Friday, January 30, 2009

Senator Val Stevens: They are Trying to Destroy the Institution of Marriage

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Senator Dan Swecker, myself and a number of like minded lawmakers are moving to defeat a series of bills, that are, under the guise of benefits, intended to undermine marriage and remove the legal difference between marriage and homosexual couples, then through litigation, attach the word "marriage" to homosexual relationships.

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Senator Val Stevens: They are Trying to Destroy the Institution of Marriage

As the newest version of homosexual "marriage" legislation is rolling out in Olympia, Senator Val Stevens isn't buying it. And neither are a number of other lawmakers.

Rep. Jim Moeller (D-Vancouver), an openly gay Representative told the Seattle PI, "Let's be unambiguous in our discussion of this issue---words are extremely important. Marriage is the word and civil marriage is the goal."

The PI says, "The Washington Legislature has shown increasing support over the past few years for gay and lesbian rights."

Senator Stevens said it should be obvious to other legislators why these bills should fail.

She said, "The people who are in favor of it are trying to destroy the institution of marriage and are taking it apart bit by bit."

Senator Ed Murray (D-Seattle), also openly gay and a leader in the gay rights movement in the Legislature, says gay marriage is, "Still new to a lot of people in this state," so he and his colleagues are gaining rights "little by little," not wanting to lose any small battles in order to win the war.

Some of us are not ready or willing to concede. I believe many of you agree.

There are two reasons why this may not go as planned for the gay activists.

Faith and Freedom has stood against homosexual marriage from the beginning. There are many reasons including the birthing and proper nurturing of children and the issue of procreation.

We have stated three main reasons for our position.

1. The homosexual agenda creates a new class of entitlements, putting them on top of an already broken health care system, social security system and pension and benefit programs that simply can not meet the demand. It's fiscally irresponsible.

2. It is a slippery slope of incremental toward redefining traditional marriage; an institution that has served as the cornerstone of society throughout more than 5000 years of human history.

3. Homosexuality is immoral and condemned as sin in biblical teaching. Every major religion in history has condemned homosexual relations as unacceptable. This deviant behavior must not be enshrined into law as normal behavior.

Regarding #2, the incrementalism of the gay rights movement was denied until the past few years. They have now moved past that phase and are very open with their intentions. See the linked article.

Regarding #3, biblical teaching is what it is. Although political correctness has caused some religious leaders to push back on calling it sin or make some attempt to explain away biblical teaching on the matter, it is clearly not acceptable behavior according to Scripture.

Regarding #1. It is fiscally irresponsible. This is one of the hurdles facing the gay rights movement today. There is not enough money to pay the bill. Governor Gregoire is perhaps, the most vocal, out front, advocate for homosexual rights, but she can't write the check.

Even the PI is admitting that even if this legislation were to pass and I think they are pretty certain it's a done deal, there isn't enough money to fund all of the bills---specifically, employee pensions and survivor benefits, estate taxes and the uniform parenting plan which has to do with adoption.

Their second challenge is that, while not a majority, those of us who support traditional, biblical marriage are on the right side of the issue. The PI points out that the gay activists have a majority in the Legislature, but we feel that some who have gone along with the emotional "benefits" and "rights" stories that proceeded the passage of domestic partnerships, will take a bit different look at marriage itself.

I believe in prayer and I believe that we are on the right side of this matter.

I also believe that many of you agree. I believe you will stand with me and those in the Legislature who are standing in the gap.

Much hangs in the balance.

Your financial support this week, will make a significant difference in helping us communicate with other elected officials and their constituents.

Thanks and God bless you.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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