least in the tactics of the Democrats.)

  3. This whole thing should not have been heard. It was so long ago, whatever it was or is not. What was the cause? What was the present distress? There will be a final judgement for everything but today is not it. This is not the time to hear things like this. They turned out to be so doubtful. Doubtful disputations is what we now have. May God bring clarity to all of this. Now, what we have is present distress. My opinion on this, is that none of it should have been heard. It was so long ago, and so full of doubt. Lesson learned, I hope.


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