Thursday, July 25, 2019

The Testimony And It's Secret Meaning

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Yesterday, Special Counsel Robert Mueller appeared before two congressional committees---and before the nation, as television, radio and the internet delivered it live.

"Dazed and confused" was how more than one news source described it.

Many used the words "caught off guard," "mumbling," "stuttering," and "nervous."

Even the far-Left news organizations struggled to find value in it for their agenda, but CNN finally discovered the "real message," the "real purpose" of the testimony.

Be informed.

While Republicans directed their questions to what Mueller "actually said" in his report, the Democrats tried to get to the "secret meaning" of what Mueller meant in what he said in his report.

The testimony according to the Left.

Most leftist news reported what we already know, attempting to make it sound like "breaking news."

Yahoo News published this: "Mueller confirms report did not exonerate Trump of obstruction."

MSNBC: "Mueller: A President could be criminally charged after leaving office."

But CNN was able to actually decode Mueller's message---not what he actually said or wrote in his report, but what he meant, by the way he answered questions, and his body language.

They published this: "Mueller's Three Word Bombshell."

The article begins with this:
"It's quite possible that Robert Mueller does not want his testimony to become the trigger for a historic indictment of President Trump. But drip by drip, word by word, Mueller nonetheless---however reluctantly---produced the case that Trump is lying..."

CNN says, "Although Mueller avoided handing Democrats the soundbite they wanted...the message was there."

So now, CNN will spend days unpacking Mueller's hidden message.

And CNN explained why the Left wanted Mueller to testify yesterday. The purpose wasn't to get to the truth; It was for political gain.

The oracle of the Left said, "Democrats wanted Americans to pay attention to Mueller's report. They wanted the movie to go with the book they didn't read."

In other words, they wanted to revise what is (and is not) in print.

They hopefully reported that Republicans badgering Mueller in the hearing "probably turned off non-partisan viewers."

Concluding with this:
"In the end, Democrats did not get the perfect soundbite. But drip by drip, they may just have enough to convince at least part of the country that Trump committed crimes. Enough for impeachment? Maybe. Enough to swing votes in 2020? Definitely."

So it really was all about political gain for the Left. Not about taking care of our country. Not about getting to the truth.

It was all about overturning the will of the people---overturning the vote of about 63 million Americans who elected Trump.

The testimony according to conservatives.

There were a number of thoughtful, fact-based questions from the conservative Republicans during the testimony.

Perhaps Republican Congressman John Ratcliff best defined the response from the conservatives.

Townhall reported this:

"Now your report, and today you said that, 'All times the Special Counsel team operated under, was guided by, and followed Justice Department policies and principles,' so which DOJ policy or principle sets forth a legal standard that an investigated person is not exonerated if their innocence from criminal conduct is not conclusively determined?" Ratcliffe said.
"Which DOJ policy or principle sets forth a legal standard that an investigated person is not exonerated if their innocence from criminal conduct is not conclusively determined? Where does that language come from, director? Where is the DOJ policy that says that? Let me make it easier, can you give me an example other than Donald Trump where the Justice Department determined that an investigated person was not exonerated because their innocence was not conclusively determined?" he continued.
"I cannot but this is a unique situation," Mueller responded.

This whole matter is, indeed, a "unique situation."

I often disagree with Fox News' Chris Wallace. But on this, I agree.

Wallace said during the live broadcast of the testimony:
"This has been a disaster for the Democrats and a disaster for the reputation of Robert Mueller. He has seemed very uncertain with his brief. He doesn't seem to know what things are in the report."

Wallace continued, "I think it does raise questions about the degree to which he actually was in charge of what the final report was."

Rep. Steve Chabot (R-OH.) probably said what is on the mind of many informed people in the country today.

He said the testimony was about the Democrats "last best hope to build up some sort of groundswell across America to impeach President Trump."

Then he said this directly to Mueller:

"My Democratic colleagues were very disappointed in your report. They were expecting you to say something on the lines of 'here's why President Trump deserves to be impeached', like Ken Starr did relative to President Clinton back about 20 years ago."

The true testimony.

Pastor Jack Graham is the pastor one of the largest evangelical churches in America.

He tweeted this:
"Just returned from the UK where the churches are empty and evangelism is nearly non-existent due to the church capitulating to the culture and abandoning engagement in political and social responsibility. Faith and freedom are diminished and very few hear the gospel...Those who sit in offices and write articles and tweets calling for withdrawing from the political process in America for the sake of evangelism should wake up to the reality of fighting the good fight and take a look at W. Europe to see the future if we don't take a stand."

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Faithful.


  1. He should be required to answer to whether or not investigation into the beginnings of this witch hunt would have been within the scope of his investigation, and if it was not, why not?

  2. In Spokane, I am praying for American Christians to seek the LORD and to react to the confusiion around them with wisdom and courage. I believe our job, made clear in Ezekiel 33, is to sound the alarm that some things are seriously wrong in America that are tearing down our nation and families. And then as Jesus said, share the Gospel of Truth and Freedom--"Jesus is The Way, The Truth, and the Life"!! Without Him, American and its people will not be healed. Without Him, they will go forward in darkness and confusion. I pray for Western Europe's remaining Christian to stand up, sound the alarm bells, and share the Gospel of redemption and healing!! Let American Christians help and encourage them any way we can!!Amen.

  3. So the democrats are saying, "We don't have any evidence that he is guilty, but since we can't prove that he is innocent, he must be guilty."

  4. In Truth...
    The Democrat political elite will keep the witch-hunt going until the coming election by any method they can create, distort, or imagine. They have nothing positive to offer America, and they are intimidated by the success of President Trump with the people and in his efforts to make America Great Again.

    In short...they "HATE" him because he is not one of them and he is beating them at their own game, while on the side he is actually doing what he promised to do when running for office. The "HATE" him because he is loyal to the "oath of office" they all take, but most of them refuse to honor. They "HATE" him, because they were certain Hillary Clinton would be bringing them into power...and HE took that away from them. They "HATE" him because is an American businessman who has succeeded without breaking the law when they are ignorant of what being an American citizen really means and unable to accept anyone who is not from their private collective, all of whom live in a bubble.

    In truth...the five most wealthy counties in America are surrounding Washington DC.

    In truth...power and wealth corrupts....and we have the best political leadership in America that money can buy.

    Truth be known...a vast number of Americans are ignorant of the truth, ignorant of the danger America is in, and too selfish and cowardly to take responsibility for what is best for the Country instead of what they imagine is best for "them" personally.

    Pray fervently for America.....she is in trouble!

    Truth is a lonely warrior...



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