Thursday, December 20, 2018

Coming Soon--Barbie Same-Sex "Wedding" Set

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Homosexual "wedding" celebrations may be coming soon to toy aisles nationwide.

Mattel, a leading toy manufacturer, plans to accept a proposal to produce sets of same-sex "wedding" Barbie dolls.

Here's how it happened.

Be informed.

The back story.

Lifesite is reporting that homosexuals Matt Jacobi and Nick Caprio plan to get "married" this coming May. In comments on Instagram and to the local ABC station, they explained that they wanted to get a special birthday present for Jacobi's 8-year-old niece, who will be a flower girl at their "wedding."

Jacobi is an E! reality TV personality and contributor to "Instinct Magazine."

"We thought it would be special to give her something with a little meaning behind it," Jacobi explained in a post to Mattel. He told the toy company, "What a bummer you don't make one with two grooms."

So they bought a Barbie wedding set and an extra Ken doll to make a package with two grooms and two flower girls.

The post got the attention of a Mattel employee. Mattel has now confirmed to ABC 's Good Morning America that the two men will be meeting with them either tomorrow, Friday, or the first week of January.

The men say, "Mattel has been wonderful and we are meeting with the head of Barbie design, their design team, and marketing. "

I'm certain they will move forward with this "exciting" project.

The assault on marriage and the assault on our kids is relentless.


It isn't only Barbie.

This past September, Cartoon Network's Adventure Time became the latest example of mainstream American animation presenting homosexual attraction to young audiences. This is a trend that is accelerating.

In this episode the two main female characters are featured in a scene where they "confirm years of hints and fan speculation that they were lesbian by kissing each other on the lips."

The industry raved, applauding the producers for their courage.

Television is often a mirror of what is already in play in the culture. Sometimes television and entertainment lead the culture.

In this case, I think it's a bit of both.

In October, parents at several elementary schools in Colorado were stunned when they learned what their local school was up to.

The Phoenix, Colorado Trans-Community Choir was performing a play titled, "Raven's True Self," for children between first and fifth grade at elementary schools.

The story concerns a transgender raven in a community of animals, teaching kids the importance of being seen for who you are on the inside, rather than how you are perceived outside.

CBS 4 reported that before the play, 3 videos were shown from the YouTube channel "Queer Kid Stuff," which bills itself as dedicated to "teaching you what gay means, what LGBT stands for, what's up with marriage equality and so much more."

Fourth and fifth graders were given the opportunity to have a conversation with the choir members and ask questions.

"Queer Stuff" creator Lindsay Amer says of kids who are questioning their sexuality, "Maybe you don't know yet, or maybe it changes you, or maybe you're in multiple places. The sky's the limit."

Last summer we learned that drag queens were reading kids stories about homosexuality and transgenderism in public libraries across our country. And in Canada.

The program was not only approved by the Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC), it was promoted with ALSC 's parent American Library Association (ALA) stating their mission is to "build healthy, successful futures for children."

Their Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) is said to have been created to "capture the imagination and play of gender fluidity of childhood" while giving children "unabashedly queer role models" so kids can "imagine a world where people can present as they wish, where dress up is real."

ALSC was in the news this summer after it decided to drop "Little House on the Prairie" author Laura Ingalls Wilder's name from its annual award for children's book authors.

These hyper-politicized, predatory programs are the "thing" among elites. They call it "progress." And "freedom."

Commonsense calls it a predatory attack on our children.

ALSC explained their dropping Wilder's name with this:
Wilder's literary legacy "includes expressions of stereotypical attitudes inconsistent with ALSC's core values of inclusiveness, integrity and respect and responsiveness."

Look me in the eye and tell me Christians should not be involved in politics and cultural matters.

Straight talk to parents and grandparents:

They want your kids and they will stop at nothing to get them. They are predatory, and those who accommodate their quest are accomplices.


While we must be involved in "politics" to be the salt and light Christ said we are to be, we must also be informed and aware---that's why we do what we do in this Faith and Freedom Daily column.

And finally, we must understand that the struggle for the culture and our kids is ultimately a struggle against evil and spiritual powers.

"For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds" (II Corinthians 10:4).

The most powerful weapon of all is prayer. Every Christian parent should pray a daily hedge of protection around each of his or her children.

You will recall that Job experienced this kind of protection and Satan complained to God about its effectiveness, "Hast not thou made a hedge about him, and about his house, and about all that he hath on every side?" ( Job 1:10).

Prayer is powerful.

Be Prayerful. Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Blessed.


  1. Evil.

    The only thing evil here is Gary's smears of those who don't share his views. The false witness he bears constantly against his LGBT neighbors, while dishonestly claiming he's just protecting his "faith" is disgusting and unChristian.

    1. Gary is just proclaiming what God'said word proclaims. It seems that you're spewing man's view, which is of no account. Only God's will is perfect.

    2. I tremble to envision the response from the Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, who calls these little ones "gifts from God." I have no doubt whatsoever that the Judge of all will find your position among the worst that mankind can be guilty of. Your own words will convict you. Repent while you still can.

    3. JC, Repent and be saved by Jesus Christ. Learn the difference between the holy and the profane. Heaven or hell, both are for eternity. The choice is yours.

  2. Say JC, Gary has every right to speak his truth, in love. So do you. His comment about "evil" is particular to those who target children, and not their own kids, but others kids. It's not about tolerance, and diversity for these folks, but brain washing and initiation, and more like indoctrination, into a new dogmatic mindset. No, it's not Christians only who are being dogmatic and zealous here, but homosexual activists, making up a small percentage of the population, pushing their agenda down the throats of all the rest of us. That is especially pernicious while pursued with our kids. And in pushing and shoving your agenda with kids that are not your own, you are being bullies and unloving, and intolerant. Deal with that, because it's unChristian, which is what you are accusing Gary, and by extension evangelical, Bible believing Christians of. There's a word for that. Hypocrisy. Which is also disgusting, imho. What is your charge of unChristian based on, btw? Feel free to cite chapter and verse.

    Gary points out an agenda pointed at other people's kids. He in no way suggests bias, or mistreatment of LGBTQ folk, who are free and protected to live as they choose in this country. Christians are also free to live in this country by their own volition, and protected to speak their minds and hearts, by the First Amendment of the US Constitution. There is nothing disgusting about that, and for you to say so, is completely intolerant. Is that what you're going for?

  3. JC, Gary by no means bears false witness. He does argue for Biblical Christian doctrine. Doing so doesn't prevent LGTBQ neighbors from living their own lives. We're simply asking people not to aggressively proselytize sexuality to our young kids. Can we please just leave them to their childhood, please? Why is that so difficult to understand, and deemed offensive and intolerant? Really?

  4. My God crush the head of the homosexual agenda. (He most surely will) May it be soon. May he deliver the captives out of the bondage of corruption and death of Satan, for God surely holds the key. May the light of the gospel of Christ shine so brightly, it burns the eyeballs of the demonic strongman, the powers of evil. May they flee at his brightness and glory. Their strongholds will fall apart. As stubble before the fire, they will consume away, and all because of Jesus.

    1. Absolutely. I agree. I will keep praying also.


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